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You Take The Good With The Bad…

March 5, 2012 - Author: Amy - 37 Comments

Well… This happened.

If there is a scenario more humbling than backing into a tree in your own driveway, it would only be backing into a tree in your own driveway with witnesses.

Of which, I had five.


Thankfully, D was one of them and his response was simply “S*** happens”.

S*** does happen.  But still.  Bah.

But enough of me whining about my first world problems.  Let’s talk more about me and my first world light fixtures.  That D made!

Initially, we were going to use antique lanterns as wall sconces in the great room, but we couldn’t find three that matched, and that made our OCD ping too hard, so we decided we’d better find something else.

As we were shopping at a neat store called Nell Hill’s in little Atchison, KS, we stumbled on this:

 I feel fairly certain they are intended for outdoor use, but D said he could make them work so I grabbed up the last three they had.  Then, while I was at the checkout, a rather cranky woman came up, pointed at my lanterns and asked if I was buying all of them.  Um, yep, sure am.  Then she got super huffy with the poor clerk saying that she had already claimed all of them and demanded her lanterns.

But I said no because of my American sense of entitlement, paid, and then ran off.

 D drilled through the bottom of them so he could install all the electrical guts and add a lightbulb.

And we had to order the fake candle looking things online, because evidently they are as hard to find as trees planted directly behind your car. 


Slip them over the lightbulb, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a wall light!

I think these will lend a really nice, cozy feeling to the room.

How was your weekend?  Any mishaps you’d like to share to make me feel better?  ;) 

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Discussion (37 Comments)

  1. Super cute lanterns! And bummer about the car! Sounds like something I would do!

  2. Wow you had an exciting weekend! Tree and lantern troll…it’s look great! Cool idea!

  3. Oh Amy, no worries about the khar! It’ll be okay. It’s just a pain and a half to have to deal with right now I know. Don’t worry be happy!

    Love the lanterns! I guess I didn’t know they made fake candle thingies!

  4. Oooh! Those are lovely!

    And also, that other woman sucks.

    Second also, I got my car stuck in the field beside our driveway THREE TIMES last winter, because I am the world’s worst reverser.

    • by Amy

      Hahaha! Sounds exactly like me!

  5. oooooo Amy….my heart is a little sad for you this morning. But your light fixtures are turly beautiful.

    :) me
    PS I walked out of the bank bathroom with toilet paper still attached. With a dozen or more people there to point it out :) Definitely one of my finest moments.

  6. by Erin

    I’m glad the huffy lady didn’t get her way! Next time maybe she won’t be such a raging B! :)

    And yes, cars are just cars. Your hubby was right to reassure you that S does, indeed, happen. I’m glad he has his priorities in line!

  7. I found a little tree with the back of my vehicle too. Funny place to plant it in the middle of the yard well away from the driveway huh?

    Way to pay and run. Hope you were not followed being an entitled American and all.

    ~Bliss~ (the lanterns turned out great, Brad did wonderful.

  8. 1. The car thing stinks! But if you can’t laugh at yourself than what can you do.

    2. If the lanterns were in your cart and that lady hadn’t paid for them then they were yours. You can’t just walk around a store and claim something. People are silly.

    3. The lanterns look awesome! I had no idea you could even buy fake candles to go over lightbulbs.

  9. I hope you have a relaxing uneventful day!!!

  10. Hi Amy

    Thank goodness it was only a tree – with five witnesses, I would have hit one of THEM for sure.

    Talented man, that husband of yours. The lanterns looks amazing. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  11. So sorry to hear about your car mishap!! {Even more sorry that you had witnesses, but what an perfect response from D!!}

    And wowzers, you guys got/made yourself some awesome lights! They are so pretty and glowy…perfect to add ambiance to a room.

    Booooooo the lady who came up and tried to take them from you! I’m glad you guys stood your ground and purchased them for yourselves! You snooze, you lose! :)

  12. I totally know how you feel. I had a similar incident once except I backed into my brothers car in the driveway. It was doubley lame because I had to repair mine and his. Glad D was so supportive though. I understand what it feels like though- I have never felt so blonde!

    Great sconces! I didn’t know you could buy those fake candle things either. Well done!

    • by Amy

      It’s awful, isn’t it? My brother backed in to me once too, and I’m sure he was more upset about it than I was.

  13. Great lanterns, I’ve been eyeing some similar ones at Ikea for a while now. Nothing worse than backing into something (better than someone!). I tend to do something like that once a year.

  14. I don’t really think that lady formally claimed the light fixtures if they weren’t in her hands! Way to go! They look great.

  15. The lanterns are lovely looking (I really love the faux candle look)! And that lady is lame – you deserve the lanterns more than she does since you grabbed them first.

    Shame about the car, but that’s why there’s insurance, right?

    • by Amy

      Yes, that’s right! And thank goodness we have it! :)

  16. “Evidently they are as hard to find as trees planted directly behind your car.”–bahaha. Poor Amy. :(

    Clever light fix! Since when can people “claim” things in a store without either A) carrying them around or B) paying for them? Seriously.

  17. Whenever this happens to me, I’m always thankful that I did it to my own car and my own tree – I feel even worse when it’s to somebody else’s stuff – and that’s when you REALLY don’t want witnesses. :)

  18. those are beautiful lanterns!

    i watched my sister back into a tree in my driveway in front of at least 5 witnesses too…she was very embarrassed :(!

  19. Sorry about the car! What was that tree doing in your way anyway?! Someone had to get rid of it and I admire you for stepping up to the plate.

    Those lights are fantastic. I’m glad you listened to your sense of entitlement.

  20. by Barb

    I love that you stood your ground,and I love the lanterns! Hate the mishap, but super Thankful that neither you nor Junior were hurt. And, considering how my morning went that day maybe I should apologize for sitting in your back seat and spreading around my bad karma :/

    • by Amy

      Yeah, I just might go ahead and blame you instead! ;)

  21. Those Kansas trees just jump right behind cars. Rude.

    I love your most recent posts…you have me dying laughing.

    And your lights are pretty awesome too.

    Warm and fuzzy comment.

    • by Amy

      HAhahahaha!! This made me laugh. Thanks, Michelle. :)

  22. o no! poor car :( My husband once backed my parents’ Lexus into a brick wall while we were still dating. My father did not have the same reaction as your husband! haha. o well. {Also, I love those lanterns!}

  23. Holy crap that’s awesome!!

  24. [...] Which reminds me.  While the neighbor was over, his little boy came to chat and was all “Hey Amy, which tree did you back in to?”  le sigh..  I shall never live it down.  See that clump of trees?  That evil, hateful clump of trees the driveway winds through?  That was the site of my little accident.  [...]

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