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The Master

March 8, 2012 - Author: Amy - 27 Comments

I’m going to start with showing you this picture, yet again.

I still don’t have a source, but I feel like it’s Pottery Barn, yet can’t find it.  Sorry…

Thanks to this picture, I have an actual vision for at least one room in the house.  I’m totally winging it on the rest.

Yesterday, I showed you the wall color in the bedroom

Today, I’m going to show you a few of the accessories I’ve gathered to complete the look! 

My sweet D did an ah-mazing job with the headboard.  You might remember we picked up several reclaimed mantle pieces for next to nothing.  Here are a few before pics to remind you of what they looked like.  Pretty, but not what I was after.

So D sanded, kilzed, glazed and rubbed until he ended up with this.


That D, he’s pretty handy to have around.  I think I’ll keep him. 

Sidenote: His best friend’s 9 year old daughter called me the other night to chat about their new house that is getting some fixing-upping before they move in to it, and she informed me what a lucky girl I am to have her Uncle D because if I ever have electrical problems, he’s already there with his truck to fix it for me (he’s a railroading man now, but was an electrician in a former life).  And that it’s a good thing too, because electricians cost, like, $50 to fix your stuff!  Hahaha!

Second sidenote during that same conversation: I sort of work in the medical field and a new piece of my job has included brief appearances on TV.  Of which, she watched one and informed me that Influenza was a really boring topic to talk about. 

Oh, from the mouths of babes…  ha!

But back to my bedroom.  We wired the room to allow us to hang two chandeliers on either side of the bed.  We considered going all old world crystal, because I love the mix of glam and frill with old and rustic, but decided to play it safe for now and I think I can maybe add my own baubles later if I decide I want them.

I have just a plain white down comforter now, but decided I wanted the bed to look extra super fluffy, and wanted some detailing on the comforter itself, so in addition to the down comfortor I plan on using, I went to Sears and brought this home for $101 on sale.  (Hey Sears, $101?  Really?  What happened to the good ol days of $99.99?)  D will hate the double comforter thing because he gets all hot and sweaty when he sleeps, but I think It will be so comfy.  And it will look awesome on those 7 days a year that I make the bed!

I’ve got my eye on this here bedskirt, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  Since we’re not going to be using our current bed frame, we will need to buy a new one and I’m not sure yet what height I need.  But I’m thinking the higher, the better!

I found it on

The last little detail I have so far is a couple of throw pillows I picked up at Walmart for like $15 each.


And now I’ve set my sights on a corner of the room that will need some filling upping. 



Linking up D’s headboard here



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Discussion (27 Comments)

  1. Ah! This is going to be such an amazing room. I can’t really tell – how close are you guys to moving in?

    • by Amy

      We are set to move in at the end of this month! 3 weeks! eeeek!!

  2. Loving all the details of your master! I can’t wait to see it all come together. It’s going to be such a sweet escape for you and D every night! :)

  3. That headboard is gorgeous! D did an awesome job (and I’m sure you did an awesome job supervising :) )

    Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  4. I love your inspiration picture. The bed looks so inviting. The perfect place to stay in bed all day or curl up with a good book. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

  5. I love the direction you are going! The headboard looks uh-MAZING! D did a wonderful job on it. I can see why you love the inspiration picture. Can’t wait to see it all finished! :)

  6. Love it! It’s going to be SO gorgeous by the time you guys get done! I pinned that ruffle bed skirt too! And I totally agree with you about the comforters and making it comfy, but Jesse gets hot too.

  7. The picture of the bedroom is drool-able! I’m totally into big comfy beds, too. I’ve been restraining buying any new bedding until my bedroom has (at least) walls! A friend of mine found a vintage crystal chandelier on craig’s list for pretty cheap. Just an idea if you’re looking for one!

    • by Amy

      Awesome! We keep an eye on Craigslist all the time because you just never know what you will find!

  8. You have the best taste Amy!! I love everything you have picked out. Ohh it’s going to be so beautiful!

  9. by Colleen

    Love, love, love the mantel/headboard!! I’m afraid that when I see it all done in person, I might accidentally fall into your bed and never get up! :)

  10. by Amanda

    The mantle looks great! That D, he really is good to have around. Me, I’m starting with a man who will save me from snakes and we’ll go from there. But, that’s a topic for another time (but, so far, James isn’t afraid of snakes or spiders…he just may be a keeper!). ha!

    I love your converation with the 9 year-old and I agree, $50 is a LOT of money. I’m so excited to see everything all finished and put in it’s final resting place. I would be willing to bet many items will not be in the same place two days in a row for a while. :)

    • by Amy

      I bet you are right! Hehe!! I’m looking forward to taking my time getting settled in, and I’m sure that will include changing things around a lot!

  11. That is going to look freaking fab! I really can’t wait to see it all put together. When do you move in girly?

    • by Amy

      We are set to move in at the end of the month. Yay!

  12. That bedskirt and the ruffled throw pillow are awesome! The bedskirt is something I would never think to pick, but I bet it’s going to look great!

  13. You beat me by 2 days on the bed making thing.


  14. So the other day I learned this really cool trick for finding the source of a photo. I wish I could remember which blog it was on so I could give them credit. I even tried doing a quick search but can’t find it. Anyway, if you go to Google Images there is a little camera icon in the search bar. If you click on it it lets you load a picture and it will search for places that image shows up. The file doesn’t even have to have the original name. However, it looks like that only works in Firefox and Google Chrome. I can’t seem to find the option in Internet Explorer.

    • by Amy

      Hey! I will check in to that. Thanks for the info!!

  15. Your bedroom is going to be beautiful. Love your inspiration picture!

  16. Oh boy. This is going to be good. I can already tell that I’m going to be in love with your headboard once it is in place.

  17. Amy,

    I have seen that picture before too. I love the idea of the two hanging chandeliers in lieu of bedside table lamps. I can’t wait to see your finished space.

    And “lol” on the black light fixture. I have the same one hanging in my kitchen :)

  18. It is coming together (on paper at least!) and I know it’ll be just STUNNING! Come on move-in day, hurry up!

  19. love what you guys did with that mantle! And I might just have to get one of those purple pillows for myself… to cute!

  20. AMAZING!
    You guys are awesome.

  21. [...] just for fun, I had D hold up the headboard he made so I could ogle his bum get a feel for where we’ll want it to hang in relation to the [...]

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