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The Best $15 I’ve Ever Spent

June 27, 2012 - Author: Amy - 27 Comments

We were so anxious to get moved into the house that we sort of neglected a few key items.  Namely, window coverings.  It wasn’t a big deal for most of the house since we don’t have any neighbors to spy on us but it was an issue in one area – Junior’s room. 

We try to have him in bed around 8:00, but it doesn’t get dark until closer to 9:00 and getting him to fall asleep while it’s still light out is like getting me to do cardio.  Ain’t gonna happen.

I realized our boo-boo the first night we stayed there.  We didn’t want to be nailing sheets into our brand new frames so I did the only other sensible thing.  I covered them with trash bags.

Oh, that Amy!  She expects us to believe she taped trash bags up in her windows!


I’ve been very wishy-washy about how I want to treat his windows, so the poor thing has lived like this for the past 6 weeks.  Mother/decorater of the year over here.

Anyway, as I was strolling through Walmart the other day, three little words caught my eye.

I stopped dead in my tracks.  Could this be the answer to my prayers?  $5 blinds from Walmart?  Surely not.  But I decided that $15 was worth a try so I took them home.  D installed them and the process could not have been easier. 

They are papery, so you just measure the width you need and cut off any excess.

These don’t screw in.  They stick in.  So just expose the adhesive and press.

 Then smooth them down.

 They come with fancy little clips, so when we don’t want to block out 99% of the light, they are easy to fold back up and you can’t even tell they’re there.  So I’m still free to decorate the windows however I’d like!  Win!

About the time I realized I should take a picture of the brand of shade is about the time Junior realized what was happening.

Junior: “They’re doing this so I’ll go to sleep earlier!  Oh heck no!”

And he absconded with the other two.

But really, when we got all three installed we were completely giddy impressed with how effectively they blocked out the sun.

Since they are black, they work perfectly with his trim.

And we all slept like babies that night!

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Categories: Home Goods

Discussion (27 Comments)

  1. These are awesome! I’m going to have to look for them here, because we have serious too much sun light issues.

  2. Ummm…you are my lifesaver! We’ve had blankets covering Liam’s windows for oh idk a year! Totally covering up my cute curtains. Getting these soon!

    • by Amy

      They really are a perfect fix! And cheap!!

  3. Great buy! I think I’ll go check that out! Windows covering always seem to slip my mind when it comes to moving and planning.

  4. Genius! Mothers of babies all across America are thanking you today! :-) Bet my teenagers would love to have these in their rooms… but then I wouldn’t see them until suppertime. LOL!
    xo Heidi

  5. Ok, that is awesome! Our guest room is SUPER bright, even with blinds and curtains. Getting these! Thank you!

    • by Amy

      Great! They work so well!

  6. I might have to get a set for our bathroom (the top half of the window is clear glass while the lower part is opaque)!

  7. Peel and stick is my kind of DIY!

  8. Those are awesome! Good to know! And you I concur 100% with the cardio sentiment :-)

  9. by Mommers

    The first set was pretty nice, but I Love these!!! Precious sleeping baby :D

  10. These are awesome! We have black out lining in our master bedroom curtains and it’s amazing. Although it sometimes contributes to me sleeping in until 11… sometimes that isn’t so awesome lol

  11. Nice! Cheap and easy AND it works = perfection! The pic of him holding the other shades looks so mischievous!! I love it!

  12. Way to own the garbage bags on the windows. I love honest bloggers. Congrats on finding these miraculous light-blocking shades. And for $15? That’s a double win.

  13. Sometimes the simplest of solutions doesn’t cost a fortune. Well done. Better for all of you to get some sleep. And Junior looks so cute asleep in his room.

  14. Haha awesome! The picture of Junior running off with the blinds is hilarious! Is he sleeping any longer now?

    • by Amy

      He is! Instead of getting us up at the butt crack of dawn, we had to wake him up. Pretty nice!

  15. I spit out my diet coke at “getting him to fall asleep while it’s still light out is like getting me to do cardio”. I don’t like wasting my diet coke but this was totally worth it!

  16. Oh yes, it is worth ten times that much to get some sweet SWEET sleep.

  17. Can’t beat 15 bucks! Looks so much better. I really like how it matches the molding :)

  18. They look really good AND serve a purpose :) Glad Junior can catch some more Zs now!

  19. Junior is just too cute, for real. Glad he’s getting full sleepy time in from a cheap fix.

  20. Junior is one smart cookie! I had blackout drapes in my girls nursery. Then we moved, and there were only blinds and some gauzy curtains that let in enough light to kill a vampire. I’d try to get the girls into bed in summer when the sun was still streaming through the windows, you could hear the happy shouts from the neighborhood kids and the ice cream truck singing a happy tune. My girls would say, “but it’s day time”. I’d lovingly reply, “go to sleep” then head downstairs for a glass of wine! If only I had those blinds, they’d never have been the wiser!

  21. I didn’t see this post until now! I have to say I looooove the trash bags! I literally laughed out loud! Much as I love the trash bags, it’s probably a good thang that you found some black outs that look good with the trim. It is a WIN!

    (It’s so funny, as I was walking through my kitchen today, I thought it would be funny to see all the pix that bloggers don’t want you to see – like how my kitchen looked at that moment… and then I saw this cuter than cute post!)

  22. haha that picture of him hijacking the blinds is hilarious. I was digging the trash bags…I guess this is a better solution, though. :)

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