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We Meet Again…

January 5, 2012 - Author: Amy - 24 Comments

Ah, January.  The bleakest of the winter months… my old nemesis… we meet again.

You suck. 

Sincerely, Amy.

I can deal with the cold and snow during December, because it feels charming while ramping up for Christmas.  But now that Christmas has passed, and New Years is over, I just want to hunker down with Kindle and alternately read and sleep until spring gets here.

But, since I have things to do like, oh, parent my kid and work my job, I guess I’ll find a way to push through.

To torture myself, gear up for warmer weather, I’ve become a springy pinning fool.

Want me to share?  OK, I’ll share!!

I’ve developed this thing for lavender.  The look, the smell, the color.  I badly want to find a dough bowl to display some dried lavender in, but then I found this picture and now I also want to find a neat old box to plant live lavender in.  To put on my harvest table that doesn’t exist on the back deck that isn’t built yet.


I’m also in the market for some great Adirondack chairs for my front deck that doesn’t exist yet.  (Also?  Love the name Adirondack.  Maybe if we ever decide to have a brother for Junior… hmmm…)  But then I saw this picture and decided it would be completely wonderful to park a couple chairs in the middle of a shady spot in our yard too.


And since I’ll need to look fabulous whilst sniffing my lavender and sitting in my Adirondacks, I should probably buy this dress.


And figure out how to make this bracelet.


Aaaaand, sip on some sangria.  Because thats what fancy people drink.  And I’m fancy.

(source)(my source)

Anyone else already have spring fever?  Created a Pinterest board dedicated to spring?  Who wants to come drink some sangria with me??

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Discussion (24 Comments)

  1. by Barb

    Aaaaah, these photos make me wish for Spring right now! Although, it does Feel a bit Springish this week :) I am going to start a Spring Pinterest board fo sho!!

    • by Amy

      AND come drink sangria with me??

  2. I love sangria! Yes please! If you plant live lavender it’ll be self-regenerating and you can enjoy it for as long as the plant lives. The temperature here today and those pictures are not helping my spring fever though. Can’t wait!

  3. by Amy

    Ah! Good to know!

  4. I am SO ready for spring! I have a mild obsession with the smell of lavender too, so I love what you’re pinning :)

  5. Ahhh… spring! I can’t wait for the spring and gardening and enjoying our new backyard! :D

  6. by Angie

    Glad it is not just me. I’ve been sitting in my porch swing every night just trying to savour this amazing weather (although it is a little cold by the time I get home) oh well. The sangria looks delightfully yummy, and ive been searching for some unique Adirondack chairs to place in a little grouping in my HUGE yard, a little seating area out away from the house with mason jar lanterns hanging from the trees above? Yeah, that sounds about perfect!

    • by Amy

      Sounds lovely! You should totally blog about it. ;)

  7. Okay….I am following you and I am following you on pinterest (it sounds like I am following you everywhere)! You have the absolutely BEST sense of humor and your pinterest boards are so fabulous! I am just starting out and learning! Thanks for the laugh this morning!



    • by Amy

      Thanks Karianne! I followed you back. :)

  8. I’m in! :) Maybe you should pack Junior on a plane and come visit me for a weekend. There are some spring-like temperatures out here. I’ll even take ya to the beach. Come on!!

    • by Amy

      I would LOVE that!!

  9. by Erin

    Oh my gosh… you have such a keen eye for home decor! I seriously want to treat your new house like a bed and breakfast once it’s built. Can I make reservations now? :)

    I hear ya on the lavender thing. I just got one of those Scentsy Buddies (the cat) and got a French Lavender scent packet to put inside. It was meant for Baby G, but truthfully I spend most evenings sitting near the kitty… holding it… sniffing it… She can have it when she’s older. :)

    • by Amy

      Girl, you kill me!!

  10. Love the lavender box! And the baby bro for Junior is a must! Although…I’m sure you could find a stylish infant size dress that would also go fabulously with your new outfit…Hmmm? ;) Just a thought

  11. Ooooh I love Spring. It always brings lovely things like our wedding anniversary, my birthday, and this year: breaking ground!

    Not to meantion all those pretty things you mentioned above :)

  12. PS and speaking of Adirondack chairs. There is a huge Amish community here and they make super qt ones.
    Do they have Amish out there? You can road trip to IL for some!

    • by Amy

      We actually just got a store called “Simply Amish”, but their adirondacks were a million dollars! We might have to take another roadtrip to Jamesport, MO. That’s the closest..

  13. I will always want spring. Iowa is teasing us. It was in the upper 50′s today…a record. We haven’t had a measurable snowfall yet. I am not complaining. Probably jinxing myself but not complaining. ;)

    I like your dreaming. I want a pair of those chairs. It’s been 3 years and I’m slowly getting Nate on board!

  14. I could live without the freezing rain/snow/slushy mess we have happening around here today. As long the temperature is a little above freezing I usually don’t mind the snow. But I do love rain boots and umbrellas!

  15. Uhh, we hate this time of the year. Luckily for Lisa, it’s the baby’s birthday, then valentine’s day then her birthday in March. I’m pretty much buying gifts until June!

  16. It’s been around 60 degrees around here lately, which makes me LAUGH in the face of January, like – is this the best you’ve got? Muahahah! – but I don’t want to provoke it too much. So I’ll quietly enjoy these photos of spring and pretend like this winter has just been too much to bear.

  17. by Amy

    Ha! You make me laugh! :)

  18. by Colleen

    Sangria – YES! Pintrest = I WILL NOT PINTREST, I WILL NOT PINTREST! Amy = Awesome!

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