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Fireplace Pillars

September 27, 2012 - Author: Amy - 32 Comments

We did just a little updating in the living room a couple weekends ago.  I’ve shown you our fireplace before.

D did all that rock all by himself!  Still just blows my mind.  Anyway, we had some pillars we knew we’d wanted to add but they were pretty crusty and gross. 

Originally, I wanted them painted black to match the kitchen cabinets.

But once he started to get the old paint off, the wood below was really pretty.

So we decided to set them up and see how we liked them.

Junior supervised.

Mmm, leg muscles and food network.

And we liked them.  We think leaving them natural, while still being noticeable, is not overpowering.

 But what do you think?  Should we leave them natural, or do you vote black?

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Categories: Home Building

Discussion (32 Comments)

  1. i think they look super cool natural and fit the look of your home more. :)

  2. Oooh that’s a tough one. I could go either way on this!

  3. Leave them natural! I think if they were painted black, they wouldn’t blend in nearly as nice.

  4. I vote natural! You like rustic and that’s just how they look.

  5. Natural just so they don’t detract from D’s awesome rock work!

  6. Love! Natural for now. You can always paint them later.

  7. I love the natural; it definitely goes well in your house!

  8. by Dana

    Seriously. Stop it. My house jealousy runneth over! Goodness gracious I love your house!!!!

    Totally crushing on your natural pillars. Don’t paint them. They’re just the right color against the rock. I think if you paint them now (after seeing them neutral), they might be too much of a contrast in your neutrals living room.

    You better go… I think I hear your phone… and I’m 99% sure it’s pottery barn calling. :-)

  9. I think the natural balances everything out. They look so pretty!

  10. Natural! I think black would be too in your face and harsh against the stone (but if you decide to go that way, i’m sure it will be beautiful :-) Those are beautiful and add such character to the house!

  11. Either or would look great. If you ever get tired of the natural look, that’s when you paint them black! :)

  12. I think they look great natural. Plus, if you don’t like them after awhile, you can always paint them!

  13. I say leave them natural! They look so great with the stone and the other colours and they are a beautiful detail while not being overwhelming. Your fireplace is amazing!! I think if you tire of the natural look I would consider staining them the same colour as the bulkhead piece above them.

  14. Ps- love the new look. That orangey-rust colour is so pretty and so fall!

  15. natural, natural, natural … that’s my 3 cents.

  16. natural!! it looks amazing amy! my dad asked me if i wanted pillars on our fireplace and I said ew no, but now i see how beautiful they really can be!!

    and love where you’ve put the tv!! lol ours is going to be in the same place for the first few months i assume.

  17. Natural… it’s so well with the earthiness of your home. Plus, they sort of have a rustic look to them and that is so your house. They are beautiful!

  18. Natural! It matches the rest of the rustic decor in your home and they look beautiful as-is :)

  19. Natural! They don’t compete with D’s stellar stone work. :)

  20. I like the natural but also think staining them would look great. Oh, that wasn’t an option? Yay for unsolicited blog advice.

  21. I love the natural – it blends really well. Nice combo on the tv show and muscles too. You’re too cute.

  22. D is so talented! I’m leaning towards natural …



  23. Natural for sure… they complement the bones of your home beautifully! Very cool, Amy!
    xo Heidi

  24. by Mindy@FSL

    I’d stain them to match the ceiling beams. They’ll create contrast with the stone but will still look cohesive and keep the integrity of the wood

  25. You definitely need to go au naturale! The go great with your house that way!

  26. DYING over the natural look. Totally the way to go!

  27. It looks Awesome. Love the natural look. And the stone is just stunning.

  28. I love the natural look!! It looks great with the stone! (I am so jealous of your fireplace!!!!)

  29. I like my pillars like I like my calf muscles….. al la natural.


  30. I love them! But my first thought was I like the black! (Maybe cuz I have black cabinets too…). Either way, they look fabulous!!!

  31. Love them natural!

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