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cool ceiling lights

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You Light Up My Life

April 24, 2012 - Author: Amy - 43 Comments

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had a fun outdoor surprise to show you.  But then the boys worked late last night and it turns out I have all sorts of fun things to show you!

Bob the Builder gets 100% credit for this detail, because neither one of us would have ever thought about it or known how to get our paws on it.  But Bob thought we might like a light in the front of the house, so he got a salvaged light pole and globe from a bridge in my hometown.



I wasn’t able to be there to watch it go up, but it looks like it involved some pretty heavy lifting.

That’s Bob the Builder there on the left.  And my D.  Using his muscles.  Rarr.

You know what I just realized I don’t know?  How he gets the globe up there.. We’ve got it in a box in the basement and it’s big!  Hmm..

And while we’re on the subject of lights – we’ve got some inside now!

The glass insulater pendant lights that D made are hanging in the kitchen.

The Edison light I was debating got purchased and installed in the dining area.

We think we eventually want to get an antler chandelier for the living area, but hadn’t gotten around to that yet, so Bob was good enough to get this one for us.  I like it.  Even though we apparently only had one light bulb on hand?  Hehe..

The stairway leading to the basement is illuminated now, so I shouldn’t fall down the stairs.

And remember the lanterns D turned into lights?


And guess what else? 

They were very busy boys!  And I am one very excited girl!

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Categories: Home Building, Home Goods

Discussion (43 Comments)

  1. Let there be LIGHT! They all look fantabulous! And appliances too?! It’s like friggin Christmas!

  2. by Barb

    Beautimous!!! I can’t wait to come bake in “my” new double ovens ;P

  3. Holy busy! That salvaged light for outside is amazing.

  4. Ahhhh! I love ALL of your light choices! They look so good! :D

  5. The salvaged light is a perfect fit for the rustic-industrial overtones you’ve got at play throughout the house, also it’s semi-whimsical but all kinds of awesome. :D

    • by Amy

      Thanks Martina – we are thrilled to have it!

  6. That ceiling and those lights are amazing!

  7. by Erin

    Simply marvelous! Everything is coming together so nicely!

  8. I love your ceilings!

  9. So many exciting things! The pendants turned out great. Love all of the lighting choices. Can’t wait to see the outside light with the globe!

  10. Wow- so many exciting things at once!!

    First off- that’s an amazing outdoor light find and it has ties to your hometown which is very cool.

    Your ceilings are unreal! Seriously gorgeous!

  11. I am seriously crushing hard on your home. I love all of these little details!

  12. Wow!!! SO much improvement! I love all the light fixtures, very cool.

  13. I love the idea of a light pole at the front of the house. Your home is going to have so much character… it really is a beautiful custom home. I know you must be super excited… every morning there are new surprises.

    • by Amy

      Thanks Krystle, we really are!

  14. Those boys you got workin for you are hooking you up!!! I love it!

  15. I have to admit, based on the title I thought this post was going to be about me, but a post about lights works too. ;) Now I need a reclaimed town light pole.

  16. I love the light pole in the front of the house! And the insulator lights… and the lantern lights.. heck, I love them all.

  17. Wow so many exciting things happening!! All of the lights look awesome. Also, an antlers chandelier would look SO. GOOD.

  18. Woot woot! The finishing touches are friggin’ phenom! I love the charm of the new light post and all of your lighting is amazing! Way to go boys! :)

  19. that pole is awesome and how cool that it was salvaged!

  20. I noticed you said now you won’t fall down the stairs with lights, not now I can cook and wash dishes since I have lights. Is that some sort of a subliminal thing?


  21. by Angie Essman

    Yeah, we will be drinking out of clean wine glasses when we fall off those bar stools and thanks to the stoves we will be able to cook frozen pizza too!

    • by Amy

      Baha! Sounds like one heck of a night!

  22. OK…i don’t even know what awesomeness to comment on first?!?! #1- those beams in your ceiling and all of your ceilings in general are amazing. i was so blown away by all of the cool details that i hadn’t noticed before that i almost forgot the beautiful lighting you were highlighting! #2- how cool is that lamp post? i can’t wait to see it lit up! #3- appliances!!! YAY!!!!

  23. Wow – busy, busy and so talented!! I love the lamppost outside the house. Guess you have to climb the pole to put up the globe.

  24. Ok seriously, how did he snag that light pole? That is uber sweeeeeet!

  25. So exciting!
    The lighting looks fantastic and your light post is about the coolest thing I think I’ve ever seen!

  26. Love all your lighting – the post is amazing and the edison light is my favorite! Lookin good!

  27. I like everything you’ve done with this house. everything.

  28. You must be soooo excited. Loads of character with the salvaged pole, the warm ceiling and the great interior lights…all looks amazing!!

  29. Your house is amazing! The lighting is so romantic, warm and cozy!! Great choices!

  30. Woah check out those wood beam ceilings…love!
    Everything looks AWESOME Amy ,you lucky gal you :)

    • by Amy

      Thanks Mandy – We’re pretty excited!

  31. Ooooh! This Bob the Builder you have sounds like a pretty excellent builder! I can’t wait to see this outdoor light all finished!

  32. WOWOW I love all of it!! I just showed adam your lighting and he is loving it also!!

  33. Ooooo, shiny appliances!!

    I love your lighting choices. A light in the front yard is smart!

  34. The lights are lookin good! I really like the tall outside light, curious to see what actually goes on top. Hooray for appliances, you are getting so close!

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