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Roper Rhodes

May 20, 2013 - Author: Amy

How to ensure your bathroom is child friendly

One of the major concerns that you have with children is how to keep them safe, particularly around your own home. If you have your own kids, you’ll know that you might only turn your back for a second and they’re into a cupboard they shouldn’t be. The bathroom, along with the kitchen, is one of the more dangerous places in the home for kids to be, with floors that can easily get slippery, cupboards filled with bottles of cleaning chemicals, medicines and lotions in, and, of course, lots of taps and water. Here are a few simple ways to make sure that your children are as safe as they can be when they’re in the bathroom.

The number one rule is that you should always be aware of where your child is in the bathroom and what they’re doing. If the phone rings or someone knocks on the door while you’re bathing them, don’t leave them alone, even for a few seconds; that could be all it takes for them to slip over or grab a bottle of something. If they’re old enough to be in the bathroom alone, make sure to check on them every so often, or prevent accidents by doing as many of the following as possible.

Ensure that your children are able to reach the bathroom pieces safely. Many sinks, toilets and bath tubs are too high for small children to reach on their own. Of course you could install custom ones that are at a child friendly height to prevent them trying to climb up and slipping themselves. But this can be costly because the kids will inevitably outgrow them quickly and you’ll end up replacing them before you know it. Instead, get yourself a safe set of bathroom steps or a stool. If you have a tiled floor, make sure it has rubber fittings on the legs to prevent slippage.

If you keep bathroom cleaning chemicals in a low down cupboard, ensure that it is fitted with a childproof lock. Children will get their hands on to anything they’re not supposed to and may spill it on themselves or try to drink it. The bathroom cabinet is often used to store bottles of shampoo, body wash or lotions, and frequently people store medicine in them too. Consider getting one such as Roper Rhodes which can be placed higher up on the wall and away from prying hands.

Kids are also very skilled at getting water everywhere, whether they like bath time or not, they’re likely to splash water all over the floor. With tiled or wooden floors, they can very easily get slippery, so watch them as they climb in and out of the tub. This is also a good time to think about your water usage. Children are prone to leaving taps running for far too long, so always keep an eye on them when they’re washing or brushing their teeth that they have the tap turned off.

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Gift Giving and Foxy Bingo

September 26, 2012 - Author: Amy

Gift Ideas For Friends And Acquaintances

Following on from my post ‘It’s Nice To Be Nice’, I have decided to write one that is packed full of birthday gift ideas. When you have a loved one who will soon be celebrating this occasion, it was be hard to think of the perfect present to give to them. I hope that the following will give you ideas for gifts, as well as help me to come up with new suggestions that I myself can listen to.

I think that the idea of giving someone something that you would want to receive yourself is extremely valid, especially if the ‘giftee’ is someone who shares your tastes and sensibilities. It could be your mum, best friend or someone you have gotten to know through playing Foxy Bingo. The best thing is always to have a look around the shops and see what catches your eye. When you find something you think is good, imagine receiving it as a gift from someone and if this feels good, you have found the right thing to give.

However, what do you do if you are trying to find a present for someone you don’t know very well. Unless you know exactly what they want, this is the time to go for pretty generic presents. For that office Secret Santa, a good quality box of chocolates will go a long way. If you still feel that something else is necessary, then how about a nice scarf or simple necklace. Cookery books are always good, as well as letter-writing kits and pretty notebooks.

Guys can be even harder to shop for. If it needs to be a really nice present, then how about a really good quality watch or set of cufflinks. Perhaps a smart tie or a fun pair of socks, if the present is a little more casual and interesting books are always a sure thing for anyone.

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Microsoft Professional Developer Certification

- Author: Amy

 As a developer working in the IT field for some time, you have no doubt mastered a great deal of the technologies with which you work on a regular basis. Validating your skills through formal certification in a Microsoft Professional Developer credential is the best way to document your abilities and make yourself more valuable and marketable in the process.


While IT professionals just out of college can also obtain their professional level developer certification if they are able to complete prerequisites, like associate level certification and achievement of successful experience with the technologies in which they wish to become certified, the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) credential is generally best suited to those who have a number of years of professional experience under their belt.


MCPD certifications are available in a number of different Microsoft technologies, including Visual Studio and .NET, among others. The achievement of an MCPD in any technology documents beyond a shadow of a doubt your skills and abilities in developing solutions using the framework or platform in which you become credentialed. It can be a means of opening up new career possibilities and may earn you a promotion or a raise as well.


The benefits of formally certifying your skills and abilities are wide reaching and include not only these career implications but also professional membership benefits that come from Microsoft following your successful completion of a certification path. To promote strong performance on your certification exams, consider using a service like TestsLive, and be sure to dedicate the time and energy required to truly master the materials.

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