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So close…

April 16, 2012 - Author: Amy - 42 Comments

…But not quite there.

However, we got some important steps accomplished in the past week.

Carpet was installed.

Junior’s room.

Guest room.

The same color went in the master bedroom, but I neglected to take a picture of that.

Our sinks and counter tops arrived and were installed.

Again, I neglected to take a picture in the master, but it’s pretty similar.

When we decided to build and were talking about what was important to us, D wanted a big shower, and I wanted a big tub!

D’s big shower got tiled.

Yes, he’s spoiled and got two shower heads.

However, I think that maybe me and my big bath tub are slightly more spoiled.  ;)


That’s them fitting the tub or whatever.  D found some soapstone (a lot of soapstone, actually) on Craigslist for $65.  That stuff is unbelievably heavy and runs around the edge of the tub.

And perhaps the most important addition of the week?


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Categories: Home Building

Discussion (42 Comments)

  1. when can i come over and take a bath? for real…. salivating.

  2. I am loving everything! I seriously cannot wait for a full house tour!

  3. I’m still swooning over that tub! Everything looks amazing so far. I love that the trim is black – It’s very cool!

  4. by BrendaK

    It looks awesome!! I’m with Brandi, can’t wait for the full house tour! :)

    • by Amy

      Thanks! I can’t wait to be able to give you one either. ;)

  5. It is looking great! I love the shallow sinks and the stone around the tub. That was an incredible deal that really adds a ton of character to your master bath.

    • by Amy

      We have gotten so lucky with Craigslist! Thank you. :)

  6. I’m so jealous – love, love, love that tub!! Sure beats my little tub. But I’m not moving it because it’s cast iron from 1935 and weighs about 1000 pounds.

    It’s looking terrific, Amy. Can’t wait for the tour!!!

    • by Amy

      We had to yank a cast iron tub out of our last house. Unbelievably heavy!!!

  7. I think my favourite part of your whole house is that tub! It’s unreal. And is that a stained glass window!?

  8. by Erin

    YAY! That tub is PHENOMENAL! Do you rent it out on the weekends? :)

    • by Amy

      You can come for free, just cause I like ya. ;)

  9. ADORE your tub area. It’s gorgeous! I love what looks like a corbel and arch detail over the opening too- great detail! Can’t wait to see it all finished!!!

  10. Wow! The house is coming along quite nicely. I love the black trim!

  11. So glad the throne has arrived.


  12. I was just wondering about the progress of your house the other day! It’s coming along beautifully! I especially love that tub!

  13. Looking good! I could positively drown in that tub! In a good way of course.

  14. I love the black trim…it’s very sexaayy!! And your tub, I’m so flippin jealous :)

  15. Oh my word, what a lovely bathroom! That tub is to.die.for. Seriously, I’m in love!

  16. Are you sure you haven’t slowed it down a bit cuz mom cooks all those delicious meals …

    … and does your laundry … and leaves chocolates on your pillows are night?



  17. Ooooh you must be getting so anxious! Do you and your husband each get your own bathroom?? If I’m reading this correctly, I’ll come visit after Cassie’s done.

  18. by Kenz

    you’re so cute! And if you ever need a house sitter, please let me know ;)

  19. The tub surround and enclosure is so rustic and modern at the same time. Looks like a good place to hang out with a glass of wine :)

    • by Amy

      I like the way you think!

  20. I know it will be so fabulous when you are done! I can’t wait to see it all.


  21. the window in your guest room is amazing…seriously!

    and that tub? incredible. i bet you can’t wait to have the first relaxing soak…might i add that those soapstone edges are perfect for a wine glass rest!

    • by Amy

      I like the way you think, too!! This tub might turn me in to a bit of a lush..

  22. Ooooh that TUB! I would never leave it, ever. Can you arrange for some sort of food chute connected to the kitchen? :)

  23. That’s so exciting! It’s looking amazing already! That tub is killer.

  24. YAhooo! You’re inching towards the finish line. The toilet made me the happiest to see bc it is tres annoying not having one at the house when you’re there doing work (spoken from experience…)!

  25. YAY for big tubs and two shower heads. Exactly what our bathroom wishes are! You guys are really getting close! I love that soapstone too.

    who am i kidding? i love all of it!

  26. Looking good! I love that dark trim in the bedrooms! I can’t wait to see everything come together. So exciting!

  27. Ummmmm, is it weird that I want to come over and take a dip in your tub?? It’s amazing!!!

  28. Ummm, you’re totally going to have line outside your bathroom for that tub. :) And I absolutely LOVE the windows in the guest room.

  29. I love the giant window in the guest room, of course your tub (which is begging for bubbles and candles and maybe even a glass of wine), and of course, the toilet is pretty important too:)


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