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(Re)Finishing Touches

May 3, 2012 - Author: Amy - 30 Comments

As of this week, we will be finishing the house on our own.

And by we, I mean D.  And our dads, and our neighbors, and some good friends.  Really and truly don’t know what we’d do without them.  D and my dad have been working at their jobs every day, then working on the house every night.  I stay home and wrangle Junior.  And it’s been hard.  But the end is in sight, and we’re just trying to make it to that finish line.

Last night I jumped at the chance to go to a movie with my pal Angie.  So while the boys worked, and Mom watched Junior, Angie and I watched Zac Efron and felt like dirty pedophiles.  When did we reach our 30′s, anyway?  Also, I feel like that movie is bringing back jorts.  (jeans + shorts = jorts)  And I need a pair.

But I might have just been feeling extra stylish and sassy because I was wearing this:

 Angie made this!  She’s made lots of cool jewelry, actually, and I’d been breaking whichever commandment that tells me not to covet over one of these for a long time.  Yes, those are washers.  No, you can’t have it.

While I alternately watched the movie and admired my new bracelet, dad sent me pictures of what they were doing at the house.  We really are very close.  We’ve got lots of small details to worry about, but the only two really big projects left (on the inside) are sanding and staining the wood floors, and finishing the fireplace.

Imagine with me limestone and black pillars.

Speaking of painting things black…

 Remember those?  They were salvaged out of a Kansas City country club and used to be a reddish color.  I think they’re stunning in black.  This set is between our bedroom and bathroom.  The other is in the living room off of the office.

We had lots of over spray on the walls from the trim being painted, so most of the walls need(ed) to be touched up.

Junior’s bathroom:

And with the center cabinet and mirrors, though they’re not hung yet.

 And our master mirrors.  The basement stayed so cold through our heatwave that it fogged them over.  Crazy!

Yep, those fixtures are chrome.  Nope, we won’t keep them.

I hate to trash brand new anythings though, so I’ve been looking into how to re-finish chrome fixtures.  It looks like it’s a possibility, though it might be a bit of a pain in the bottom.

D said this is how the scenario works in his mind: 

Amy: Gosh, it’s hard stripping this stupid chrome finish… ~wanders off~

D: ~finishes project~

He knows me so well. 

 So tell me – have any of you ever refinished chrome fixtures?  Is it worth it, or should we just Craigslist these and buy new ones?

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Discussion (30 Comments)

  1. I wish I found your blog when you were just starting out, so I could have followed along from the beginning. But the house looks amazing! We were going to originally build a house, but we just don’t have those kind of funds these days and land is super expensive around here.

    BTW – Love the bracelet & how was the movie? The Lucky One is my favorite book, but I haven’t seen the movie just yet.

    • by Amy

      It was great – I’d reccommend. :)

  2. This is looking splendiferous! I may be just a little envious of your property. I shall keep that to myself though.

    By the way, I have our plane tickets to head out to stalk Efron. It’s gonna be a great time and we’ll have a terrific jailhouse story to tell after we get arrested for stalking and pedophilia!

  3. Your house is looking amazing! Can’t wait to see that fireplace come together. Your master bathroom is gorgeous! I love how much storage you put into the cabinets in the bathrooms too- great idea!

    I think I would Craigslist the chrome fixtures and then put that money towards new ones. Refinishing them sounds time consuming and potentially frustrating. lol

  4. by Angie Essman

    Awe….thanks Doll! I’m so glad you like the bracelet! We are gonna need date nights more often…when does Magic Mike come out??? ;-)

    • This made me laugh! I went with a girlfriend to see The Lucky One and we are both so excited for Magic Mike! I came home and asked my husband how he felt about me going to see a movie about a male stripper, he wasn’t too amused lol.

  5. Oh, it looks great! I love all the space in your bathrooms and that your mirrors don’t run the full length of your vanities. Maybe I am just behind but I have noticed that in several baths lately… especially with the storage piece between the two sinks. It makes so much since and looks great. I am excited the end is in sight for you.

  6. Everything is coming along and looks so good! That fireplace is going to be a show-stopper when it’s finished!


    To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about black trim, but it seriously fits in with everything you have going on. I think it looks awesome. I can’t wait to see everything done-zo.

    I actually considered spray painting fixtures, but was afraid of how long it would last.

  8. So close, Amy, so close. And I’m with you about the whole watching Zac Efron romance movies. It gets even creepier in your 40′s … or when you’re watching Smash with your close to 15-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter and suddenly Debra M. is shirtless making out with the guy who is not her husband …

    And now from the woman who painted her sink, I say Craigslist those puppies. A while back I looked into refinishing my brassy door knobs in my home and the general consensus was don’t do it. Especially on doors that are used frequently because the faux finish will rub off and wear away and look crappy. I would also be concerned about the constant exposure to water too.

    Just my two cents!


  9. I say go for it re: the faucets.

    This post from Addicted to Decorating might help:

  10. ~wanders off~….I can relate. Usually I just say, “I’m about done with this…” meaning, “it’s your turn to takeover now” :) Amy your home is just so stunning!

  11. Ahhh! It’s looking so good Amy! I’m so excited for you guys! :)

  12. Sooooo exciting! So close you can taste it I’m sure. I’d totally craigs list the fixtures, such a high use fixture that seems you’d just end up needing to replace anyway. And those reclaimed doors look awesome in black!
    I totally want to see that movie, and I’m fully prepared to feel dirty! And I LOVE that bracelet. :)

  13. I’m too busy drooling over those lovely-in-black doors to answer your question about re-finishing chrome fixtures…


  14. I think D. will thank you if he has to refinish the chrome fixtures, as long as you tell him you bought a pair of jorts.


  15. Andy just caught me smiling over the top of my laptop at your conversation with D, but I will not be revealing to him WHY I was smiling, which is that that is exactly how we operate here too.

    Me: Can you help me figure out how to do this?
    Andy: Sure, what do you need?
    Me: (Disappears)

  16. Your home is coming together beautifully. Those black doors are… hot!

  17. by Barb

    Gorgeous! I love the black. My vote is sell and buy what you love. You(D) have enough on your plate. I suspect you will own a pair of jorts by tomorrow :)

  18. Glad to hear you had some much-needed girl time – nothing like a chick flick to put things in order.

    LOVE that your mirrors have fogged over – my basement was so cold yesterday that I had to put a sweater on and it was 85 upstairs. I REFUSE to put the air on in early May!!!

    Looks like you are getting closer to the end. Hang in there – you’ll be unpacking Junior’s toys before you know it.

  19. I say refinish! They could come out really cool. You could try, at least!

  20. Don’t feel dirty Zac Efron is a HOTTIEEEE. I dont care.

    Everything is looking gorgeous. I would put those faucets on craigslist baby, they will go like hotcakes at the right price.

    I want to tell you again how much I love your tub!! Perfect for sipping a glass of wine with a good book!

  21. “While I alternately watched the movie and admired my new bracelet”…hahaha. And I definitely sometimes whine until Rick just does something for me. Bad wife.

  22. ahhh love that bracelet! and i love all the little glimpses of your house. can’t wait to see the fireplace, it sounds amazing!

  23. Oh, so so so so so beautiful.
    I want a new house. I want to build a new house. I want to install those bathrooms in my new house. I should stop dreaming but I love your house!

  24. You are socloseIcantasteit! And making amazing progress as well. I’m loving the black doors in your bedroom, with the frosted (?) panels, then rock.


  25. Hmmm, Zac Efron – so wrong, yet so right! And I am hear to say Jorts should be buried and never unearthed again! They need to go the way of parachute pants!

    But that washer bracelet rocks – let’s bring that into vogue!

    You are almost at the finish line – I’m cheering for you! It’s like child birth: when it’s over, you forget all about the pain!

  26. Your house is stunning already! I can’t wait to see the finished product! And your bracelet is pretty awesome too!

  27. This post was in my Tidal widget today :)



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