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A Belated Birthday Party

April 30, 2012 - Author: Amy - 38 Comments

Junior turned a year old last month, but I’ve been stubbornly pushing his party back so that we could have it in the new house.  But after a month, we decided we should go ahead and celebrate now.  We’ll have plenty of birthdays to celebrate once we’re in, right?  Right!

I’d been postponing so wholeheartedly, that D and I hadn’t even gotten his gift yet!  So since he was spending the night with his grandparents on Friday, D and I took the opportunity to go out for dinner and then shop.

And after we accomplished that, D suggested we camp out at the new house.  Just me, him, and a bottle of red.  And why the heck not?  It’s not like we were in tornado warnings with sirens blaring. 

Oh wait, yes we were.

Regardless.  We went, we sat on what’s built of the back deck, we listened to our favorite Zakk Wylde songs, and we watched the lightening.  And it was heavenly.  I think we will be very happy there.  :)

And since my folks hadn’t done enough for us this past month, I talked them in to hosting Junior’s party, which we kept small with just immediate family attending.  Again, plenty of time for big parties later, right?  Right!

And since Mom hasn’t hardly lifted a finger to help us do anything lately, I demanded asked nicely if she would make Junior’s cake.

And Junior’s cake, she made!


 She even put his picture in the train!  He’s hauling logs, giant candy, and his favorite animals.  :)

 Love the marshmallow smoke!

His personalized tag.  (Our last name starts with “M”, handily enough.)

We got some nice family photos with our favorite little conductor.

All his grandparents and uncles spoiled him terribly.

This is what we got him.

He climbed right up, found the button, and zoomed away!  I’m afraid we’ve got a bit of a trickster rider..

And the best part of the day?  Eating all that delicious cake, of course!

It was a wonderful day.  So very thankful for our families, their generosity, and the time we got to spend with them.

Thanks for letting me brag.  I’ve decided we should have first birthday parties more often!

Right, Mom?

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Discussion (38 Comments)

  1. Awe so cute! Happy Birthday to Junior! :)

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend spent celebrating with your family :) Your mom did a fabulous job on your son’s cake!

  3. So so cute. What a fun idea for the birthday cake!

  4. You brag, girl. He’s so frigging cute!!

    And I’m so glad to hear that you and the hubby got to spend some quality time alone – it’s so stressful being out of your own home. It must have been perfect.

  5. YES! You should require that your mom throw one party a week while you’re still there. I mean she’d be missing out on the opportunity if she didn’t, right? Right! ;)
    That cake is awesome, and what a fun gift! Glad you had a happy day. :)

  6. Camping out in your new digs…LOVE!

    Anything and everything Junior’s birthday party…LOVE! It all came out so amazing! Your mom is super talented to come up with that cake!

    • by Amy

      Yay! I thought so too. Thanks!

  7. I’d brag too if I had a little man that cute!! Whoah that cake is amazing!!! Glad to hear you got to enjoy an evening to yourself! Happy birthday to Junior!

    • by Amy

      Thank you! It was really nice!!

  8. Amazing cake!! And your little man is just way too handsome. Happy birthday to him!

  9. I love the cake – it’s so cute!

  10. What a cute little party. That cake is Amazeballs too!!

  11. Glad to see D. got in the spirit of things and put on his party hat.


  12. Happy Birthday dear-in Junior!!! (A month lateeeeee) happy birthday to youuuu! Cake is absolutely awesome, Amy Mama! Such a happy day.

  13. Wow- that cake is phenomenal!! Your mom did fantastic! That must have taken forever! I love the photo addition. Very thoughtful.

    That gift is great too! He’s going to love that thing. I still remember the power wheel my brother got- it was well used!

    Happy birthday to Junior and glad you got some time with your man. It sounds like it was perfect!

    • by Amy

      Thanks Christine! It was a great weekend.

  14. That cake is SOOOO adorable, and so is your baby boy! Happy birthday to him!

  15. He is beyond precious! Love tagging along on your sweet life, Amy ~ thanks for sharing. :)
    xo Heidi

  16. Junior is a doll and that cake is fabulous!!

  17. That cake is adorable! Many more parties to come at your new house! :)

  18. Happy Birthday to Junior! He’s such a little cutie!! Your mom did a wonderful job on the cake!

  19. Adorable! And that cake is pretty awesome.

  20. omgosh how adorable is that conductor outfit? seriously cute!! and the cake is AMAZING! what a talented lady!!

  21. First, that sounds like my kind of date night! Minus the tornado sirens because I am CHICKEN!!

    Second that cake is super cute!

    Third, that last photo is the CUTEST! With him licking his chops lol

    Happy Belated birthday JR!

  22. by Barb

    Brag away!! He was a hoot! I was honored to do the cake and Fo Sho on more first birthdays :D

    • by Amy

      Thanks again – cannot tell you how much we appreciate it!

  23. Awww he is such a cutie pie. Happy birthday to your lil man. That cake looks sooo yummy, not a good thing seeing that I’m hungry and it’s past midnight :) Mandy

    • by Amy

      I know! I need to quit watching so much Food Network past bedtime. ;)

  24. That cake is so cute! And that co doctor outfit? Love that! I’m new to your blog, its great!

  25. That’s a cool cake! Awesome gift too!! Wish I had one of those!

    I like how you gave him his cake in just his diaper too. That was a smart idea. We practically had to hose our daughter off after we gave her the cake.

  26. How fun! That is one incredible cake lol – major props to your mom :)

    && a romantic night with the hubbs during a thunderstorm?? What could be better. Seriously!

  27. Adorable! Your mom is an incredibly talented woman, that cake is ah-mazing!

    We had our son’s 2nd birthday in our not-yet-done house. The upside was that we hung the pinata from the scaffolding on the deck and the construction paper on the floors meant I wasn’t worried about a mess:)


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