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Monday Quickie

March 12, 2012 - Author: Amy - 44 Comments

I took some really nice pictures of all the progress at the house.  Then I didn’t upload them.  :(

So I’m going to really quickly show you the pendant lights D has been working on for the kitchen.  You can find these old rail road glass insulaters all over the place.  I’ve seen them priced anywhere from $1.50 to $9.

  And you can find mini-pendant light kits at any of your basic home improvement stores.  We got ours at Menards on sale for $8. 

When you drill through them, the trick is to keep them full of water, or so D instructed Junior.  (look at that double chin and little tummy!  Tee hee!!)

And since D asks that I anonymouize (totally a word) him on here, sometimes I have to get creative when he’s the one doing the project, ie: the one in the pictures.

Captain Redbeard with molester sunglasses shows Junior how it takes a little pressure on your part, or else it won’t drill all the way through.

Rocket Man wants you to be aware of breast cancer AND cutting a clean hole.

Then you get out your handy dandy buffer, make those babies shine, and simply follow the directions on the kit. 



We will have five of these hanging in the kitchen, three turquoise and two white.  And only spent about $60 total.

Not bad, not bad a’tall!

Anyone else create your own lighting?  Do tell!


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Categories: D (Also known as Tex and Hubbylovepunkinpants), Home Goods, Junior - Tag: ,

Discussion (44 Comments)

  1. I loooove them!!!!! And that little junior is so cute :).

  2. The glass pendants make me think of my grandpa, although I’m not completely sure why.

    The pendants are looking great! Can’t wait to see them hung.

    I find D intriguing because of his anonymity. Maybe it’s the crown.

    • by Amy

      They make me think of my grandpa too! But he worked for the railroad, so that makes sense. ;)

      It must be the crown! hahaha!

  3. Cool! i didn’t think they were actually that mini size when I saw the larger picture. Baby bellies rule!

  4. by Erin

    Oh my goodness… you are too funny! D totally appreciates all the work you do to keep him anonymous, right?

    Junior’s tummy is super nommable. I want to play belly eating monster with him! I love that you can draw our babies using a series of only circles! Baby chub is the best. :)

    Good job on those lights, D!

    • by Amy

      I’m not sure he’s seen the pink sunglasses yet, but beggers can’t be choosers, right??

      A series of circles!! lololol… you’re so right!

  5. “Rocket man wants you to be aware of breast cancer and cutting a clean hole.” bwahahahaha Amy you crack me up!

    The mini-pendants look great!

  6. I love how D can do all things with Jr. on one arm. And look at those cheeks! Sooo cute. ;)

  7. Does D know how much fun you are having at his expense?!


    Love the lights too. And the little man’s squishies!



  8. Awesome find! We always wondered how to put a hole in glass- seems like a trick that comes in handy every once in a while. Next time you should mess with the tats…maybe a buffalo and make him your blog mascot. LOL

    • by Amy

      That’s a great idea, Whitney!

  9. Love these lights! I was at an antique market a few weeks ago and they had some of these insulators. I definitely thought of you!

    Love D’s disguise. Very tricky. It’s also wonderful that he is such an advocate for breast cancer. Well done! ;)

  10. Your disguises for D crack me up.
    I love glass insulators! Unfortunately everyone around here likes to think they are worth a fortune for some reason so I haven’t been able to buy any. Yet. I never would have though of turning the insulators into pendants. They look awesome!

    • by Amy

      Wow, that’s nuts! They seem to be everywhere around here. Maybe I’ll have to ship you a few!

  11. I love those lights! They are going to look so awesome! And I love D’s beards! Too funny! :)

  12. These are so great…I’ve never even heard of them. What a neat idea.

    And your son is seriously the cutest!

  13. So pretty!! I’m dying to see the progress on the house!! Junior is adorable, and I’m glad D supports breast cancer ;)

  14. ** breast cancer AWARENESS haha, can’t forget that part!

    • by Amy

      LOL! That made me laugh out loud!

  15. I like those a lot. I saw some for sale here locally and I thought about purchasing them, he wanted 20 bucks for a box of 40 different ones. But I have no idea what I’d do with that many!

    ps that boy of yours is the cutest little chubs i’ve ever seen!

    pps I mean JR not your hubs!!

    • by Amy

      Hahahah!! That’s funny. Yeah, 40 is a lot of them. We have a box full too – no idea what we’ll do with the rest.

  16. haha love the disguises! And the pendants are pretty ingenious, too. ;) What a sweet little baby you have there. :)

  17. Yeah that totally made me giggle. D’s a sport but I truly do love the disguises. So much fun! Love you pendants too. Can’t wait to seee them in the finished product.

  18. I love your lights and your photoshopping skills. They always make me laugh.
    I made a lamp back in college when I took a lighting design class. When I designed it I planned to use it in a little girls room. Now, it sits on top of Noah’s bookcase!

  19. They look amazing and your Junior is absolutely adorable!!

  20. by sharon

    You go Son! I’d recognize that face any where! Sp proud

  21. I love the disguises! Too funny. And all those lights for $60?! You guys did GOOD!

  22. I love this! I adore glass insulators, but somehow have not purchased a single one.

  23. love the turquoise! those glasses and crown fit him perfectly :)

  24. That’s awesome! You make things that look complicated and difficult seems easy. Those are going to look great!

  25. These look amazing! You guys are so creative!

  26. So pretty! I love that blue-y color. Nothing better than a baby tummy, sometimes I dress my baby (4 months) in a 2 piece outfit just to see that sliver of tummy peeking out:)

    • by Amy

      I totally understand! They’re so nommable!

  27. That is so creative! I bet they are going to look gorgeous in there. And you know, I loveee me some turquoise haha!

    PS-the pics of D and Junior are too cute. I love the Daddy/baby DIY tutorial. :)

  28. Do they put out enough light, that kit? And who is that a crotch shot of in the background?


  29. Great lighting! Also, I love your disguises!!! Are you using photoshop for that? So hilarious!

  30. Anonymous or not, this is a fantastic project. Love how you completely repurposed those railroad thingies.

  31. how cute is your little guy!! that belly is adorable. i can’t believe these awesome lights! and the price is unbeatable!

  32. by Kenz

    I love love love love love love love LOVE this idea! Totally stealing it ;)

  33. These rule! We have some sitting around, thanks for making my head wander at the possibilities.. I want some of these!

  34. [...] glass insulater pendant lights that D made are hanging in the [...]

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