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Just For Fun

April 10, 2012 - Author: Amy - 27 Comments

You called this meeting.  What do you want?

All right.  You’ve got my attention.

A stick?  You brought me here to see a stick?

Hold the phone.  Are you blowing on that?

Oh snap!

What kind of sorcery is this?!


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Categories: Junior

Discussion (27 Comments)

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHAH!! Such great inner commentary. He’s such a little genius, I swear.

  2. Ahahaha! This post made my morning.

  3. Soooo funny!!!!! His excited face is super awesome. Love this kid!

  4. by Erin

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (chokes to death on laughter)

  5. LOL! That’s very cute! I still feel that way about bubbles and make those faces too ; )

  6. So cute!! I’m a bad day and you just totally make it better!

  7. Yep, bubbles are pretty awesome! We have a whole box of bubbles, bubble guns, bubble wands, sprayers, and every possible bubble accessory. Now I can just send the four year old outside with them and she can blow for the two year old. I can’t wait to show our baby, Im taking your advice and capturing it in photos.

    Thanks Amy!


  8. by Colleen

    I love these!

  9. Now this just makes me smile. He is so stinkin’ cute it’s unbearable … just think of all of the fun things you’ll get to show him for the first time. Awesome. :)

  10. Sweet!!! Can’t believe how cute he is.

  11. How adorable! I still love blowing bubbles! The joy never goes away.


  13. Could he be any cuter?!

  14. Awww! He’s so precious! :)

  15. SOOOO CUUUUUTE. Get this cuteness off the internet before my computer explodes.

  16. hahahaha!! he is so expressive!! not to mention completely adorable :)!!

  17. LOL what a hilarious & super cute post. Those chubby cheeks get me every time!

  18. Hahaha! So cuuute!!

  19. Holy cuteness! I had bubble fun with the nieces and nephew this week-end. Fun times!

  20. Ah, the simple things in life! So precious.

  21. So adorable! I love the second-to-last one, where he’s like “whooooaaaa!”

  22. I LUV your narration. Ha ha! You’re my kind of lady. And that baby of yours is MUNCHY!!!!!!!

  23. hahaha! Your captions are fantastic :) This makes me want to go get some bubbles for Hayden…

  24. Oh that is so cute. I love your narrating! lol. hilarious


  25. I adore this!

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