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Dining Room Table: The “Finally” Edition

October 26, 2012 - Author: Amy - 40 Comments

We’ve been in the house for about, oh, 5 months now and have just had a giant gaping hole where the dining room set up should have been.   We sold our other set knowing that we D was going to build us a new one.  Some of you have followed this progress on Instagram (@amymccarter_br), but for the rest of you…. our table is done!

We got the legs from a table we bought for $25 at an antique store, then painted them black.

They had to come in first, because the table top is so unbelievably heavy.  It is made from three planks of apple wood that came out of the old BNSF (Santa Fe rail road) box cars that carried wine.  They were already a beautiful color, and I liked the remnants of detail, so D lightly sanded and then poly’d about three layers.

They weigh about 100 lbs each.  That is not an exaggeration.

I tried to help D carry it in.  Honestly, I did.  But my wimpy arms could barely lift it off the stand, so we had to call for back up in the form of Nate, D’s heterosexual life partner.

God bless that man.

I recall extra grunting and cursing at this point.

But they got it in without incident!  And used 4 1/2 inch black screws to fasten it directly to the legs.

You can see Nate’s hatred of my wimpy arms in his eyes.

But it’s in!  And I love it with my whole heart.

(Those are the flowers D brought me after being out of town.  D’awww…)

Next stop: Chairs!

 And something for that big blank wall.

 My favorite view.

We bought a huge stack of those boards, at about $15 a piece, plus the $25 for the legs.  We already had the poly and we used the same black paint as on the kitchen cabinets.  So we are in to this table for about $70.  Not bad… not bad…

Major props to my main man, D.  I am continually impressed with and proud of how hard he works to give us these beautiful and affordable things.

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Categories: D (Also known as Tex and Hubbylovepunkinpants), DIY, Home Goods, Uncategorized

Discussion (40 Comments)

  1. This is stunning and amazing and I love it.

  2. by Sara

    It’s beautiful, girl! Great job, D and company! Golly gee that house sure is pretty…

  3. Looks great… of course I love it, LOVE it.

  4. I may or may not have squealed a little bit when I read the title of this post. haha. It looks soooo good! It’s gorgeous and I will not be opposed to the idea of you making me one. It might be a lot in shipping costs though with the weight and all…

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I would probably hug that table for a day straight.

  6. This is actually one of the most beautiful tables I’ve ever seen. Those legs! The patina! Swoon swoon swoon swoon.

  7. It’s amazing!!! I love those legs. They add so much character. He did such a great job!

  8. I.Love.It.!! D is just so handy.

    And I’m amazed that it’s that heavy. It looks thin so my mind jumps to it being light.

  9. Dear Amy,
    NICE LEGS!!! Haha, I have always wanted to say that. But seriously, I think my favorite part is the character built into the boards and the history that comes with them! And that last shot of your favorite view…*sigh*. Your house is so amazing and I feel the warmth coming through the computer screen!


    One majorly wimpy armed lady

  10. Wow! Your table looks incredible! What a great job D did! I can’t wait to see what you end up with for chairs!

  11. LOVE! The table is so beautiful!

  12. the legs are so rad, i love them. and the detail on the table top! But the best part is def making this yourself for $70, day-um.

  13. I love how you refer to Nate – heterosexual life partner – every man needs one of those!!

    Love, love, love the table, Amy. Amazing vision to put that together. But I think I’ve said that before!!

  14. Just gorgeous! I heart it too. As I saw this I thought, hey you could fit many more beautiful kiddos around it- hint hint :)

  15. D is the man! And I came up with a superbly awesome idea! I will make you a sign and D can make me a table! Totally even trade right?!?!?! ;)

    But seriously, l-o-v-e that table. Your hubby is crazy talented.

  16. L-O-V-E. LOVE. Pure love. For your table, not D. Well slightly D because I’m jealous of his carpentry skills but that’s weird so let’s go with table. I love your table and I can’t wait to see what chairs you pair it with! :)

  17. by Reilly @ JourneyNorth

    Good Job D!
    I can’t wait till my husband starts working on his winter project list. Built-in entertainment unit here we come!

  18. by Amy


  19. Soooooo pretty! And how sweet is D?

  20. He builds you a table, carries it in (making it look easy in pictures) ;) AND brings you flowers? The man should teach classes on classy husbands. Love you guys! lol

  21. by Katy

    That’s it! I officially have house envy. And table envy. Both are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what chairs you get.

  22. Ummm, I’m kind of in love. The drooling kind of love.

  23. soooo flipping beautiful!! and how lovely that they carried wine. it sounds like something out of restoration hardware magazine ;)

  24. This looks soooo awesome. Wow. Talk about one of a kind.

  25. That’s the most fabulous table – love that wood – what a score! D is a superhero plus he bring you flowers- can he fly me over a cool table?!

  26. Amy,

    It looks amazing! Really! I love the fact that the wood used to be part of a railroad car! What a story!


  27. [...] from Buffalo Roam, had just moved into her new house and had a big hole where the dining table should be.  Luckily, [...]

  28. Just found your blog at Roadkill Rescue…and I’ve become a new follower…love the table…in fact I just bought a dining room set with a table that has legs that look very similar – just showed the hubs your post and he is loving the table too…thanks for the inspiration!

  29. Gorgeous. Simply Gorgeous.

  30. Beautiful! I’m envious!

  31. I love this so much!! And the flowers…awww!!! :)

  32. awesome!!

  33. I love the table and I love that you appreciate D for his talents and being a hard worker. That is important.


  34. Oh MAN. That is so beautiful it is disgusting. I can’t even stand to look at it, with all that beauty and patina and perfection.

  35. Looks awesome! Great job you guys! And for $70?! Even more awesome.

  36. Love it Amy! D is so super talented!



  37. by johnny51

    Damn. How am I just seeing this now. That table is sweet. Substantial too. Nice!

  38. Beautiful! Love how unique the legs are.

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