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D’s Pork Ribs

March 14, 2014 - Author: Amy

My dad has this really mean habit of sending us pictures of all the delicious noms my mom makes for him.


  This one time, he sent me a picture of a cookie going in his mouth.  Even though he knew I did not have any cookies.  Especially because he knew that.


If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ve probably even seen him tag me in a picture of something delicious that was at his house but not my house.

Mean, right?

So we’ve started doing it back to him, because insubordination of that caliber simply cannot be tolerated, and because he isn’t the only one in the family that married a good cook!

Today, I’m sharing with you D’s (grilled) pork ribs.



To make this mouthwatering deliciousness, you’ll need a rack of pork ribs, some mixed fruit wood chips, and all this:


Rub all those seasonings (heavy on the garlic and paprika) all over the ribs, then wrap in saran wrap and forget about them for a couple of days.

Remember them, then put them on the top rack of your grill with the wood chips on the lower rack, at between 200 – 300 degrees for an hour and a halfish.


So good, you guys.  I’m not a big gnaw-my-meat-straight-off-a-bone kind of a girl, but I licked those suckers clean.

And sent the pictures to my dad.


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Mini Scrooge

December 30, 2013 - Author: Amy

Hello, friends!

I hope you all had the merriest of holidays!

I just wanted to drop in real quick to say I’m not going to re-cap everything I ate or all the gifts we opened.  Suffice it to say we are blessed far beyond what we deserve, and we loved every minute we spent together, though someone isn’t great about showing it.  ;)

First Christmas…


Second Christmas…


Third Christmas!



Have a great New Years, friends!

I’ll be back soon with some projects we worked on over the holiday.  :)

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RedEnvelope Cutting Board

December 11, 2013 - Author: Amy

After eating the Thanksgiving feast my mom single handedly made just weeks after a total hip replacement, dad and I sat down with a cup of freshly brewed coffee to relax and enjoy some pie.

Delicious pie that D made from scratch.

While he and my mom were in the kitchen cleaning up.

Suffice it to say that both my father and I married extremely well.

So recently, when I was generously contacted by RedEnvelope about some of their beautiful personalized products, my thoughts went more to D than to myself.  (Not because I’m all that selfless, but because I could see more chocolate pecan pies in my future.)  ;)

I thought to myself, hmmm…. pecan pies require pecans, which require chopping.  A cutting board, it is!


A very nice, cutting board, in fact!


Beautifully personalized.


And durable!

D was just as impressed with the board, and loved the personal touch.


(D’s thumb of approval not pictured.)

If you’re still short on Christmas ideas, here’s a link to the wedding and anniversary section where this board came from.  Tons of great gifts!

Thanks bunches to RedEnvelope for such a beautiful gift.  I cannot WAIT to eat the pies this thing will help produce.  ;)

PS – I wasn’t paid for this post – just wanted to share the awesomeness!

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First Fall Adventure

October 7, 2013 - Author: Amy

The weather finally decided to cool down around here.

I busted out my yoga pants that get saggy in the knees with some giant wool socks and a flannel.  D looked at me funny, but didn’t say anything (because he knows what’s good for him).  Then he went back to making delicious apple dumplings.

Because we went to an Apple Festival for my buddy’s birthday and they were selling apple dumplings.  None of us had ever had one but the line was two miles long so we deduced they’re pretty amazing.  And once that man sets his sights on something… it’s best to just stand back.


Don’t they look tasty?  Aren’t I good at taking pictures?

One of these days I’ll put him in a head lock until he gives me the recipe to share on here.

I only bought one thing at the festival:


Aren’t they cute?  Don’t you like my nail polish?

I stalked the seller and found her Etsy shop for your pleasure.  Because really, can a girl ever have too many pairs of upcycled fingerless gloves?

Guess what I did?  Remembered to take my big girl camera with us.

So now you get to see a non-phone picture of my munchkin. (might be a first on the blog)


Aaaaand, that’s it for me today.

Did you do anything fun or fallish this weekend?

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Cabinet Killer

June 27, 2013 - Author: Amy

D and I have been going to yoga classes with a friend of mine.  I like it.  It makes me feel pretty tough.  So tough, in fact, that when I got home from class last night I straight ripped a cabinet door off it’s hinges.


I’m certain this is due to my new muscle mass and not just shoddy craftsmanship.  So obviously I felt the need to brag and sent this picture to my work-out-freak/MMA fighting brother. 

And now a word on Tanner.  He likes to pretend to eat people in pictures.

Mostly my son.


No, really.  He’s done it since the early days.


And also our grandma.


Anyway, I informed him that I’m basically the Incredible Hulk now and he should probably watch what he says around me.  ~flexes~  We have plans to become the first brother/sister fighting duo.  I’d appreciate it if you’d refer to me as Amy “Cabinet Killer” McCarter from now on.

In other incredible news, my D built us a sweet new base for the dining room table.


Also, he buys me flowers every week.  No big.  We bought two banquettes, but left the room like this for a few days to make sure we really wanted two banquettes.  Turns out I did.


So much fancy!  The holes in the wall are where the sconces that match the chandelier live.  I don’t looooove it, but I don’t haaaate it either.  So we’ll stick with what we’ve got until brilliance strikes.  Curtains are on their way.  On the hunt for a primitive looking painting of a cow.  

The problem with me is: I create something I want in my head that doesn’t actually exist.  So I either have to live with a second rate version or figure out how to make it myself.  (read: get someone else to make it for me.)  And I ain’t no painter. 

It’s hard to be me, sometimes.


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A Birthday and a House

February 15, 2013 - Author: Amy

It’s my daddy’s birthday today, and I found just the right card.

“Lessons from dad: With you on my side, I learned that no dream was too big, no problem too tough, no anything too anything because you’ve given me the confidence to try everything.”

And it’s true.  It’s actually become a bit of a joke between my brother and I because it’s a rare day that we don’t get a call or text from him just to say that he loves us, he’s proud of us, and he believes in us.  That must be the ticket to good parenting because frankly, Tanner and I both kick butt at life.

Then he put this picture on my Facebook:


That is one of my mother’s famous sugar cookies.  He told me to eat my heart out.  It made me feel not quite so charitable towards him and now I’m considering not giving him his birthday gift that is actually not a gift certificate for once.

He might not even care about that, though, because he’s probably feeling like his real gift is the fact that our layover at their house shouldn’t be too long.  Becauuuusseeee….

We bought a house!


The inspection is on Monday, and if everything goes well we close on March 28.


And you guys?  I’m more excited about it than I thought I’d be!  So please pray for a clean inspection. 

Then leave my dad a nice birthday note because he actually does read all my nonsense.  :)

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January 11, 2013 - Author: Amy

Growing up (all the way up until I was about 29) I didn’t think I wanted kids.  I just didn’t get it.  Why invite the chaos of the grubby little sticky little money burning dream eaters?  What’s the draw, exactly?

Then I met D and my ovaries exploded and I got it.  I can’t explain it… but I got it.

We have less than pleasant times, to be sure.  Take last night for example.  Junior was cruising around on his four-wheeler (if riding four-wheelers in the house is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right) when he noticed me close his bathroom door.  And screamed his bloody head off.  Or when he was in the tub and I shut the water off and he screamed his bloody head off.  Or when I poured him white milk instead of chocolate milk and he screamed his bloody head off.

Sidenote: It’s kind of no wonder I never wanted any rugrats.  Notice these are the typical stories shared amongst mothers?  Oh, the horror.

Anyway, for being so adverse to the idea of rearing little childrens.. I somehow still ended up with the coolest one ever. 

A picture from his first Christmas.



And a picture I received this morning of his second Christmas.



Slays.  Me.  If you find yourself on the fence about making babies, I say go for it.  They’re actually pretty cool.

In other news – cross your fingers for us.  The epic house hunt of 2013 begins tomorrow and we ride at dawn!  Actually we leave at 10:00am from a mutually agreed upon McDonalds parking lot.  But still… onward, ho!

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Grandma Got Runover by…. Gravity

December 26, 2012 - Author: Amy

Merry day after Christmas!  We haven’t stopped celebrating since Friday night, but are so thankful for all the family that kept us so busy.

My side came over to our place on Christmas Eve.  As my little 4’10″ grandma made her way up the stairs with both arms full of gifts, D went out to help her.

Her: You are such a sweet boy!

D: Not really.  I just don’t want the insurance claim when you fall.

Her: …..

Later, as D and I were talking over our holiday happenings he admitted that he doesn’t think grandma gets his sense of humor.  “Like I would just let her fall on her face and leave her there!  Unlike some people I know……” With a pointed look in my direction.

Which made me laugh.  Which was a terrible thing to do.

See, back when we first bought our land, we invited everyone over for a bonfire. 

The following is a re-creation of actual events.




Isn’t that terrible?!

She’s a favorite of ours to pick on.

christmas2012 056

But only because that’s how my odd little family shows love.

christmas2012 057

And guess where we learned it?? 

I guess my point is, that that’s my favorite part of the holidays. Hanging with people who rather than hug you, put you into a full nelson and give you a noogie.  Who instead of throwing gift cards at you (like D and I are infamous for), make you memory books and hand sewn table runners.  Who gives your kid money for his savings account and a full years supply of beef jerky….

Ahhhh family.  I hope you enjoyed yours and much as we enjoyed ours.

(Dad – Will you help grandma read this on your internet machine?)

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Once Upon a Weekend…

December 3, 2012 - Author: Amy

Once upon a weekend approaching Christmas, a young, vivacious, and aesthetically pleasing mother took her precious little boy to meet Santa Claus.  On the trip in to meet him, the mother explained to the boy the magic of Santa; of how he could sit upon his jolly lap and describe toys of his wildest dreams, and if he is a good boy, Santa would be inclined to deliver such gifts on Christmas Eve.

The little boy was not impressed.

Then his uncle arrived to spread joy to all the holiday revelers lucky enough to gaze upon his glorious beard.

But it takes a lot to impress this little boy.

(A lot as in his mother dangling chocolate above the camera.)

Later that evening, the young and vivacious mother donned her finest evening wear for her strapping and stylish husband’s company Christmas party.

The wine flowed like beer (name that movie), the music, interestingly enough, took the couple back to the glory days of the mid 90′s, and the husbands toes were thoroughly pulverized under the rhythmically challenged wife’s heels.

‘Twas a fine evening indeed.

The Christmas spirit lived on into the next day where the happy family added more decorations to their abode under a 70 degree sky.

And where at least one family member is anxious for Santa’s arrival.

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A Happy Little Wreath

November 27, 2012 - Author: Amy

Thanksgiving was great and blah blah blah.  Food and family and blah.  No one cares now that it’s over, right?  Now we’re all like,

Know what’s sad?  D doesn’t find Will Ferrell as hilarious as I do. 

Him: I love you.

Me: I love lamp.

Him: Are you drunk?


Anyway, now that we got the whole ‘being thankful for stuff’ out of the way, it’s time to celebrate little baby Jesus by acquiring more stuff to be thankful for next November.

I started by acquiring five little wreaths.

And affixing five little bows.

And cutting five little pieces of ribbon.

And scotch taping them to five little windows.

See those Santas?  My dad carved them and my mom painted them.  Don’t you think they should start an Etsy store to sell them??  They’d be rich!  Then by proxy, I’d be rich!  We’d be like Duck Dynasty: The Santa Edition, and the boys could grow their beards out while us girls just stood around looking fine.


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