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They Can’t All Be Winners..

November 5, 2012 - Author: Amy - 21 Comments

Yesterday, while my main man was working outdoors, and my little man was napping, I got bit by the crafty bug.

Dun, dun, DUNNNNNNN!!!

I remembered that we have a perfectly good pallet leaning against the trailer we still have on our property full of leftover building material.. So I ran out and asked D if we needed it for any particular reason.

D: ~suspicious face~  No.  Why?

Me: Cause I’m feeling CRAF-TAY!  ~runs away cackling~

I grabbed my trusty hammer and was ready to smash that sucker to smithereens,

When a broken piece of slate caught my eye.

Me: Do you need this??


Me: ~runs away cackling~

I abandoned the pallet wood and took my slate in instead.  I laid it out and penciled on a favorite lyric of mine. 

“Take the time to take my breath”

10 cool points to anyone that can name that song!  (Hint: It’s this one)

I used the same paint I’m using on the dining room chairs and when I was finished, I felt very “meh” about it.

And half hid it behind some more preferable decor.

I think I might scrap it and go back to the pallet idea. 

What do you think?  Have you finished any “meh” projects lately?

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Discussion (21 Comments)

  1. Give it a light sanding. It might smooth is out a little. And if not, grab that pallet. Mwah ha ha.

  2. I like Michelle’s idea. I can’t tell you how many meh projects I’ve had. :)

  3. I think it’s cute! Also, thanks for the intro to a cool new song.

  4. I like the sanding idea … I just did a project that I loved and then I painted a word on it and instantly thought “oh no I di-en’t”. It was my handwriting I didn’t like. Boo.

  5. I second (fourth?) the sanding idea! If it’s your handwriting you don’t like, maybe try something similar using vinyl letters? If all else fails, grab the pallet and your hammer and take out your frustrations that way :)

  6. I fifth(?) the sanding idea! I’m kind of curious about your plans for that pallet though!

  7. I think the idea is good! it might be the paint color that doesn’t really mesh with the slate color. It would be so cool if there were a way to carve the words into the slate. The sanding might work… that sounds a lot easier than carving :-)

  8. by Amy

    Bah! Great idea…

  9. I absolutely hate my own handwriting on projects! Try the sanding, if not I’d go for the pallets and a stencil ;)

  10. I agree with the light sanding. I think it might just be the colour is so bright against the slate. Making it appear a little more worn and rustic should help!

  11. by Reilly @ JourneyNorth

    I can’t handwrite on any of my projects, I always end up hating it.
    I am super curious about what you were going to do with that pallet!

  12. Do you always cackle, or just when you’re completing a project shortly after Halloween? ;)

    My meh project collection is sitting upstairs in a variety of piles. You are not alone.

  13. There’s a handful of “meh” projects for everyone that’s a winner, I can assure you! Love that your creative juices are flowin’… batten down the pallets and slate, D!!! xoxo Heidi

  14. Most of mine are “meh” lol. Take for instance my snowman Christmas ornament I just posted about!

  15. I’m jumping on the “sanding bandwagon” – or you could whitewash the whole thing just to give it some depth. Otherwise it’s a cute idea.

    By the way, I just threw out 3 picture frames I was trying to turn into chalkboards – totally unsaveable. But they were just cheap yard sale finds so I’m only out $3 and a bit of time. We all have fails.

  16. I always love a modern-rustic mix so my suggestion would be to print some cool font that is ultra-modern and try writing the lyric with that template. Paired on the rustic-ness (is this a word?) of the slate would be awesome-sauce in my opinion :).

  17. I have a basement filled with “meh”! Love you running around the house and yard cackling …



  18. All I do is MEH.

  19. I agree with Maury….maybe it is the color? The idea is great!! And I think 98% of EVERYTHING I do is “meh.”

  20. I think it looks cute when grouped with the other things. And most stuff I do is “meh” haha.

    PS-Just picked up the wood to do your project!! Finally! That jerk Sandy got in my way for a while. ;)

  21. Guau is genius!!!!!!

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