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Friday Faves

April 6, 2012 - Author: Amy - 20 Comments

Since I don’t really have anything exciting to report on the home front… I’m back with another edition of Friday Favorites!

Please, hold your applause until the end of the post.

I found this on Pinterest.

You can find it here.

I grew up right across the street from my grandparents, who I love(d) with my whole heart.  They had an old white farm house on what used to be Kimbal dairy farm, and as an interesting-only-to-me side note, our street was named Kimbal, courtesy of that dairy.  Though their house was in considerably better shape than this one, I can’t look at anything resembling it without thinking of them and getting warm fuzzies.  Plus, this just looks like rural Kansas.  I want to buy it as a weekender and fill it up with old quilts and milk glass.

Planting stuff in things.


We have one front and two back decks/patios/porches.  What is the difference, exactly?  Anyway, two of them are covered, one is not.  The one that is not needs a hot tub, methinks.  The others, I want to fill with adirondacks and stuff planted in things.  Doesn’t it just feel so homey?

This little gingham neck tie.

Because Junior will be wearing it on Easter Sunday.

This is what he wore last year, for his first Easter:

And not to be out done, even by himself, he wants to spiff up this year too.  I’ll share pictures on Monday.  :)

Happy Easter to everyone!  Big plans?



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Discussion (20 Comments)

  1. Love everything in this post.

    Junior’s Easter picture made me chuckle from the cuteness. Love the little vest!

  2. Happy Easter. That tie is snazzy!!!

    I think you need a hot tub too. We’ll be heading north to my parents for the Adult basket hunt (I blogged about it today) we will also be spending the evenings in my parents hot tub. With wine.

    Out in the country, under the stars. Hot tub = must. The best is during a snow fall, or a light rain. Oh it’s just amazing!! Get one!

  3. He’s a mini-D instead of a mini me.

    I refer to our deck as a deck because it is raised and made of wood. I refer to our cement area as the patio because that’s what everything was in California, back then no one had “decks”. My porch is on the front of my house however if I didn’t have a deck off a back door, and a patio off another door, I might consider referring to them as back porches. I know, none of that helps huh?


    • by Amy

      Ha! Thanks for clarifying. ;)

  4. Awww… Junior is going to look so handsome!

  5. I can’t stand how cute Junior is in that picture! I can’t wait to see him sporting the new tie this year.

    Happy Easterrrrrr! :)

  6. Happy Easter to you and your family! I love the picture of the old farmhouse.

  7. Happy easter! I love that pic of your little guy last year. So sweet!

  8. Love the picture, love the planting stuff in things and how cute is your little guy?

    • by Amy

      Thanks Vinnie! And thanks for stopping by.

  9. I bought the same tie for Silas for Easter!! It was too stinkin’ cute. Hope you are doing great and have a wonderful Easter!!

    • by Amy

      Oh how fun! You’ll have to post pictures!

  10. Ooooooooh I love that tie!!!!

  11. Babies in ties? Cutest things e-v-e-r. Honestly, what could be better than little preppy boys running around in spring colors?


  12. Soooooo cute! He looks like a little man.

  13. Aww little Junior makes me smile! I can’t wait to see these pics of him!

  14. “stuff planted in things” haha love it! Hope you all had a great Easter!

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