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Decks And Goats And Stuff

May 30, 2012 - Author: Amy - 31 Comments

D: Hey Nate.  I know we were going to pour a concrete patio off this here bedroom, but lookie what I found – more deck building material!  Whatcha say we build us another deck instead?

Nate: It’s 10:00 pm..  But that sounds like an awesome plan!

Me: Sweeeet!  If we have an elevated deck instead of just a patio, it’ll be the perfect height to sit a hot tub next to!


Nate: Measure once…

D: Cut twice.

Me: That doesn’t sound right…

D: Stand back.

Me: Could I interest you in some safety goggles?  Anyone?  No?

~Next Day~

FIL: Hey guys!  I brought my goat along to help.

Me: This goat has no ears.

Me: I shall call you Van Goat!  (Get it??  Like Van Gogh!  Because he cut off his ear!)  Bwahahaa… That’s clever right there!


Winnie: At first I wanted to eat Van Goat, but now we’re cool.  I’m thinking of buying her a matching skully bandana.

And the deck?

(Yes, that’s a fitted sheet!  Those doors lead to the master and a girl needs her beauty rest whilst the boys build her a deck..)

To be continued…

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Discussion (31 Comments)

  1. HA! Van Goat. Love it.
    And I love that they starting building a deck at 10 PM. That’s dedication.

  2. by Erin

    That goat has no ears because a you don’t eat a good helper goat all at once! ;)

    Van Goat. LOLZ!

    And another deck sounds AWESOME! I think your house needs, like, 10 decks! Every window gets its own deck!!

  3. by Angie Essman

    I love what you’ve done with the window treatments!

    • by Angie Essman

      Btw, you know I’m just giving you crap. It’s all coming together beautifully!

    • by Amy

      Bhahaah!! Yeah… I couldn’t hang for all the deck building, and those doors go to the bedroom! A fitted sheet was juuuust the trick. ;)

    • Bwaha! I just asked her if that was a fitted sheet on her beautiful French doors.

  4. Van Goat made me laugh but I’m also an art history geek. I can’t believe they started on the deck so late but it’s looking great so far! It’ll be so nice to have it there :)

  5. hahaha, i love your commentary.

  6. As if a goat just came to hang out for the day. That’s brilliant.

  7. I love your photo commentary and Van Goat was genius! I say you can never have too many decks so another one seems like a great idea! Oh and ps- your hot tub idea is a good one too.

  8. I think this may be your first “I live in the country” post. :) Goats. Ah, Amy…never thought I’d see the day. :)

    • by Amy

      Kevin said I can keep one of her babies!! I’m working on D… ;)

  9. If you kept one the baby goats then you wouldn’t have to worry about cutting the grass! Did the goat help out in any way or was he just there to provide moral support. He could have lent an ear… but he didn’t have one!

  10. Van Goat is awesome! I think you should keep her! Loving Winnie and Van Goat just chillin! Everything is looking great! Now get that last deck done.

  11. Van Goat made me laugh harder than it probably should have. You make me miss living out in the country!

  12. van goat is the best thing ever!!!!

  13. by Mommers

    I love goat’s name! And the window covering is actually a step up from the trash bags :) Loverly!

  14. Van Goat….gets me every time! I cracked up when I saw it on Instagram and it’s still as funny now.

    PS-totallyyyyyyy jealous of the walk-out deck from your master. Dreamyyyyy!

  15. Haha too funny. I want a goat now! Why didn’t he have ears? :(

  16. HAHAHA! You are too funny! The deck is going to be awesome!

    What happened to the goat’s ears?

  17. Haha. This post was hilarious. Van Goat. Very clever!

  18. haha too funny, I don’t know anyone who would tag along their goat at least you can now say that ;)

  19. I laughed.


  20. LOL that fitted sheet. You dork.

    AND YAY FOR HOT TUB OUTSIDE THE MASTER!! Tell D I vote for a yes on that one! Obviously, my vote counts.

  21. A puppy and a goat with no ears walk into a bar … lol

  22. Some of the best building projects are conceived in the dark. The deck looks like it’s going to be great! And yes, the goat definitely needs a skully bandana if he’s going to be part of the crew.

  23. OK, I’m officially one of your blog readers now. :-) Your house looks SO great!! And Van Goat is hilarious! LOL

  24. Van Goat is amazing. I really hope that is his new name!

  25. …and goat and puppy become best friends! And yes, a hot tub will be needed. I mean seriously, D is going to need one to relax in after all this work, right?!

  26. Van Goat needs to visit because we have Coco the goat in our town! He tried head butting my girls with his horns once!

    Hopefully Van Goat was up to the task of helping with the deck – otherwise I think he should be on the menu tonight!

  27. Van goat! BAHAHA. :) Tutorial on the DIY window treatments? No?

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