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Artwork T-Shirt

August 26, 2014 - Author: Amy

The other day, I admitted my total failings as a mother, and how bad I am about documenting Junior’s life.

I’m trying to do better.

He’s been bringing home copious, copious amounts of artwork from school. I try to share these with grandparents, and several make them up to the fridge. (What is that, a school bus or a pelican?) But finally had to start a file folder to start stashing this stuff in, though a part of me hates just hiding it away.

But then, as per the usual with me, genius struck.

And all it took was a t-shirt, a printer, some fabric transfer paper and a Picasso.

The Picasso:


Copy and print it onto your fabric transfer sheet, which you can buy at any crafty store. (I didn’t bother transposing it. Trains totally go to the left sometimes too.) And iron it on. Let it cool, then peel.


Voila! A wearable work of art that your little person will feel really proud of.

shirt2(Hey, Michael’s, how about some toddler sized shirts, eh?!)

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Junior’s Room

March 20, 2014 - Author: Amy

The other night I was in the kitchen, minding my own business when little Junior comes running in with a handful of those gross yogurt treat things and tells me, “You need to come wrestle me!”

Me: “Um, okie dokie” ~Goes into living room and tries to wrestle him

Jr.: “No!  Wike dis!” ~Log rolls across the living room

Me: “Of course.  Silly me.”  ~Also log rolls across the living room

Jr: “That’s good!  Good girl!” ~Throws yogurt treat across the room~  “Go get it!”

Me:  “Wait.  Did you just trick me into a game of fetch?”

Jr: “Daddy!  Wrestle!”


Next week marks our first anniversary in this house.

Last week marks the day we finished poor little Junior’s room.

What can I say?  We’re beasts when it comes to DIY.

Mostly, the big hold up had been the fact that we didn’t want to do or hang much until we patched and repainted all the walls.  We bought a paint sprayer, but then D started working a zillion hours a week and going to school full-time and painting just wasn’t our idea of fun in our down time.

Finally, over the holidays when he had a break from school, we taped everything off and he sprayed paint in Junior’s room, our room, and the office.

And finally, finally, little man has a finished room.


With a bit of a cabiny feel.  See the silhouettes?

I reupholstered that chair two houses ago with him in mind, and we bought that mini bear skin rug before he was even born.


The quilt was a shower gift, and my grandma gave us the tub that holds his books.


My MIL refinished that desk for us, and the top is covered in old newspaper clippings.  I sanded and painted the blue chair for the dining room in our last house.


My MIL also stitched the artwork in the middle of the origin and meaning of Junior’s name.  My mom had given me the other two as gifts, and I think the trio work perfectly together.


For all the waiting, I’m happy with the final result.  It’s a cozy little boy’s room.

The other night before bedtime, he toddled in there to pick out a book and with a sweep of his little hand told me, “Mommy, I wike this room.”

Totally worth it.

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Mini Scrooge

December 30, 2013 - Author: Amy

Hello, friends!

I hope you all had the merriest of holidays!

I just wanted to drop in real quick to say I’m not going to re-cap everything I ate or all the gifts we opened.  Suffice it to say we are blessed far beyond what we deserve, and we loved every minute we spent together, though someone isn’t great about showing it.  ;)

First Christmas…


Second Christmas…


Third Christmas!



Have a great New Years, friends!

I’ll be back soon with some projects we worked on over the holiday.  :)

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Junior’s Room

November 19, 2013 - Author: Amy

I’m kind of slowly sort of coming up with a comprehensive plan for Junior’s room.

Oh – because we bought a paint sprayer!  I went to the grocery store and got home and D had the office totally painted.  It. was. awesome.

Sidenote:  At the grocery store I got fixins for delicious tacos.  And I put the shells in the toaster oven to make them warm and crispy, then turned around to ask D if he wanted onions, and then the shells caught on fire.  And D had to save the day.

Then later, when Junior was taking his bath, he put his little hands on his hips and goes:

“I have a question for you.”

Me: What is your question?

Him: I a police man.

Me: Hello, officer.

Him: You in trouble.

Me: For what?!

Him: You start a fire!

Back to his room.  I’m going with a manly man’s theme and it’s got a bit of a cabin-y feel to it, so I made some animal silhouettes.


Just find a free printable.  They’re everywhere.  (I got mine here, here, here, and here.)

  Cut it out and trace with a Sharpie.


Fill in with black acrylic paint.


Then make several more because they are just so darn cute!

silhouettes - BR

silhouettes - BR2

silhouettes - Buffalo Roam

I got the set of cork boards at Walmart for like $5, and they have sticky strips on the back for hanging.

Now all that’s left to do is wait for Mr. Husband to paint Junior’s room so I can hang these babies up!

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First Fall Adventure

October 7, 2013 - Author: Amy

The weather finally decided to cool down around here.

I busted out my yoga pants that get saggy in the knees with some giant wool socks and a flannel.  D looked at me funny, but didn’t say anything (because he knows what’s good for him).  Then he went back to making delicious apple dumplings.

Because we went to an Apple Festival for my buddy’s birthday and they were selling apple dumplings.  None of us had ever had one but the line was two miles long so we deduced they’re pretty amazing.  And once that man sets his sights on something… it’s best to just stand back.


Don’t they look tasty?  Aren’t I good at taking pictures?

One of these days I’ll put him in a head lock until he gives me the recipe to share on here.

I only bought one thing at the festival:


Aren’t they cute?  Don’t you like my nail polish?

I stalked the seller and found her Etsy shop for your pleasure.  Because really, can a girl ever have too many pairs of upcycled fingerless gloves?

Guess what I did?  Remembered to take my big girl camera with us.

So now you get to see a non-phone picture of my munchkin. (might be a first on the blog)


Aaaaand, that’s it for me today.

Did you do anything fun or fallish this weekend?

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Don’t Spill Your Plug-In

August 22, 2013 - Author: Amy

Like six months ago I spilled one of those Bath and Body Works wall plug in things in a desk drawer at work.  And not a good one either – a summery smelling one.  And still, STILL it permeates into my pop tarts and makes them taste not like whole wheat strawberry, but more like a messed up island breeze.

Junior likes pop tarts.  Speaking of.. While it is my opinion that the hardest part of being a parent is correctly installing car seats, the second hardest is when they get sick and it forces you to miss your Chevelle concert.


He’s feeling better but I’m still mad about it.  And now the big one is sick!  And he won’t lay down!

Guess what happens in 9 days?  September.  Guess what that means?  The official end of summer in my head.  (Eff you, island breeze pop tarts!)

So I made this here lid pumpkin in anticipation.


Tell me I’m brilliant even though I didn’t come up with the idea!

THEN, Erin and I are going up to teeny, tiny, Sparks, Kansas for their big, giant flea market!  I’ve gotten all kinds of steals up there, from a $60 church pew to $11 vintage cowgirl boots.  I intend to do some damage.

And corrupt Erin by drinking heavily and cussing a lot.

(Read: We will grab a route 44 diet dr pepper and say “heck”.)

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Play Room

July 22, 2013 - Author: Amy

Something happened to me this weekend.

After three months of general malaise regarding the state of our house, a sudden inferno lit itself under my butt and this:


became intolerable.

So I hauled everything out and painted the walls the same color as the living room.  While that dried, I took his little Thomas the Train table apart and painted the main part the same blue as our front door and the play surface with chalk paint.


While I let both the table and the walls dry, we went out for ice cream.  During which time, Bill felt the need to stand directly over the newly chalk-painted table top and drool.  So it’s got some neat water marks now.  >:(

Also during that time the following conversation was had.

Me: What color are your eyes?

Jr.: Blue!

Me: What color are daddy’s eyes?

Jr.: Blue!

Me: What color are mommy’s eyes?

Jr.: Black!

D: Just like her soul……

Feeling the love, boys.  Gracias.

Then it was just a matter of moving everything back in, with a few additions.


Rug from previous house.


Newly painted table, mini cow hide arm chair, “dream big, little one” art from Hobby Lobby.


Old church pew I bought at a flea market that D re-stained.  Four baskets that fit under the pew perfectly, and actually hold all Junior’s crap.  Map art also from Hobby Lobby, and tin bucket thing for books.


And since we already had every bit of this, minus the chalk paint which my MIL loaned me, I can actually say I got all this done in a day for zero doll hairs.

~pats self on back~


D: *coughs politely* Except for the taking down and re-hanging of the sconces.  And carrying the pew downstairs.


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Cabinet Killer

June 27, 2013 - Author: Amy

D and I have been going to yoga classes with a friend of mine.  I like it.  It makes me feel pretty tough.  So tough, in fact, that when I got home from class last night I straight ripped a cabinet door off it’s hinges.


I’m certain this is due to my new muscle mass and not just shoddy craftsmanship.  So obviously I felt the need to brag and sent this picture to my work-out-freak/MMA fighting brother. 

And now a word on Tanner.  He likes to pretend to eat people in pictures.

Mostly my son.


No, really.  He’s done it since the early days.


And also our grandma.


Anyway, I informed him that I’m basically the Incredible Hulk now and he should probably watch what he says around me.  ~flexes~  We have plans to become the first brother/sister fighting duo.  I’d appreciate it if you’d refer to me as Amy “Cabinet Killer” McCarter from now on.

In other incredible news, my D built us a sweet new base for the dining room table.


Also, he buys me flowers every week.  No big.  We bought two banquettes, but left the room like this for a few days to make sure we really wanted two banquettes.  Turns out I did.


So much fancy!  The holes in the wall are where the sconces that match the chandelier live.  I don’t looooove it, but I don’t haaaate it either.  So we’ll stick with what we’ve got until brilliance strikes.  Curtains are on their way.  On the hunt for a primitive looking painting of a cow.  

The problem with me is: I create something I want in my head that doesn’t actually exist.  So I either have to live with a second rate version or figure out how to make it myself.  (read: get someone else to make it for me.)  And I ain’t no painter. 

It’s hard to be me, sometimes.


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June 5, 2013 - Author: Amy

EFF YEAH!  (Name that movie.)

My sweet hubby has been bringing me flowers every week for the past several weeks.  He hands them to Junior who toddles over and thrusts them in my direction with a rough “Here”.


Have you ever thought to add dill to your bouquets?  Me neither.  It looks pretty and at first the smell is kind of a neat little novelty, but now all I can smell is pickles and I’m not so sure about all that business.

I repay D’s thoughtfulness by making him do things around the house such as hanging bunting from command strips even though he’s pretty sure they won’t work well on brick.  But it was still hanging this morning, so there’s that.merica5


The lovely sidewalk chalk art work is brought to you by Junior.  Smile pretty, buddy!


Bill, please sit like a proper gentleman so I can take your picture and put it on the interwebz.


Bill: “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

Did you notice the ugly tone of forest green our front door is?  Of course you didn’t because the door was open.  If it ever stops raining I’m going to rectify the situation with Behr’s Nocturnal Sea.


But it’s tricky because obviously I can’t close the door until it’s completely dry and frankly I try not to have open paint cans around while Junior is awake.  Last night I had a dream that I painted it, but had to go to bed with the door open so I wouldn’t ruin it and we got robbed.  They took our TV and Junior’s bubble blowing lawn mower.  You know, the stuff most burglars are after.

And now I must bid you adieu to find some Diet Dr. Pepper.  Happy Wednesday, lovies!

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I’m Alive

May 8, 2013 - Author: Amy

And my little man has been surprisingly amicable.  Maybe it’s all the trips to Dairy Queen, or perhaps that I let him sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed during the thunderstorm.


 Whatever the case may be, I’m just enjoying our one-on-one time.  Daddy doesn’t get home till Friday, but don’t try to come rob me because a) you’ll still have a lot of boxes to sort through to find any good stuff, and b) I sleep with a knife when he’s gone.  True story.  D thinks it would be pretty ineffective against an assailant, but I argue it’s much MORE effective than a gun I don’t know how to use.

(Before you jump all over me, NO, the knife is not in the bed where my kid is.)

Speaking of boys and relative naughtiness… 


 The furry one on the left got away from me this morning when he spotted a neighbor out for a run.  So I had to chase him, in heels, while my neighbor followed behind screaming “I’ll help you!!!” 

A runner, I am not.  Add in a dress and 120 pound dog and you’ve got yourself one cranky girl.  Someone isn’t getting a pig ear tonight.

 I bought this picture at an antique store recently. 


On the back in faded writing it says “Dutch Farmer ’19″.  I like it a lot, but then I watched an episode of Paranormal State and this family was being harrassed by the ghost of a mean old railroad worker, of whom they dug up an old photo and the girl was all “OMG, that’s totally him!” (cut to amateur drawing of ghost that looks exactly like a stick figure).  But it caused me to wonder if those things work in reverse.  Maybe this farmer’s ghost really liked this picture of himself and I just attached him to my wall.  THEN I started worrying about the buffalo skulls we have in the basement and what their spirits might thing about being a decoration.  It’s not like we’re using them as goblets, drinking wine out of them ala Lestat, but still… I’d be fighting mad if it were my dome.  Unless you bejeweled it first.

Long story to basically tell you that is the first and only piece of art we have hung in the house.  We don’t want to get too crazy till the walls are painted.  To date, we have one half of one room painted.  I’m thinking of leaving the rest as D’s welcome home gift.

What are you doing for Mother’s Day?  I plan to not paint.


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