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When Parents Purge

October 18, 2012 - Author: Amy - 39 Comments

Don’t you love it when your parents decide it’s time to purge their crap pass down family heirlooms?

Such was the unexpected case this week as we were at their house to eat their food because we love them and enjoy spending time in their company.

Dad had Junior over to help him do some work in the garage, and while doing so, unearthed some treasures. 

First, let me just say that as far as talent, creativity, and artistic ability goes in my family… my dad and brother got it all.  All of it.  Mom and I are just over here tripping on things and falling down a lot.

Tanner (the brother) argues that it’s a fair trade because as the oldest child, when I came out I took both metabolisms.  Whateva.

Dad carves.

Neat, right?!  Loving the owl especially.

And as an added bonus, he sent home a whole tub of these things:

He makes the spools and clothes pins into things like santa clause faces.  But since I’m lacking in skills, I’m thinking a garland of some sort.

Then he gave me a tool box my brother made in high school.

I love that he signed it in Sharpie.

Me: Dad gave me the tool box you made.

Tanner: Oh real cool.  I see it was really near and dear to his heart.  :/


Ahhh, there’s nothing like sibling love.

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Discussion (39 Comments)

  1. OMG, the owl?!?! THE OWL!!!!! WANT!!! :)

  2. by Amy

    I knowwwww!!!

  3. This post had me laughing out loud a few times!! “Mom and I are just over here tripping on things and falling down a lot.” hahaha!

    Those carvings are awesome! I also love the sibling rivalry going on- I have a few brothers so I can relate ; )

  4. by Amy

    Thankfully, I’ve only got the one. ;)

  5. hahaha, I love your wittiness.

  6. fun! He is really talented! That horse is amazing. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t get the talent or the metabolism… so that stinks.

    Please do this with one of the spools! I saw it last year and I am dying to do it, but I probably need to wait a little while… ya know, until my kid actually has a Christmas list (or knows what Christmas is).

  7. I love it when parents get rid of stuff. Those carvings are amazing!

  8. Woot woot to awesome free stuff!

  9. by Amy

    Awesome! Thanks for the link!!

  10. Your daddio is a talented dude!!

    Tip for you: So my mom is a hoarder but occasionally decides she needs to “pass things down to me”. I tell her I’m going to throw them away. She laughs. And then I tell her in a more serious voice…No, really. I’m going to throw this crap away. And then she keeps it.

  11. by Amy

    Hah! I should have taken a picture of everything I didn’t take home! ;)

  12. Wow! Your Dad’s carving is amazing! I love getting my parent’s leftovers and making them my own. It’s like Christmas :)

  13. very cool stuff!! even better that is it made by family!! I love when my parents give me their crap too!

  14. by Reilly @ JourneyNorth

    Your Dad is really talented.
    My mom gave me some plants that she didn’t want anymore. That’s not really the same thing though.

  15. Love the old spools – cant’ wait to see what you do with them – I can see them painted different colours and strung into a garland for the tree.

  16. WOW! If you dad ever needs to purge more of his carvings, he can send them to me :) haha thats awesome!

  17. I love that tool box!!! and the owl! And the spools! And the idea of spool garland. You go get ‘em with your crafty self. :)

  18. by Mommers

    We are pros at tripping! My singing voice isn’t talent? Dad needs start carving again….. you and brother tickle me :)

  19. Your dad needs to open an Etsy shop because those carvings are amazing! I’d love to see one of the Santa spools :)

  20. Wow! Your dad has skill! No one in my family is really artsy or creative, but most of the men are pretty handy when it comes to building stuff or fixing cars.

  21. Holy crap your dad is talented! I love the last pic!!

  22. My parents have a rule that once we take something from their house, we can never bring it back. They enjoy the purge as much as we do. ;)

  23. Hey dad, come on now maybe you should of offered it to Tanner first? Then when he said he didn’t want that old thing you knew baby girl would snap it up.


  24. How cool is THAT? You must feel like you’ve hit the jackpot! The toolbox rocks!
    xo Heidi
    PS — he’ll get over it. :)

  25. by johnny51

    Your dad is super talented. That is a cool tool box. fo sho.

  26. Hahaha. Love it all.
    Your dad is really talented with those carvings!! Also, I am completely guilty of keeping a ton of my stuff (books, old clothes) at my parents’ house… still. I haven’t even lived there for two years!

  27. by creativehomeexpressions

    LOL! I just made a Goodwill pile yesterday and when my daughter came over I asked her if she wanted anything. Of course, she always takes something! When we downsized and both moved to Ohio, she got most of my furniture {because she had none and I had no room for it}.

  28. Toolbox planter, with sunflowers. It needs to happen.

  29. Wow! You weren’t kidding about the creativity and ability! That owl is to die for!! I’m assuming he doesn’t have a second one laying around, that no one else happens to want, right? ;)

  30. PS-we finally updated our Internet at work today so I can leave comments on your blog again! I couldn’t for a while because I was running too old of a version. Crisis averted. Phew! ;)

  31. Wow! Your dad’s talent is so amazing. I cannot believe your brother made that in high school! You’re right. They are talented. But don’t cut yourself short. You did make a boo tray. And some dryer vent pumpkins …



  32. Funny post. I get tons of crap from my parents and my in-laws. In turn, I give my old crap to my brother and sister. It’s only fair.

  33. My parents house is like a time warp – my bedroom still has all my knick knacks (can you believe I was a collector even back then!)!! Sometimes, they’ll load up a box and bring it over and force me to take my old things! But I never got a cool toolbox!

  34. Those carvings are awesome, and I love that you scored Tanner’s box!

  35. Wow, your family is talented! Your dad could rake in some money selling owl carving right now. Does he know those are the hottest things on the block right now?
    Unfortunately, my taste is completely different than my parents which sometimes doesn’t make for the coolest hand me downs.

  36. Wow! Those carvings are fantastic! I think its hilarious that your Dad gave you a handmade gift from your brother. Too funny!

  37. I want spools like those! My parent’s cleaned up their house and left me with a basement full of the things they can’t get rid of but don’t want me to use:)

  38. Your dad is AMAZINGLY talented…holy crap. I agree– parents (or grandparents) purging is awesome, we have gotten a ton of wonderful furniture pieces because of this!

    I can’t wait to see what you do with those spools…you are so creative I am sure its going to be something amazing!

  39. by Katy

    My grandparents have started passing their things down to me and my sister. At first I thought it was creepy, but my grandma explained that she just wanted to get junk out of her house so she can get new stuff. Got to love grandmas!

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