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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

October 9, 2013 - Author: Amy

The other day I wrote about the delicious apple dumplings D made, and some of you expressed interest in the recipe.  And I promised to get it, even if headlocks were necessary.

Lucky for D, they weren’t necessary.



Delicious Apple Dumplings

For the pastry:

  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup cold water
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup lard (chilled)
  • 1/2 handful sugar


  • 8 medium granny smith (or 6 if large) peeled and cored
  • 8 teaspoons unsalted butter
  • 7 teaspoons granulated sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon


  • 1 1/2 cups light brown sugar
  • 1 cup ice water
  • 1/2 cup salted butter cubed
  • “a little” cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla

Step One (one, one.. we can have lots of fun)

  • wisk dry ingredients together
  • cut in lard until mixture is crumbly
  • slowly add water, tossing with fork
  • separate into equal portions, wrap in plastic wrap, and place in fridge for 30 minutes

Step Two (two, two.. there’s so much we can do-woo)

  • Pre-heat oven to 350
  • mix ingredients for apples

Step Three (three, three.. it’s just you and me)

  • roll out dough into roughly 7 inch squares
  • place apple in center of dough
  • add butter and apple mix to center of apple
  • fold edge of dough up over the apple
  • place in greased baking dish

Step Four (four, four.. I can give you more)

  • combine ingredients for the sauce and heat on medium-high until it boils
  • pour over the top of the apples

Step Five (five, five.. don’t you know that the time is riiiiiiight)

  • Bake for 50 – 60 minutes until apples are soft and crust is golden, basting often
  • Eat delicious dumplings


~does running man in over-alls with one strap undone~

PS – D also added the following note: “FYI, cook it a little long and the apple will turn into apple sauce.  Yes!”

Caitlin, should I expect my $5 in cash or check?  ;)

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First Fall Adventure

October 7, 2013 - Author: Amy

The weather finally decided to cool down around here.

I busted out my yoga pants that get saggy in the knees with some giant wool socks and a flannel.  D looked at me funny, but didn’t say anything (because he knows what’s good for him).  Then he went back to making delicious apple dumplings.

Because we went to an Apple Festival for my buddy’s birthday and they were selling apple dumplings.  None of us had ever had one but the line was two miles long so we deduced they’re pretty amazing.  And once that man sets his sights on something… it’s best to just stand back.


Don’t they look tasty?  Aren’t I good at taking pictures?

One of these days I’ll put him in a head lock until he gives me the recipe to share on here.

I only bought one thing at the festival:


Aren’t they cute?  Don’t you like my nail polish?

I stalked the seller and found her Etsy shop for your pleasure.  Because really, can a girl ever have too many pairs of upcycled fingerless gloves?

Guess what I did?  Remembered to take my big girl camera with us.

So now you get to see a non-phone picture of my munchkin. (might be a first on the blog)


Aaaaand, that’s it for me today.

Did you do anything fun or fallish this weekend?

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Don’t Spill Your Plug-In

August 22, 2013 - Author: Amy

Like six months ago I spilled one of those Bath and Body Works wall plug in things in a desk drawer at work.  And not a good one either – a summery smelling one.  And still, STILL it permeates into my pop tarts and makes them taste not like whole wheat strawberry, but more like a messed up island breeze.

Junior likes pop tarts.  Speaking of.. While it is my opinion that the hardest part of being a parent is correctly installing car seats, the second hardest is when they get sick and it forces you to miss your Chevelle concert.


He’s feeling better but I’m still mad about it.  And now the big one is sick!  And he won’t lay down!

Guess what happens in 9 days?  September.  Guess what that means?  The official end of summer in my head.  (Eff you, island breeze pop tarts!)

So I made this here lid pumpkin in anticipation.


Tell me I’m brilliant even though I didn’t come up with the idea!

THEN, Erin and I are going up to teeny, tiny, Sparks, Kansas for their big, giant flea market!  I’ve gotten all kinds of steals up there, from a $60 church pew to $11 vintage cowgirl boots.  I intend to do some damage.

And corrupt Erin by drinking heavily and cussing a lot.

(Read: We will grab a route 44 diet dr pepper and say “heck”.)

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Nuttin Honey

May 24, 2013 - Author: Amy

Do you remember those commercials?

“Whatcha eatin?”  “Nuttin honey.”

But clearly he IS eating something so the wife beans him in the head for his lies… Ha… classic.

That’s what we’ve gotten accomplished at the house.  Nuttin.  Unless you count painting one half of one room.  We chose at random and started in the dining room.  In retrospect, maybe not the best choice since it’s one of the first things you see when you walk in.

Front of house.


Right inside front door.


Look left.



After some debate, we left the wainscoting white.  We changed the color on the top mostly because she had just left so many holes and scuffs on the walls that we have to patch and therefore re-paint everything whether we really want to or not.

Here is my version of a before and after.


Wall on left: Before.  Wall on right: After.  Man with nice arms: Taken.

The man with nice arms is also actually going to be building different legs for the dining room table.  You see the old ones in the picture above.  They’re really pretty, but they have those squiggley pieces that prevent chairs from being pushed all the way in.  And I bought new chairs – two banquettes, actually.  One is sitting in a box in the dining room.  The other is sitting in a box at the top of the stairs.


We classy.

I still have my eye twitch.  It has been literal weeks and it is making me mental.  You guys DIY everything.  What is a freaking remedy for this??  (Aside from cutting stress or caffeine.  I don’t know how to have less of either.)

I like this song.  (If you click on that, sorry about the buttcheeks.)  Videos with bikers always make me titter a little bit because they look so tough, but my parents are bikers and you’ve never met a nicer, more clean cut set of Republicans. 

What are you guys doing for Memorial Day?  I’m cutting my hair off and then going to see Cheap Trick.  Ohhhhh yes I am.


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February 25, 2013 - Author: Amy

You know how I said the movers were coming last week?  And you guys were all really sweet with the well wishing?  Well.  The Blizzard of Oz hit and they postponed for Tuesday.  When round two of snowmageddon is scheduled to hit.  However, it’s only supposed to be another foot on top of the foot currently on the ground, so I’m not really worried.


Except that my pants are on fire because I’m completely worried!  We close on Friday, y’alls!  They want two days to pack, and one day to move.  D is in Texas for two weeks, and I’m at a complete loss because since this is a company relocation, I have zero control over the rest.  We’ve cleaned everything but the floors, so I need to get back up there one more time to make sure the place is shining for the new owners. 

Which, by the way, I heard from and they are completely delightful!  Hiiiiii, Mrs. “O”!

Backing up.

Jr. spent the night Wednesday night with my in-laws, because they usually get him at least one day a week.  D went to work.  Then it started to snow and my office closed.  I was home all alone, and my boys were snowed in where they were.  I’d already cancelled the satellite and we hadn’t gone grocery shopping because we didn’t want to move food.  It got dire, friends.  I was down to a little wine and half a box of girl scout cookies.  I was about to gnaw my way through the snow to the nearest Chipotle.

But it was kind of nice to have a little time to say goodbye to the house.

home2 home3 housey

I didn’t starve, and my boys eventually made their ways home.  After working for 48 hours straight,



D came home and shoveled the driveway, made Junior a snowman, AND an igloo.  Daddy of the year!



Bill also really enjoyed the snow day.


We did make our way over to my parents, but this post is already kind of long so I’ll tell the tales of their insufferable hospitality on another day.

Until then, wish us (and the movers, and the new home owners) luck!


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The Man of Steel

January 29, 2013 - Author: Amy

Selling your home through a company relocation program is different than just selling your home. 

We thought our house was built, done, finito… livable.  Silly us!  According to the relocation company’s inspector you must have things like hand rails on stairs and railings on decks.  I say bah!  We are young and agile and left those off on purpose to leave the view of the landscape uninhibited.  But apparently those things can be considered “unsafe” (sarcastic quotey fingers) so my poor D has been back to work on the house these past few weeks.

If you were ever to meet my D in real life, I think you’d find him friendly enough.  He can be a little reserved at times unless you get him started on such topics as K-State football, gun control, or Harley accessories.  So I always find it a little incongruous, yet endearing to hear him whistling and singing to himself while he works.

Such was the case last night.  Junior and I were practicing our letters while D worked on some trim in the garage.  I could hear him making some noise but didn’t think much about it until he came in to very nonchalantly announce that he had shot a nail through his finger.  Clean through.  In through the meat, out through the nail.


He dunked it in some peroxide, I attached a band-aid to him, then he went back to work.

Later, he talked to his nurse momma who wanted him to get it checked out, saying that if it went through the bone that could cause an infection he’d need to be on antibiotics for.

He tried to rationalize, stating the trajectory of the nail likely sidestepped the bone.  Which I pointed out was ridiculous as it clearly took a straight path directly through it.  He argued that Clint Eastwood and John Wayne both took bullets but never bothered with medical treatment, because they, like he, are MEN!  Then went on to explain that I have married a specimen with superior genes, Adonis DNA, and bones of steel.

….Then quietly relented that even steel rusts.


Now have you heard about the new party in town? 


My main squeeze, Bliss along with some cohorts are bringing the funny.  Because who couldn’t use some humor on a Tuesday?  Especially when poked at yourself (or your poor injured husband)?  Look into it, then share!  You’re my favorite goofs.

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Front Porch Sittin’

January 24, 2013 - Author: Amy

So far, I’ve done pretty ok with the whole idea of moving.  I try to look forward to the good things ahead of us, and not focus on everything we’re leaving behind.

But then I accidentally stumbled onto some pictures of Junior.  His daddy was left to finish building our house which took a lot, a lot of time.  Time that Junior and I would often spend together outside on the front porch.

coolkid cute cute2 cute3 cute4 cute7 fave nom

They are bittersweet memories.  Bitter, because D should never have had to have done all that work and missed so much time with Junior.  Sweet, because I did get that precious time.  D gave up a lot, a lot to give his family this nice of a house so in turn it doesn’t really feel like I’m giving up much to move out of it for his new position.  He earned it, and he deserves every bit of it.

I asked him the other night what he’s going to do with all his free time now that he doesn’t have a house to build. 

“Play with my kid!”

And then my heart exploded.  And a simple truth was reinforced: we are doing the right thing.

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January 11, 2013 - Author: Amy

Growing up (all the way up until I was about 29) I didn’t think I wanted kids.  I just didn’t get it.  Why invite the chaos of the grubby little sticky little money burning dream eaters?  What’s the draw, exactly?

Then I met D and my ovaries exploded and I got it.  I can’t explain it… but I got it.

We have less than pleasant times, to be sure.  Take last night for example.  Junior was cruising around on his four-wheeler (if riding four-wheelers in the house is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right) when he noticed me close his bathroom door.  And screamed his bloody head off.  Or when he was in the tub and I shut the water off and he screamed his bloody head off.  Or when I poured him white milk instead of chocolate milk and he screamed his bloody head off.

Sidenote: It’s kind of no wonder I never wanted any rugrats.  Notice these are the typical stories shared amongst mothers?  Oh, the horror.

Anyway, for being so adverse to the idea of rearing little childrens.. I somehow still ended up with the coolest one ever. 

A picture from his first Christmas.



And a picture I received this morning of his second Christmas.



Slays.  Me.  If you find yourself on the fence about making babies, I say go for it.  They’re actually pretty cool.

In other news – cross your fingers for us.  The epic house hunt of 2013 begins tomorrow and we ride at dawn!  Actually we leave at 10:00am from a mutually agreed upon McDonalds parking lot.  But still… onward, ho!

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Grandma Got Runover by…. Gravity

December 26, 2012 - Author: Amy

Merry day after Christmas!  We haven’t stopped celebrating since Friday night, but are so thankful for all the family that kept us so busy.

My side came over to our place on Christmas Eve.  As my little 4’10″ grandma made her way up the stairs with both arms full of gifts, D went out to help her.

Her: You are such a sweet boy!

D: Not really.  I just don’t want the insurance claim when you fall.

Her: …..

Later, as D and I were talking over our holiday happenings he admitted that he doesn’t think grandma gets his sense of humor.  “Like I would just let her fall on her face and leave her there!  Unlike some people I know……” With a pointed look in my direction.

Which made me laugh.  Which was a terrible thing to do.

See, back when we first bought our land, we invited everyone over for a bonfire. 

The following is a re-creation of actual events.




Isn’t that terrible?!

She’s a favorite of ours to pick on.

christmas2012 056

But only because that’s how my odd little family shows love.

christmas2012 057

And guess where we learned it?? 

I guess my point is, that that’s my favorite part of the holidays. Hanging with people who rather than hug you, put you into a full nelson and give you a noogie.  Who instead of throwing gift cards at you (like D and I are infamous for), make you memory books and hand sewn table runners.  Who gives your kid money for his savings account and a full years supply of beef jerky….

Ahhhh family.  I hope you enjoyed yours and much as we enjoyed ours.

(Dad – Will you help grandma read this on your internet machine?)

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Once Upon a Weekend…

December 3, 2012 - Author: Amy

Once upon a weekend approaching Christmas, a young, vivacious, and aesthetically pleasing mother took her precious little boy to meet Santa Claus.  On the trip in to meet him, the mother explained to the boy the magic of Santa; of how he could sit upon his jolly lap and describe toys of his wildest dreams, and if he is a good boy, Santa would be inclined to deliver such gifts on Christmas Eve.

The little boy was not impressed.

Then his uncle arrived to spread joy to all the holiday revelers lucky enough to gaze upon his glorious beard.

But it takes a lot to impress this little boy.

(A lot as in his mother dangling chocolate above the camera.)

Later that evening, the young and vivacious mother donned her finest evening wear for her strapping and stylish husband’s company Christmas party.

The wine flowed like beer (name that movie), the music, interestingly enough, took the couple back to the glory days of the mid 90′s, and the husbands toes were thoroughly pulverized under the rhythmically challenged wife’s heels.

‘Twas a fine evening indeed.

The Christmas spirit lived on into the next day where the happy family added more decorations to their abode under a 70 degree sky.

And where at least one family member is anxious for Santa’s arrival.

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