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You Want to Talk About Easy?

April 25, 2014 - Author: Amy

Not referring to myself.

You know what I am exceptionally good at?

Exceptionally easy crafts.

My front door has been bare ever since I took down the Christmas wreath last week.


So while we were at Hobby Lobby crying over the price of custom frames, I grabbed a grape vine wreath and can of white spray paint because I can afford those.


Oh my gosssshhhhhh, Amy, you are such a homemaking prodigy.

I am less adept at horticulture.  I didn’t feel like finding anything to spray paint this on top of, so I just did it in the grass in the front yard on a super windy day and now D is mad at me for the giant white spot and is pretty sure I poisoned and killed all the grass in the surrounding counties.


But really, I do like the white against the navy.  Should serve well enough throughout the seasons.

Who else has an easy project they’d like to let me rip off?  Does anyone need any front door wreath consultations?  I’m really good at them!

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Junior’s Room

March 20, 2014 - Author: Amy

The other night I was in the kitchen, minding my own business when little Junior comes running in with a handful of those gross yogurt treat things and tells me, “You need to come wrestle me!”

Me: “Um, okie dokie” ~Goes into living room and tries to wrestle him

Jr.: “No!  Wike dis!” ~Log rolls across the living room

Me: “Of course.  Silly me.”  ~Also log rolls across the living room

Jr: “That’s good!  Good girl!” ~Throws yogurt treat across the room~  “Go get it!”

Me:  “Wait.  Did you just trick me into a game of fetch?”

Jr: “Daddy!  Wrestle!”


Next week marks our first anniversary in this house.

Last week marks the day we finished poor little Junior’s room.

What can I say?  We’re beasts when it comes to DIY.

Mostly, the big hold up had been the fact that we didn’t want to do or hang much until we patched and repainted all the walls.  We bought a paint sprayer, but then D started working a zillion hours a week and going to school full-time and painting just wasn’t our idea of fun in our down time.

Finally, over the holidays when he had a break from school, we taped everything off and he sprayed paint in Junior’s room, our room, and the office.

And finally, finally, little man has a finished room.


With a bit of a cabiny feel.  See the silhouettes?

I reupholstered that chair two houses ago with him in mind, and we bought that mini bear skin rug before he was even born.


The quilt was a shower gift, and my grandma gave us the tub that holds his books.


My MIL refinished that desk for us, and the top is covered in old newspaper clippings.  I sanded and painted the blue chair for the dining room in our last house.


My MIL also stitched the artwork in the middle of the origin and meaning of Junior’s name.  My mom had given me the other two as gifts, and I think the trio work perfectly together.


For all the waiting, I’m happy with the final result.  It’s a cozy little boy’s room.

The other night before bedtime, he toddled in there to pick out a book and with a sweep of his little hand told me, “Mommy, I wike this room.”

Totally worth it.

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Master Bathroom Cabinets: A Saga

March 19, 2014 - Author: Amy

We bought a house with honey oak woodwork.  It is not very beautiful.  We’ve spent many a conversation discussing the honeyness of our oak.

“Do we just replace them?”

“Nah, that’s expensive.”

“Ugh, but sanding is so awful.”

“Maybe a new paint color and some pulls would camouflage them?”

Then, we found this.


And at roughly $75, we decided it was worth a shot.

We picked this color.


Then we sent Junior off to my parents house so I could start on the cabinets and D could spray paint all over our top floor.  More on that another day, because this is where the saga begins.

I started this process over the holidays.  No friends, not the green holiday we just had… the big holidays… three months ago!

The sales associate at Home Depot warned me this would be labor intensive – not difficult – just time consuming, but that the final results would be worth it.

She was right, for the most part.




photo 2

Raise your hand if you noticed how I artfully took the shot without showing all our crap on the countertops.

The verdict:  Meh.

Maybe a Meh + because anything is better than the honey oak that was in there…

I took pictures of the entire process, but decided not to post all of them because nobody needs to see that many pictures of that many layers of things going on cabinets.  No, the process was not difficult, but it involves four different substances, each of which have to be put on one side at a time, then allowed to dry for several hours before flipping and repeating the process.  And the third step, the glaze, I did twice because we weren’t loving the color.  It was much more reddish/orange than anticipated.


And the finished product actually turned out a lot more red than we’d anticipated or that the box had led us to believe.

Oh, hey buddy!


Nice oak cabinets you got back there…

Sooo the moral of this story is, if you’re willing to spend a LOT of hours in your basement coating your cabinets in layers of things with pretty good results for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets, do what we did!

If you’re impatient and prone to walk away before making 100% sure you didn’t leave any drips anywhere (points to self), and you have a certain, specific color you’re after, this may not be the answer for you.

Too bad I’m cheap and have a ton of this stuff leftover and a couple more bathrooms to worry about… The saga continues!

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I’ve Got Wood.

March 5, 2014 - Author: Amy

Have you ever had some extra slices of log laying around?


What about, have you ever been gazing out your bedroom window and think, “Imma chop that tree down in a Seasonal Affective Disorder induced rage”?

Still no?

Well, has anyone ever just handed you a slice of wood and said, “Here, do something with this.”?

That one actually did happen to me, and a few other bloggers recently.

That’s right!  VintageKC’s spring issue is out!!!

Here’s what I did.


It’s Anthropologie inspired, of course.

I glued a $5 mirror I found at Hobby Lobby to the chunk of wood Erin had given me, and with D’s help, nailed a little boy’s vintage leather belt on as a strap.

Know what I have never done before?  Tried taking pictures of a mirror.

Me:  How do I not get a reflection of our bed in this??

Erin: Have D hold up a white sheet or something.

Me: Genius.

D:  Instead, I’m going to lay on the bed naked and see if anyone notices.


A whole year ago, I posted about my upcoming birthday, and my aggravation about Jesus stealing my thunder by landing Easter directly on MY big day.  I also included a list of gimme’s.

Amy’s gimme’s.

I actually ended up with the buffalo print and tank top.  (Thanks, Mom!)

I did not end up with the Ray Bans.  And then do you know what my dad got?  Some Ray Bans!  And he wears them and like twirls them around in front of me and thinks he’s so cool.

Then this came in the mail.


Guess what I just ordered?

I’m only telling you all of this so that I would have the opportunity to publicly say – SUCK IT, DAD!  BAHAHA!!!



My little buddy has had a bug this week, which has meant extra snuggle time at home.  I can now quote, in entirety, Cars.

We tried a new recipe together.


3 bananas, smashed

1 cup oats

handful of coconut

handful of mini chocolate chips

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

So cookie!  Much tasty!  Many yum!

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Poaching Ideas

February 14, 2014 - Author: Amy

You ever come across an idea that someone else had and think, “MAN, I wish I had thought of that.”?

Me, too.

That happened when my mom helped Junior make this for me for Mother’s Day.


See how his little hands make a heart?  So cute!

So what’d I do?  I straight poached the idea and then shared it on TV like it was my own.

Thanks, mom!


That segment is here.  And these are the only two I recorded, so I’ll stop making you watch them now.

And, since it’s Valentine’s Day and all, I just want to say how much I love you and appreciate your friendship, and leave you with this sweet sentiment that really spoke to me today.

photo (5)

21 Comments - Categories: DIY, Holidays

A Couple of Things

February 7, 2014 - Author: Amy

Howdy friends,

Remember the silhouette’s I made for Junior’s room?

Of course you do.  How could you ever forget something so life altering?

Our local news station caught wind of my artistic genius and invited me to share a couple of crafts for their new segment for moms.

Watch it here.

And don’t make fun of my accent, because I totally don’t have one.


In other news, my newest Ideabook is up and running on Houzz if you’re interested.  It’s about as Valentines-y as I get, which means no tack or glitter.


And now I’ll leave you to your weekends.  Looks like we’ll be adding to the 14 inches of snow we got over the last couple of days!

photo (5)

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Junior’s Room

November 19, 2013 - Author: Amy

I’m kind of slowly sort of coming up with a comprehensive plan for Junior’s room.

Oh – because we bought a paint sprayer!  I went to the grocery store and got home and D had the office totally painted.  It. was. awesome.

Sidenote:  At the grocery store I got fixins for delicious tacos.  And I put the shells in the toaster oven to make them warm and crispy, then turned around to ask D if he wanted onions, and then the shells caught on fire.  And D had to save the day.

Then later, when Junior was taking his bath, he put his little hands on his hips and goes:

“I have a question for you.”

Me: What is your question?

Him: I a police man.

Me: Hello, officer.

Him: You in trouble.

Me: For what?!

Him: You start a fire!

Back to his room.  I’m going with a manly man’s theme and it’s got a bit of a cabin-y feel to it, so I made some animal silhouettes.


Just find a free printable.  They’re everywhere.  (I got mine here, here, here, and here.)

  Cut it out and trace with a Sharpie.


Fill in with black acrylic paint.


Then make several more because they are just so darn cute!

silhouettes - BR

silhouettes - BR2

silhouettes - Buffalo Roam

I got the set of cork boards at Walmart for like $5, and they have sticky strips on the back for hanging.

Now all that’s left to do is wait for Mr. Husband to paint Junior’s room so I can hang these babies up!

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Sometimes, You Just Have To DIY It.

October 14, 2013 - Author: Amy

And yeah, I know that’s the central theme around this here blog-diggity.  But sometimes when you are bent on your son’s door having its own “railroad crossing” sign, and everyone selling them wants too many dollars in your humble opinion, you just have to throw your hands up and say “I’ll do it myself!”

Usually, I enjoy a good do-it-myself, but I was in a weirdly angered state most of the weekend and by the time we got to Home Depot I just wanted to Hulk-smash everything I saw.

The first thing I wanted to Hulk-smash?  Their entire vinyl letter section for not having any of the letter “C” left.

The second thing: D for wandering off.

The third: the staff for not helping me quiiiiite as quickly as I deemed acceptable.

So I raged myself out of there and into Wal-Mart who thankfully had a full set of lettering available.  Saved the planet from utter destruction, I tell you what.

So all I needed was some pre-painted white wood because it was just worth the few extra bucks to me to not have to do it, some of those stick-on vinyl letters, and a husband willing to brave my mood to do the cutting.








DIY Railroad Crossing Sign by {Buffalo Roam}

Don’t even bring up the fact that I forgot to get one of those over-the-door-hanger-thingies.  Because I just, I can’t even….

So I’ll probably just hold on to it until I get the rest of his room done.  Because it’s in the works.  Ohhhhh yes it is!

How was your weekend?  Any one else fall victim to the cranky-for-no-reason’s?

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The Sassy Buffalo

September 25, 2013 - Author: Amy

Once upon a time there was a buffalo named Mildred.


She put curlers in her old lady hair, wore a random year like bad Old Navy performance fleece, ate dinner at 4:30.  Her favorite show was Alf.  Hers was a sad state of affairs.

When suddenly a wild Rust-Oleum can appeared!


Now Mildred is feeling sassy and won’t answer to anything but Milli Buffilli and requires special lighting to show off her new sparkle.



And in super happy news – Mom’s surgery was a raging success!  This is her showing off 24 hours after getting her new robot parts.


She’s down to just Tylenol and they’re sending her home today!

And you thought I was kidding about the bionic stuff.

Thanks for the well-wishes.  :)  She’s the best and you are too.

25 Comments - Categories: DIY, Home Goods

Vintage Bottle Cap Magnets

September 5, 2013 - Author: Amy

You know you’re going to have a great trip when you receive this text message from your travel buddy.bottlecap4

Made me laugh right out loud!  Oh, that girl.

On our trip, we found a box full of cool old bottle caps, 10 for $1.  Who could resist?  Not us, that’s who.  So we rifled through them to get 10 different brands and I knew I had a fun project with little Mr. Junior ahead.

So, um, basically have 10 bottle caps, 10 magnets, a hot glue gun and one adorable little helper…

bottlecap3 bottlecap2 bottlecap

Show us your finished product, buddy!



For taking almost no time or money, I really, really like these little boogers!

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