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June 8, 2012 - Author: Amy - 36 Comments

We hired out all the exterior mason work, but to save a little lot of dough, D decided to do the fireplace himself.

Even though he’d never done it before!

He started late on Saturday night with some pals for support.

(Gratuitous shot of D’s bum)

The hearth stone alone weighed 300 pounds.  Took three fellas to haul it in and place it.  Yeah, we need to reinforce the floors.

To me, this job looked a lot like playing tetris.

But it was much more involved and detailed than that.  We had a couple tons of locally quarried limestone stacked on a trailer in the front dirt patch yard and he had to measure and cut many of the pieces so they would fit in perfectly.

It was a tedious process.  I thank God my only job was occasionally providing refreshment.

I’d secretly been pouting that we hadn’t brought up the living room furniture yet.  But now I totally understand why D wanted to wait.  It was a slightly messy process.

It took two and a half days,

and involved a whole lotta dust,

But I think the end result was worth it.

Le sigh… le swoon…

Mad props to my main man, D!  I love this fireplace with my whole heart and am beyond impressed that he was able to pull this off with no prior experience.

Back off ladies!  ;)

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Categories: Home Building

Discussion (36 Comments)

  1. D needs to rub off on my boyfriend, asap. D has some serious skills!

    The fireplace looks lovely. :)

  2. Maaaad props! That looks totally professional for someone who has never done that type of work before! D’s got a lot to be proud of that he did himself in this house! Yourself too.

    • by Amy

      Thanks man! I was so impressed with him!

  3. The fireplace looks AMAZING!! D did a wonderful job, yet again. :)

  4. I love it!
    Looks great!!!!

  5. There are no words. Except awesome.

  6. Wow!! It looks fantastic!! I can’t believe he did that well having not done it before. You have yourself a serious catch there- he has some crazy skills!! Have a great weekend Amy!!

  7. The fireplace turned out beautifully! It’s going to look so cozy in there once you bring in that furniture. I have such serious house envy it’s insane.

  8. Holy heck, it looks aweseome. I love it when people bring local, natural elements into their home- so Kansas!

    • by Amy

      Thank you! That was the hope. :)

  9. by Mommers

    Super, Super Impressed! Although, I have been through this whole house building nightmare!! He just keeps showing off amazing skills. Gorgeous :)

  10. wow…this is amazing. seriously stunning!! can’t wait to see everything with your furniture set up!

  11. It looks amazing Amy! I’m swooning over here too!

  12. A young Brawn. Swoon.


  13. Wow! Echoing everyone else here, but D (and helpers) did an amazing job with this project. You have a beautiful house already, I can barely fathom how fantastic it will be when everything is done. :)

  14. Sooooooo worth it! D is so friggin’ handy, I love it! He did a fan-freakin-tastic job! {Now get shopping hehe.}

  15. AMAZING! It’s so beautiful! Are you going to add a mantle or leave it without one? Either way, it’s AWESOME!

  16. Can you believe how much they charge to do masonry? YIPES we will be DIY some of ours too. Hopefully my dad will help too.

    Looks beautiful, he did a great job. You will enjoy sitting around it for many years!

  17. It looks great!

    We are going to DIY all of our stonework too. I don’t even want to know how much it costs to have it hired out!

  18. What a beauty! Great job, D!

  19. by Debbie Morris

    He did an awesome job!!

  20. I get why you’re territorial – I may just have to steal him away (strictly for DIY purposes of course)!

    Looks amazing – can’t believe he’s never done that before!

    Let the furniture arranging fun begin!

  21. by Amanda Beach

    Amy! That looks great! It looks so cozy! I bet you can’t wait until winter to snuggle up next to the fire! Your house looks beautiful! Congrats!

  22. Amy,

    I saw on Twitter where the insurance had worked out okay! I was so happy for you! And your fireplace looks amazing!

    Have an awesome and blessed day!

  23. Your fireplace looks amazing! LOVE the stone! :-)

  24. Wait a minute. First you show off his adorable bum. Then you show off his amazing talent. And then you dare to tell us to back off?

    Tell D great job on that fireplace too …



  25. Gorgeous! Love, love, love it!

  26. GORGEOUS!! Gorgeous. And super impressive too. I like how they centered some of the stone and it doesn’t feel off-balance. Well done!

  27. Oh my god, it’s gorgeous. Totally worth the effort. Major props to your hubs for making it happen!

  28. Hooray! It looks incredible.

  29. GORGEOUS! Man, I wish I had a handy husband…

  30. it looks amazing! I’m so impressed with how good it looks and he’s never done that before!

  31. It’s beautiful! I can’t believe they were able to get that 300 lb hearth in place; wowza! Well done D =)

  32. Impressive…. I love it! Looks sooo beautiful Amy!

  33. What a beaut! Looks so good. Does this mean you can put furniture in now?! Woo hooooo!

  34. He did a wonderful job. Your house looks so cozy and inviting. I want to come over for coffee and curl up in your living room with a good book!

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