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Dining Room Chairs

October 30, 2012 - Author: Amy - 28 Comments

I have this theory.  Well, I have lots of theories.  But today’s theory is this: If you say things outloud, the universe answers you faster than if you simply think about them.  (I say universe instead of God, because I’m just not arrogant enough to believe God cares about where my bum rests when I eat.)

Usually, the universe likes to slap me around and keep me in my place.  For example… Me: I want to win the lottery and pay off my student loans! Universe: ~makes Amy step in puddle~

But sometimes I’m thrown a bone.  On the very day I posted about our completed dining room table, I said that I needed to get serious about finding some chairs.  Later that afternoon, I got on Facebook and a friend had four antique chairs he was selling.  Bam!

40 bucks, so we’re right around $100 for the entire dining room furniture set.  Win!

When we went to pick them up, D was all “Blargggg, this looks like a lot of work.”  I told him this was my project and he wouldn’t have to lift a pretty little finger.  He didn’t believe me, but I proved him wrong.  Oh yes I did.  (DIDN’T I, D?!)  Gloating is a sign of a healthy marriage, yes?

Now I will share another theory with you: If I keep a generally neutral space, I can change the over all feel of it more often with just accent pieces.  So I decided that for $40, I could afford to have a little fun with these chairs.

Lucky for me, they sanded really easily.

I was going to town, sawdust flying everywhere when D informed me that I didn’t have to strip ALL the color… just the shiny stuff.


Things moved much faster after that.

I decided I didn’t want an overly distressed look, but I didn’t want them to look brand new either, so I left some places juuuust unpainted enough to make people wonder if I did it on purpose.

I totally did.

And there you have it!  Our brand new, blue dining room chairs.

I’ll wait until I’ve got all four done to share how they look with the table… but so far?  Me likey.

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Categories: DIY, Home Goods

Discussion (28 Comments)

  1. love the colour! – great job – I have a set of 6 chairs to tackle soon! Can’t wait to see them with your table!

  2. Oooo, me likey too.

    Gloating is very important part of marriage. Especially if you don’t get to do it often.

  3. Suuuuch a fun happy colour! Gorgeous.

  4. Love that you went bold with color! Can’t wait to see how they look in the room.

  5. I am head over heels in love with your chairs! I even showed my mom them on Instagram the other day. haha. Can’t wait to see them with your table!

  6. by Sara

    I am totally picturing you sanding that chair into dust before D stepped in ;) Those look great, skillet! You’re becoming quite the DIYer!

  7. me likey too- Can’t wait to see them with the table.

  8. I love that blue and the idea of using your chairs as accent pieces. The benches in our dining room need recovering. I want to use a pop of color there but haven’t decided what color yet.

  9. Love the blue. And you are the neatest painter I’ve ever seen! I would have had paint all over the place and here you are with just one little spot on the “drop board”.

  10. by Katy

    Love, love, love the color! And if gloating is a sign on a healthy marriage, I have the healthiest! It’s so nice to be right, isn’t it?!

  11. LOVE! That color is beautiful and those chairs are perfect! I need to start talking to the universe more often :)

  12. Fun color! And you go girl for doing it on your own and not once complaining about how much you hate sanding furniture. (Oh wait, that’s just what I do.) :)

  13. So much awesomesauce!

  14. Me LOVEY!! These totally ROCK, Amy!! xo heidi

  15. Love the color! These are going to look awesome with your new table!

  16. Me likey too!!! These are going to look amazing in your dining room. I can’t wait to see them all set up!

  17. I’m so excited to see them with your new table!! I know they’ll look awesome!

  18. Awesome color!

  19. You know your marriage is in trouble when the gloating ceases. Andy has learned that when I promise him he won’t have to lift a finger on a project, it means that I will try my best until I run into any sort of challenge at all, then he’ll need to take over from there. I love the color you picked! Let’s see those babies with that beautiful table!

  20. I love the color you chose! I am such a weenie with color, but I always wish I was more brave because I love bright colors like this. I also really like the style of the chairs. Can’t wait to see it all together.

  21. $40? That’s awesome. Way to go with the bold color; they are going to look great with your “new” table!

  22. Wow! They are going to look amazing with the new table!

  23. Love that shade of blue!

  24. I love funky dining room chairs. I can’t wait to redo my dining room.

  25. LOVE!!! {And D sounds a lot like my husband haha… who has also never had to complete any of my little projects?! :P}

  26. BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t wait to see them all together with that gorg table

  27. You can totally donate these to our house, along with the table, at any time. ;)

  28. Fabulous color choice!

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