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Pass It On

April 27, 2012 - Author: Amy - 40 Comments

When Karianne at Thistlewood Farms approached me about participating in the Pass It On Project, I didn’t hesitate for two reasons.  One, because it’s Karianne.  And two, because couldn’t we all use a little extra joy in our lives?  It is a great idea and one I was thrilled to be a part of.

How it works is simple.  She sends me two handmade items.  One is mine to keep, the other is for me to pass along to someone who could use a little joy in their day.  Then I make two items to send to another bloggy buddy, who repeats the trend.  And before we know it, we’ve spread all kinds of joy around!

I was selfishly looking forward to getting something, anything made by Karianne’s hands, because she is like King Midas when it comes to making beautiful things.  And I started to mentally comb through the people in my life to decide who might benefit most from her thoughtful gift.  Someone I work with?  A good friend?  The stranger in the street that just dropped her purse in that puddle? 

This was about a month ago.

Since then, and without going into any specifics, we have had a pretty rough time.  It has without question been the most stressful, worrysome, and maddening few weeks I’ve ever experienced.  Bad news piled on top of terrible news, then got buried under worse news.  And it gets hard to keep your chin up, sometimes.

Yesterday, amazingly, brought with it another layer of anxiety and by the time I got home all I wanted to do was sit down for a nice, long, self-indulgent cry.

But then I saw that a package had arrived with my name on it.  A package from Thistlewood Farm.

 A beautiful package with a thank you card.  A card thanking me for my humor and inspiration.  Then I opened it.

 And wanted to cry for an entirely different reason.  It was beautiful, and her thoughtfulness in using my blog’s tag line just humbled me.

A month ago, when I said I’d like to participate, I hadn’t anticipated that I’d be the one who so desperately needed a little joy sent their way.

Karianne, sincerely, thank you.

I opened the second item and it immediately became clear who I wanted to give it to.

 Life is a series of moments called now.

A month ago, we moved in to my parent’s master bedroom.  Since then, we have eaten their food, showered with their water, and watched TV using their electricity.  And they refuse to let us give anything back to them.  They don’t want us to do anything, they don’t want any money.. they even fight me when I try to pay for groceries… groceries I’m planning on eating.  When we leave the house, we come back to clean laundry, a made bed, and yes… mints on our pillows.

We’ll never be able to repay them, even though repayment is something that would never flit across their minds.

So with tears brimming, I scrawled “thank you for being you” and presented my mom with Karianne’s beautiful work.

I think that in the future when we come over to visit, I’ll see that hanging on their wall and remember the month we were there… all these “nows” that will soon become memories.  And I’ll be reminded that even though hard times are bound to plague us all, D and I are still blessed beyond measure, and that’s what is important to remember.

Michelle and Whitney – I’m working on your gifts now.  Apologies in advance that they won’t be as nice as the one I got.  ;)

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Discussion (40 Comments)

  1. This made me tear up. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough month girl. Keep your head up and remember you’re surrounded by people who love you! (i.e. mints on the pillow?!!!) and Karianne’s gifts are beautiful! Don’t be silly…anything you make will be awesome!..I mean look at that house you’re building ;) I’m just excited you thought of me!!

    • by Amy

      Thanks Whitney – but really, don’t get your hopes up too high. ;) heheheee..

  2. Oh my gosh… how lovely! This is awesome!

  3. How sweet!! We lived with our in-laws while building our house. They were the same way. Minus the mints.

  4. Oh, it makes my heart hurt to hear that you’re having a rough go of things.

    I hope things turn around for you guys soon!

  5. by Barb

    Thank you so much Sissy. I love my gift!! And, I love our time together. These tough times are showing us just how strong you and D are. It IS going to get better and you’ll be in your beautiful home very soon. Hang in there. Love you to pieces <3 ( I will miss you, even though you'll only be 8 miles away)

    • by Amy

      “I’m worried you’ll get lost.” hahahahahahaa…

      • by Barb

        Whaaaat?? I’ve got that path down pat! I did however get a little bit lost in the parking garage at lunch, teehee

  6. When I first found your blog I was so pumped because your photos looked a lot like mine, in the “this will be a house…someday” sort of way, which encouraged me. That said, it’s been super stressful (time/money/etc) and you can end up feeling really out of control of the whole situation (and utterly stuck, bc you have no choice but to keep going). I don’t know if you’re knotted up about the house progress, or other things in life, but I’m giving you a virtual shoulder! And when your house is done, and I’ve moved into mine, I am so giving us a toast (and the mens too)!!

    • by Amy

      Thanks so much, Rachel! It’s a whole mess of things all rolled up into one miserable burrito. But they’re bound to turn around soon. Thanks for the virtual shoulder!

  7. Okay wiping tears away, I’m giving you a virtual hug right now :) What a lovely gift Karianne did, she always does such amazing things. Mandy

    • by Amy

      She does. She is really and truly amazing. Thanks for the virtual hug!

  8. So sorry to hear you’ve been going through a rough time! It always seems to come in waves unfortunately. You have such a great outlook on life and time though and I really admire that about you. I enjoy reading your posts because of it.

    Things will get better! Have a great weekend and thanks for the reminder to enjoy the moment and remember we are truly blessed!

    • by Amy

      What a really nice thing to say. Thank you, I appreciate it. :)

  9. I can’t imagine how rough this time must be for you, but hang in there! You’ll get through it! And your gifts from Karianne are both beautiful!

    • by Amy

      Thank you Ashley! I feel very lucky to be on the receiving end of this one!

  10. Oh Amy, I never knew. You have been so positive during this whole time of being uprooted. I hope whatever it is will pass soon and that you and your beautiful family will be in your new home soon.

    • by Amy

      Thanks Heather, appreciate it. :)

  11. How wonderful! And Karianne IS the best!

  12. Amy- that is so sweet. Your parents did a wonderful job raising you, it shines through in everything you do and say, and in how you are raising that adorabe little man:)

    Isn’t it amazing what life can throw at you and you still survive and keep moving? Forward or backwards, we keep on going. Having built a house myself, I know, it can be ridiculous at times, make you weep, make you feel like a giant weight is on your heart. But then, in the end, I’ve whitewashed those 4 long years and I’m just living in the moment, in the house, with my sweet little ones.

    We (your blogging and real friends) are here. Let me know if you want any house-building-specific advice:)


    • by Amy

      What a nice compliment, Jessica. Thank you!

  13. Well sheesh, your post made me cry. Just something about daughters who love their mothers always chokes me up.


  14. KariAnne is amazing, and just to make you feel better, I got teary when my gift arrived, too. :) Let’s hear it for a good cry and good friends.
    xo Heidi

  15. Okay, you have me crying here. Seriously, crying out loud! What a wonderful post and what a wonderful gift (Kari rocks!) and your mom? She goes down in the Mom Hall of Fame! I think she and I can be BFFs …



  16. That is so awesome, almost brought ME to tears too! Wow. Karianne is seriously awesome. And so is your mom! Does she really put mints on your pillows? really???

    I bet the gifts your making are going to be great and will bless others immensely :)

    You are such an inspiration Amy!


    p.s. I totally laughed out loud at what D wrote about the wine rack!! ;)

    • by Amy

      Yep, really! She’s pretty great. :) Thanks, Lisha.

  17. Beautiful post! Karianne is brilliant, and I love that it came at the perfect time for you.

  18. Amy! This is so wonderful. Not that you are going through such a difficult time. But that this pass it on project came to you at just the right time. That really is the whole idea of the project … a simple little act of kindness to brighten someone’s day and let them know they are thought of fondly. Your mom is such a great recipient for your second canvas. I am so honored that your participating in the Pass It On project. :)

    • by Amy

      Thank you for the brilliant idea! There has been all sorts of bloggy joy spread around thanks to you!

  19. Sweet wonderful Amy,

    I am sitting here typing this with tears welling in my eyes.

    You are going to make it.

    You have an incredible mother and a wonderful family. And when you are in your beautiful home with your gorgeous details all this will pass. Thank you so much for your incredibly sweet words and I am so glad that it arrived at the perfect time…(just like me….a little late, but with smile on my face)!


    • by Amy

      It could not have been more perfect. Thank you again. :)

  20. There’s a saying that I remind myself of whenever I go through a difficult time: The only way out of hell is through it. Sounds like you are doing just that with your chin held high. How lucky you are to appreciate the small joys in life and be able to pass them on!

    • by Amy

      Thanks Carrie – that’s a good reminder!

  21. What an absolutely amazing gift she gave to you! I love that is got to you right at the moment you needed it! :)

  22. What a great idea and that was such a thoughtful gift! I love your tag line and the way she used it was just beautiful.

  23. what a beautiful gift! you made me tear up just reading this :)

  24. Super amazing gift and even more amazing timing!!

    & Oh girl hugs to you because I know kind of how you are feeling with going through crappy times.
    Thank god for the people in our lives who love us and get us through it!!

  25. [...] I finally got around to completing my Pass it On project. [...]

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