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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012 - Author: Amy - 25 Comments

Happy Halloween to everyone! 

We kicked off this “holiday season” on Friday with a great concert called Freaker’s Ball with four bands I really love (Red Line Chemistry, 10 Years, Saving Abel, and Chevelle).  D and I donned our wedding gear and went as day of the dead bride and groom.

My brother in law, Jack the Ripper, was there with his favorite dead hooker.

But today I toned it down.  It’s just cowgirl Amy and her trusty steed, Poncho.

This is my mom, Hobo Harry.

And my favorite little feller is a lion.  He’s been practicing saying “rawrrrr” all week, but unfortunately wasn’t too stoked about the hood.

Showing off his adorable little tail.

So much win!

Are you guys dressing up?  What about your little childrens?  Send pictures!!

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Discussion (25 Comments)

  1. Your costumers for the ball were awesome!

    Junior looks so cute and your mom made me laugh out loud. I think it’s the teeth.

    I definitely dressed my dog up. I’m cruel like that.

  2. by Sara

    You all look so great! Sounds like you had a blast at Freakers’ Ball. I’m afraid I dressed up as the scariest creature of them all today, myself. Maybe next year…

  3. Love your costumes, and your makeup! I bet it took some time, but you guys look awesome! And of course Junior is adorable, as always! :)

  4. Your costumes are so cute! The ones for the ball were amazing!
    I threw together a cowgirl costume this morning. I wasn’t planning on dressing up but while getting ready for work I saw a plaid shirt I had, then I noticed my cowboy boots and though, “Why not?” Couldn’t find a hat, though :(
    The dogs are probably going to be dressed up again tonight as a banana and a bee. They hate me haha

  5. Wow! You guys rocked the costumes! I love the dead bride and groom and Jack the Ripper/dead hooker? Insane – in a really cool way. Your little guy is as cute as always and your mom also knocked it out of the park. So much fun!

  6. I loved your day of the dead costumes! You guys looked awesome! And Junior is such a cute little lion :)

  7. by Amy

    Thanks guys!!

  8. Minneapolis has a *Pub Crawl* the week before Halloween, your group would of fit right in.

    The hood never works. One time we had a bunny who would not put the costume on so daddy said lets put your coat and hat on, and the little rabbit suited right up!


  9. Your mom’s costume is so funny!! Happy Halloween!

  10. Love all the festiveness! and that I got smart enough to finally get your posts delivered via email!

  11. by Christine @ Casa-de-Christine

    I laughed out loud at your mom’s costume! haha. The teeth kill me. Your bride and groom costume was amazing- kudos to you for spending the time on the makeup for that!! Your boy is absolutely adorable!! Hope you have a great Halloween!

  12. You guys are adorable! I had to do a double-take on your mom haha LOVE the hobo idea! And Junior is the cutest little lion I’ve ever seen! :)

  13. by Amy

    Woo hoo!! Thanks y’all!

  14. Too cute!! I saw Jr’s pic on Instagram this morning when I was putting up pics of my preschool class in costume — he’s such a doll! I was a black kitty cat, but discarded my ears and tail the second my students left. It’s the sofa and a glass of wine for me tonight while my teenagers answer the door and hand out candy. Winning! ;-)

  15. by Amy

    Winning! LOL!!

  16. I like a family that doesn’t mess around at Halloween!!

  17. Jr. is too cute for words; love the tail! And your mom’s costume is hilarious! Lil Kev was a skeleton for a family party on Sunday and today he was a peapod!

  18. by Mommers

    Had the most fun with you guys last night than we’ve had on Halloween in a long time!! Most adorable little Lion!

  19. by Amy

    So glad you were there! Cutest hobo ever. :)

  20. So much fun! We dont really do too much for Halloween, but I’m guessing next year, I’m going to need to get on board since we’ll have a little one.

  21. Too cute! Well not the day of the dead b and g, but everything else, even your hobo mom is too cute!

  22. by Katy

    Love the costumes! Looks like y’all went all out. Cuteness overload on Junior! We managed to keep our hood up, but I think she’s too little to know to take it off. Happy Halloween!

  23. Looking at that sad little face on your guy reminds me of all those early years with my little guy crying as I put on his costume — and then absolutely hating anything that went on his head. I would literally have to wrestle him into his costume as he tried to squirm out of my arms! LOL!



  24. Those costumes totally rocked!!

  25. […] We were given the chance to go to an annual Halloween concert in Kansas City this past weekend.  It’s aptly named Freaker’s Ball.  (You can see last year’s costumes here.) […]

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