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Boot Straps

May 7, 2012 - Author: Amy - 36 Comments

As of last Tuesday, Bob will no longer be working on our house. 

What exactly does that mean for us?  It just means we had to reach down and grab our boot straps.  We’re going to finish what we can ourselves.  D had been working on it night and day anyway.  Our parents have helped in more ways that we can explain, we lucked out with our new neighbor who has been lending a hand, and D called in his troop of buddies who are amazing and always so willing to help.

And as D patiently explained to me yet again, we are fully capable of handling this.  It will get done.. one way or another.

We’ve got 30 days to finish up.  So far, I’ve really just focused on what’s gotten done, and shared the pretty parts.  Here’s an honest look at what we’ve got left to do.


 If you should feel so inclined to leave a comment today, please let it be an encouraging one.  ;)

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Categories: Home Building

Discussion (36 Comments)

  1. You can do it!! Some of those tasks will take way less time than you think.

    Does the exterior stuff HAVE to be done in the 30 days, though? Or can you work on that stuff once the interior is done and you’ve moved in?

  2. You guys will get it all done! Don’t get stressed, everything always works out for the best.

  3. You will get it all done in time!! It seems many of those will only take a few hours to one day (max) each (at least, by what I can tell from the photos…)
    If you are really worried, just focus on the interior things that HAVE to be done to move in, then focus on the rest.

  4. You can do it! Just think of how rewarding it will be when you finish. Maybe you should print out some motivational sayings and tape them up so you will see them when you are finished. I might have missed why, but why do you have to be finished in 30 days.

  5. You can totally handle this. D seems to be incredibly handy and look at it like you now have complete control over how everything looks and gets finished.

  6. You two can totally do this. It’s not going to necessarily be easy or fun and I know you are both running on empty as is, but just keep your eye on the finished product and you should be so proud of what you two have personally put into this house. It will get better, you can do it :)

  7. by Becky Botter

    Amy just remember how your teaching your step at a time and don’t stress. God has a plan for your beautiful family

  8. by dad

    No worries babe, we are on it.

  9. I love how your Dad comments on your posts, it’s so cute. :)

    You’re really almost there, on the home stretch. You’ll be living in the house in no time :)

  10. You can do it! Your house is going to turn out beautifully (in fact, it already is!).

    PS – totally adorable to see you dad comment here

  11. Oh Amy! If you weren’t surrounded by such an awesome group of very helpful and very capable people I’d be worried. But one step at a time (literally with those stairs ;)) and you’ll get there. Nothing like this can ever go perfectly. Praying for your sanity. :) And once you’re settled I’m coming by with a huge basket of vintage treasures for you! So let that be your motivation. :)

  12. You can absolutely do this! All the bones are there and you will love it so much more when it’s done since you got down and dirty. Keep your head up!

  13. by Barb

    You guys are doing a tremendous job of holding yourselves together and gettin’ it done!! We’ll keep helping any way we can. Hang in there!! And the prayers keep going up :)…. Love you SO much, Mommers

  14. Aww that comment from your dad is so sweet. You guys will get this thing done! Try not to stress too much; I know it might be easier said than done but try to enjoy the progress and the teamwork that you and your family and friends are putting into this! One day very soon you’ll be relaxing with a glass of wine in your new jacuzzi…just keep that in mind! :)

  15. by Colleen

    I love you grrrfriend! **HUG**

  16. by BrendaK

    You’ve got this & it’s gonna ROCK when you’re done!! Deep breaths & soon you’ll be looking around in your new digs thinking “Yeah, WE did this!!” :)

  17. Love you and have no doubt that D., his gang of buddies, and your mom and dad WILL get it done in 30 days. I predict less.


  18. You can do it. D can do it. Your merry band of super handy neighbors and friends and family can do it!

    We’re all pulling for ya!



  19. Of course you can do it!!!!You’ve got a great group of supporters both real and virtual to get you through this.

  20. YOU CAN DO IT!! Just listen to D. He seems like a smart guy. :) And, it will all be worth all of the work in the end. Deep breaths, one step at a time and a few adult beverages every now and again should do the trick. :)

  21. by Karen Miner

    You are so very blessed with wonderful family & friends. They will make sure your in there in 30 days….besides your Dad and D are one it!!!

  22. You can do it! You guys have already done so much as far as helping goes! It’ll get done before you know it! :)

  23. Even though it feels so far away, you guys will be able to finish up and move in soon! Then, all the struggles and frustrations will seem like a distant memory.

    Keep your head up! I am praying for a speedy process for you guys! :)

  24. So 30 days from now? You’ll be shocked at what you’ve accomplished. And truly, it seems like your house is livable at this point, so anything that isn’t done can get finished when the time is right. You guys are going to KILL IT over the next month. I can feel it.

  25. Amy, you can totally do this! Anything outside is way lower priority, so don’t worry about landscaping and stuff like that. Do those stairs need carpet? Cuz carpet is like 1 day, maybe 2 for a whole house, you got it in the bag.

    Painting? You can do that when you are in as long as Junior’s room and yours are done.

    FP tiling? You could do it once you are in.

    Floor sanding and staining? We *did* that once we already lived there, just had to go to my mom’s for a night:)

    You’ve totally got this.


  26. dont worry gf you guys will get it done!!

    I would help and bring wine if I wasn’t how many states away?!

  27. just focus on one thing at a time….looking at everything at once will be overwhelming for ANYONE, never mind the awesome duo that you two are :)!

  28. Maybe it’s the Scout camp I’ve been at talking but all the hard work is so worth it! Keep the focus and in a year it’ll all feel like a distant memory! Good luck!

  29. I agree with all of the above comments! Everything will work out, you have such wonderful friends and family guiding you through this whole process and of course you have us to vent ;) Mandy

  30. I’m cheering for you – can you hear me?

    When you’re making breakfast in your fabulous new kitchen then watching a movie in your amazing new family room … you won’t even remember this!

  31. You guys will rock it out when the pressure is on! And hey, take it from a girl who is living on plywood floors – a house doesn’t have to be perfectly finished to be home.

  32. If anyone can do it, you guys can!

  33. by Nancerelli

    You are amazing, Amy and have amazing people around you. I have no doubt you will pull this off and it will be great!!! Praying for you!

  34. Amy,

    You can do it. One day you will be relaxing in that beautiful, beautiful living room and all this will be a distant memory.

    You are absolutely amazing, my friend.


  35. You guys got this. The house is going to be a beaut, even without Bob, because it’s YOUR dream. You guys have put so much into this house it can’t turn out any other way but amazing. It may not be happening the way you planned, but it’s happening either way and soon enough you guys will be moved in and filling it with love. Chin up sweet!

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