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Framing Flowers

September 5, 2012 - Author: Amy - 29 Comments

Or weeds, whatever your 17 month old picks out of your yard and hands you.

Like everything else he does, the gesture made my heard explode and I wanted to hang on to them.  So I dug around in the basement for a frame I wasn’t using.

I graduated.  Go me!

Yank the photo, insert weeds memories just like Lindsay.

Find a spot to display said memories. 

I wandered around for a while when I realized I’ve never shown you guys the half bath.  Probably because it isn’t finished yet.  But that’s where I sat my weeds memories so I guess I’ll go ahead and do that now.

It’s behind this barn door.

Cedar wall, old timey light, Hobby Lobby mirror (that isn’t hung yet, but just balancing on the faucet), special order faucet that comes directly out of the wall, $7 Hobby Lobby bucket turned sink, and one really old carpenter’s chest on a set of claw feet.

It’s actually already one of my favorite spaces.  It needs trim, and the paint touched up, and a few other details before I can call it finished.

 But for now it’s a good home for my weeds.

I mean memories.

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Discussion (29 Comments)

  1. um… this is probably my favorite space in your house!!!!!!!!!!
    not counting the hot tub of course.
    I love that vanity… LOVE LOVE. A perfect spot for the memories.

  2. So I’m sort of in love with the half-bath’s door (I’m trying to play it cool). One day I hope to have barn doors somewhere in our future house. Anyway, this was a very sweet post. It reminded me of when I use to pick those purple flower weeds and give them to my mom because her favorite color was purple. Oddly, she never framed them…

  3. Holy Hannah, lady! This room is all sorts of rustic gloriousness.

  4. This is such a nice half bath. I love the vanity with the bucket for the sink. I bet there are still lots of little areas like this in your house that we haven’t seen yet. It’s all so beautiful.

  5. It think the frame goes perfectly in the bathroom!

  6. I love the half bath!! The bucket-turned-sink is gorgeous!!

  7. First off, the weeds look great in that frame!

    And second, that’s your bathroom!?! Seriously gorgeous!

  8. That’s so sweet! I love that you cherish those little things.

    That bathroom is AMAZING! Seriously. I think I want to live in your house… so I’m moving in. FYI.

  9. WOW! That half bath is amazing!! And the framed flowers are super sweet!

  10. Wow wow wow! How have we not seen this room? Everytime you look at that frame, your heart will smile. :)

  11. LOVE IT!!! Wow, what a space. You did an awesome job, Amy. And you’ll remember those “weeds” for a very long time.

  12. OK, HOW ON EARTH have you not showed this space before. I can’t decide if I like the bucket sink, the old chest, or the faucet coming right out of the wall best. Not to even mention the door, but I’m not counting that since it’s outside of the room or else my head is going to start spinning like a top.

    Also, those weeds are precious. And i love them there!

  13. I wanted a faucet that came out of the wall for our half bath too but they were like 200 more bucks than the others! Perfect half bath!

  14. So this is how the post went in my head as I was reading…..
    awwww, ohhhh, OHHHHH you have a sliding barn door, WOW, OHHH, wow, I LOVE THAT, ohhhhh. OHHHHH WOWWW I love that too ohhhh.

    That tell you I like it all?


  15. Wowwwww….what an awesome space! I {of course} love your barn door. It’s like the rustic brother of our barn door! ;) And that frame couldn’t be more perfect for that half bath!!

  16. I’m IN LOVE with your bathroom! I want that wooden wall in my house like right now. So, so good :)

  17. WHY HAVE WE NOT SEEN THIS BATHROOM YET!!! I am in love. Oh how I want a crusty old vanity!!! Perfect spot for your weedories. (weeds+memories=weedories) :)

  18. WOW! First off- framing those weeds is adorable! I love that.

    Secondly- that barn door is freaking amazing! Love it! The cedar wall and that vanity- also amazing. Wall mounted faucet, rustic light, amazing upcycled old vanity- unbelievable!! What a fantastic space!I would come to visit just to use your guest bath!

  19. I LOVE your bathroom! Gorgeous. And that barn door! Amazing. I wish a barn door could have fit in somewhere in our house.
    Oh and I am pretty sure I bought that same mirror to go in our bedroom :).

  20. So cute! And I absolutely LOVE that half bath and the barn door!

    Can I come sing to your bathroom? I’m thinking it needs to hear “My oh my, you’re so goodlookin’” on a daily basis ;)

  21. How cool to use a bucket for a sink! And what sweet memory weeds, too. :)

  22. Um. Wow. That half bath is honestly amazing. I love the chest used as a vanity. And the bucket. And the faucet. And the framed memory just puts the icing on the cake.

  23. UMMM. UMMMM> really????? How did you forget to share this? It is amazing, amazing, amazing. I just want to keep staring at it. The barn door is purrrfection, the bucket/wall faucet, chest turned vanity. I’m blown away. I want to live in here. Oh, and the weeds, sigh.

  24. Amy,

    I’m speechless! What an incredibly beautiful and unique space! Just love it!



  25. Holy Cow. That bathroom is beautiful! I love the $7 sink. How creative!!

  26. I’m totally lovin’ the barn door!! And your bathroom is just adorable. I have that same bucket from Hobby Lobby! I’m actually gonna paint it white and put it in the bathroom. :)

  27. Congrats on your graduation – and that handful of weeds (better than any bunch of flowers)!

    I LOVE that chest turned countertop. Now that’s a bathroom!

  28. Those are the most beautiful weeds :)
    And gosh darn it, your bathroom is gorgeous! I love the way the chest-vanity turned out. The whole bathroom is so unique and stylish.

  29. [...] I added a lamp and it just gives off such a warm glow every time I walk by.  I left Junior’s framed weeds and added a candle and wooden punkin, for just a touch of fall.  This is all framed by my [...]

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