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A Couple of Things

February 7, 2014 - Author: Amy

Howdy friends,

Remember the silhouette’s I made for Junior’s room?

Of course you do.  How could you ever forget something so life altering?

Our local news station caught wind of my artistic genius and invited me to share a couple of crafts for their new segment for moms.

Watch it here.

And don’t make fun of my accent, because I totally don’t have one.


In other news, my newest Ideabook is up and running on Houzz if you’re interested.  It’s about as Valentines-y as I get, which means no tack or glitter.


And now I’ll leave you to your weekends.  Looks like we’ll be adding to the 14 inches of snow we got over the last couple of days!

photo (5)

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January 15, 2014 - Author: Amy


You remember New Kids On The Block?

Specifically, this new kid?


My first love.  I had a poster of him, shirtless, hanging above my bed.  It was a bunk bed, actually, because at the time my brother and I shared a room.  Now that I think about it, I’m sure he loved that.

Like I cared.

Oh look!  I found the poster!


Sexy, no?

Ironically enough, my friend Colleen went to see them in concert the last time they were here and he was prancing around shirtless again and she sent me a picture and he looks way better now than in his over-all clad days.

To my point – In concert they almost always pick a girl out of the crowd to go up on stage and sing to her and give her a rose or something sweaty and cheesy.  I was never that girl.  At least not to Jordan.

But recently, I was contacted by someone akin to my beloved NKOTB, at least in my eyes.


Awesome, awesome website full of housey stuff that I love to browse around on.  They have these things called Ideabooks, which is a collection of items usually focused around a certain theme or idea.

And guess what?

I get to contribute by creating my very own Ideabook to share with you each month!  (You may have noticed my new widget? —> )

My first one is up and live, and I would love it if you would check it out, as well as a few of the other great ones out there!

You know I got the right stuff…. bay-bay!

~does running man~

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RedEnvelope Cutting Board

December 11, 2013 - Author: Amy

After eating the Thanksgiving feast my mom single handedly made just weeks after a total hip replacement, dad and I sat down with a cup of freshly brewed coffee to relax and enjoy some pie.

Delicious pie that D made from scratch.

While he and my mom were in the kitchen cleaning up.

Suffice it to say that both my father and I married extremely well.

So recently, when I was generously contacted by RedEnvelope about some of their beautiful personalized products, my thoughts went more to D than to myself.  (Not because I’m all that selfless, but because I could see more chocolate pecan pies in my future.)  ;)

I thought to myself, hmmm…. pecan pies require pecans, which require chopping.  A cutting board, it is!


A very nice, cutting board, in fact!


Beautifully personalized.


And durable!

D was just as impressed with the board, and loved the personal touch.


(D’s thumb of approval not pictured.)

If you’re still short on Christmas ideas, here’s a link to the wedding and anniversary section where this board came from.  Tons of great gifts!

Thanks bunches to RedEnvelope for such a beautiful gift.  I cannot WAIT to eat the pies this thing will help produce.  ;)

PS – I wasn’t paid for this post – just wanted to share the awesomeness!

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Junior’s Room

November 19, 2013 - Author: Amy

I’m kind of slowly sort of coming up with a comprehensive plan for Junior’s room.

Oh – because we bought a paint sprayer!  I went to the grocery store and got home and D had the office totally painted.  It. was. awesome.

Sidenote:  At the grocery store I got fixins for delicious tacos.  And I put the shells in the toaster oven to make them warm and crispy, then turned around to ask D if he wanted onions, and then the shells caught on fire.  And D had to save the day.

Then later, when Junior was taking his bath, he put his little hands on his hips and goes:

“I have a question for you.”

Me: What is your question?

Him: I a police man.

Me: Hello, officer.

Him: You in trouble.

Me: For what?!

Him: You start a fire!

Back to his room.  I’m going with a manly man’s theme and it’s got a bit of a cabin-y feel to it, so I made some animal silhouettes.


Just find a free printable.  They’re everywhere.  (I got mine here, here, here, and here.)

  Cut it out and trace with a Sharpie.


Fill in with black acrylic paint.


Then make several more because they are just so darn cute!

silhouettes - BR

silhouettes - BR2

silhouettes - Buffalo Roam

I got the set of cork boards at Walmart for like $5, and they have sticky strips on the back for hanging.

Now all that’s left to do is wait for Mr. Husband to paint Junior’s room so I can hang these babies up!

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Sometimes, You Just Have To DIY It.

October 14, 2013 - Author: Amy

And yeah, I know that’s the central theme around this here blog-diggity.  But sometimes when you are bent on your son’s door having its own “railroad crossing” sign, and everyone selling them wants too many dollars in your humble opinion, you just have to throw your hands up and say “I’ll do it myself!”

Usually, I enjoy a good do-it-myself, but I was in a weirdly angered state most of the weekend and by the time we got to Home Depot I just wanted to Hulk-smash everything I saw.

The first thing I wanted to Hulk-smash?  Their entire vinyl letter section for not having any of the letter “C” left.

The second thing: D for wandering off.

The third: the staff for not helping me quiiiiite as quickly as I deemed acceptable.

So I raged myself out of there and into Wal-Mart who thankfully had a full set of lettering available.  Saved the planet from utter destruction, I tell you what.

So all I needed was some pre-painted white wood because it was just worth the few extra bucks to me to not have to do it, some of those stick-on vinyl letters, and a husband willing to brave my mood to do the cutting.








DIY Railroad Crossing Sign by {Buffalo Roam}

Don’t even bring up the fact that I forgot to get one of those over-the-door-hanger-thingies.  Because I just, I can’t even….

So I’ll probably just hold on to it until I get the rest of his room done.  Because it’s in the works.  Ohhhhh yes it is!

How was your weekend?  Any one else fall victim to the cranky-for-no-reason’s?

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The Sassy Buffalo

September 25, 2013 - Author: Amy

Once upon a time there was a buffalo named Mildred.


She put curlers in her old lady hair, wore a random year like bad Old Navy performance fleece, ate dinner at 4:30.  Her favorite show was Alf.  Hers was a sad state of affairs.

When suddenly a wild Rust-Oleum can appeared!


Now Mildred is feeling sassy and won’t answer to anything but Milli Buffilli and requires special lighting to show off her new sparkle.



And in super happy news – Mom’s surgery was a raging success!  This is her showing off 24 hours after getting her new robot parts.


She’s down to just Tylenol and they’re sending her home today!

And you thought I was kidding about the bionic stuff.

Thanks for the well-wishes.  :)  She’s the best and you are too.

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Tea Towels And The Like

September 3, 2013 - Author: Amy

At my core, I am an introvert.

I like people, for the most part (though I generally like dogs more).  And I feel like I’m pretty good at, you know, talking and interacting and stuff.  But it can be taxing and so I tend to spend time alone when I get the chance or have the choice.

One of the most dreadful ways for an introvert to spend their time?  Stuck in a car with another person.  Small talk only gets you so far, then I feel awkward and search for mundane and uninteresting (or often weird, because it’s me) topics to pass the time until you reach your god-forsaken destination.

The ONLY exception to the rule is if the other person in the car is, to put it lightly, amazing.  Luckily for me, my flea market excursion buddy is just that.  We spent a total of 3 hours in a car my hubby’s big, giant, noisy diesel, 3 hours shopping, and 1 hour eating.  And at the end of it all we decided the mark of a really good day was the fact that neither of us bloggers/writers thought to take any pictures.

I’ve talked about Erin on here before.  She’s got a personal blog and she’s got the best magazine in the history of magazines of all time ever, Vintage KC.

The new fall edition is out now (linked above) and she’s included a really neat new section of local DIY bloggers.  You might recognize one on Page 38.  Ahem.  And for this section, she asked us to personalize some tea towels.  I’m not much of a fabric-worker-wither, so I was a little intimidated.  And stumped.  And I didn’t want to let my friend down.  So I looked on Pinterest and bugged a friend of mine with real actual talent for ideas, and here’s what I came up with.


From these ingredients.


I trimmed the edges in burlap ribbon with some stitch-witch.  (Because I’m not fabricy or sewey.)


And stamped some checks.


Editors note for the slow among us (read: me): Freaking lay something protective down on your table before working with paint.

Also, get yourself a fabric paint medium.  You’ll need to use that and iron after the paint dries if you want it to stay.


And I wanted it to stay because I sorta liked the finished product.  Go figure!

And go look at all the really cool other ideas Erin collected.  Hers is the last listed, a cute fruit stamp!

Erin, thanks for the opportunity – and for the friendship.  I like you more than dogs!

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

July 8, 2013 - Author: Amy

Where in the CRAP do you find your stuff, designer type people that I tend to find mostly on Pinterest?




Because I’ve been looking.  And evidently that arrow print exists nowhere except in that picture with no links. 

Don’t even get me started on neat old portraits.  Don’t.  Even.  They’re like unicorns.

Or cows.  I live in frigging Kansas.  The land of bovines and antique stores.  But I’ll tell you one thing Kansas doesn’t have… This cow art.



One thing it does have?  A P.O.’d girl trying to hang a cow on her wall.

Also, a boy that buys his wife clothes sometimes, just because he likes her and knows she likes vintage things.  And dresses.  Because then you don’t have to wear pants.


Unless you’re on a motorsnickle.  Then pants are highly recommended.


Which is how we rounded out our weekend. 

How was your 4th?

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Cabinet Killer

June 27, 2013 - Author: Amy

D and I have been going to yoga classes with a friend of mine.  I like it.  It makes me feel pretty tough.  So tough, in fact, that when I got home from class last night I straight ripped a cabinet door off it’s hinges.


I’m certain this is due to my new muscle mass and not just shoddy craftsmanship.  So obviously I felt the need to brag and sent this picture to my work-out-freak/MMA fighting brother. 

And now a word on Tanner.  He likes to pretend to eat people in pictures.

Mostly my son.


No, really.  He’s done it since the early days.


And also our grandma.


Anyway, I informed him that I’m basically the Incredible Hulk now and he should probably watch what he says around me.  ~flexes~  We have plans to become the first brother/sister fighting duo.  I’d appreciate it if you’d refer to me as Amy “Cabinet Killer” McCarter from now on.

In other incredible news, my D built us a sweet new base for the dining room table.


Also, he buys me flowers every week.  No big.  We bought two banquettes, but left the room like this for a few days to make sure we really wanted two banquettes.  Turns out I did.


So much fancy!  The holes in the wall are where the sconces that match the chandelier live.  I don’t looooove it, but I don’t haaaate it either.  So we’ll stick with what we’ve got until brilliance strikes.  Curtains are on their way.  On the hunt for a primitive looking painting of a cow.  

The problem with me is: I create something I want in my head that doesn’t actually exist.  So I either have to live with a second rate version or figure out how to make it myself.  (read: get someone else to make it for me.)  And I ain’t no painter. 

It’s hard to be me, sometimes.


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Style Waffle

April 26, 2013 - Author: Amy

Many moons ago I wrote about not really having a particular style (I’m too lazy to find and link).  Nothing that totally embodies or screams “me” because frankly, I like a lot of stuff.  And this new house is proving it.

We’ve been shopping, yo.


And things look a little different around here.  But it feels juuuuust right.


In other news, I am too tall for maxi dresses and that makes me sad because I don’t like to shave my legs.

In further and more salacious news, remember the 90′s when everyone had their bellybuttons pierced?  Well.  I found a ring in my jewelry box and am sporting some naval bling as I type this.  D was just this side of horrified so I think I’ll leave it a few more days just for enjoyment’s sake.

I’m listening to this song right now.

So what’s up?  Are you a style waffler too?  This could get expensive.


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