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Mom Zombie

October 15, 2012 - Author: Amy - 22 Comments

Saturday was my mom’s birthday.  She’s alright, I guess.  As far as old ladies go.

I have been known in the past to get somewhat sentimental and write weepy posts about those I love.  This is not one of those times.  This time, I made us into zombies.

I called the picture “Mom Zombie” because it sounds like Rob Zombie.  Aren’t I clever with good taste in music?

But that’s not all!  In addition to the really thoughtful gift certificate we gave her.  I did some minor crafting.

I took a mason jar and trimmed it in a jute and fall ribbon.

Then put a candle and faux fall foliage (say that three times fast) in.

When I gave it to her, I said “If it looks as though the candle has already been lit… It’s because it has.  Happy birthday!”

I guess I’m a blogger first and a daughter second, these days.

But in all seriousness… My mom’s better than your mom.

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Discussion (22 Comments)

  1. HAHA! This is awesome! I’m sure she loved her Zombie photo. I think this concept would make great personalized Christmas cards… ;)
    Happy birthday to your mom! Your little candle project turned out really cute too!

  2. by Sara

    I sure am glad I didn’t have to give you heck! Sounds like you all had a great time :) Love the picture of the zombies…zombies are eternal. Your candle turned out well too!

  3. Hahahaa! You two look so similar! Or I’m pretty sure you do underneath the zombie-ness :) Happy Birthday Amy’s mom!

  4. by Reilly @ JourneyNorth

    Your mom and I almost have the same birthday, mine was Sunday. Happy Birthday Amy’s Mom!

  5. Looks like a fun night, Amy. And the mason jar is really cute. Happy Birthday, Amy’s Mom

  6. Happy Birthday Mom Zombie!! The prettiest zombies I’ve ever seen!!

  7. I need you to step away from the picmonkey. :P Happy birthday Amy’s mommy.

  8. Awwww! Happy birthday Amy’s mom! You guys could totally be extras in The Walking Dead ;)

  9. Well, ya’ll are the cutest zombies I’ve ever seen. :-) Happy bday to mom — love the candle!
    xo Heidi

  10. HAHAhaH! i don’t think zombies are supposed to be that pretty :). Happy birthday Amy’s mom!

  11. Hahaha! Those zombie pictures are so fun! Happy birthday to your mom! :)

  12. by Amy

    Happy birthday to you!!

  13. Comments are working now! Yay!

    I think it was kind of you to go ahead and start the burning of the wick so your mom didn’t have to do that herself.

  14. The end of this blog post is AWESOME.
    Happy Birthday to your mom!

  15. That zombie picture is awesome! Your mom even looks good as a zombie. Happy birthday to her!

  16. Well just slam into the back of your dragula.


  17. by Mommers

    I LOVE our Zombie look, the dinner out, the lovely craft, the generous gift card, this blog and especially You!!! And, really nice to get all these extra Birthday wishes. Thanks Amy and Blog followers :)

  18. Lol at my mom is better than your mom. Hope she had a great day. It can’t get much better than a zombie picture

  19. Wait. You photoshopped that pic!? Holy moley it looks like the real thing! Awesome. Happy birthday Amy’s mom!

  20. Love the mom zombie picture! That will be one you will treasure forever! Thanks for visiting my blog, sorry you came on a sappy day! Oh and my mom is the best! :-)

  21. The cool thing about moms is that we always love the already lit candles our zombie daughters make us. And your mom is not better than my mom. So there.

  22. lol. My mom would never go for the mom zombie look. Happy belated birthday to your mom!

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