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These Buffalo Are Roaming

November 19, 2012 - Author: Amy - 56 Comments

If I know one thing in life to be true, it is that things will never happen as you plan.

For instance: Building your dream home, living in it for six months, then moving out of it.

We’re moving.

It’s still hard to believe!

My D got a new job.  It’s with the same company, but he was offered the chance to be in a supervisory position.  It’s a big step for him, and one that he really deserved.  We could hardly say no.

His new position is in Kansas City, about an hour away from where we live right now, so that means a relocation.  My job is in Topeka, and I want to keep it, so we are moving to Lawrence, Kansas to split the commute.

Of course this decision comes with a bag of mixed feelings.  We chose our current spot very specifically; we are near both sets of our parents, we felt good about the school district, we’ve got land, and gosh darn it.. we bled, sweat, and cried over that house.

Yet in spite of all that, I find myself excited for the next step.  Another thing I know to be true: God would not have asked us to make this change if he didn’t have better things in store.

The appraisals are complete, the realtor has been chosen, D has a start date.

These buffalo are roaming.

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Discussion (56 Comments)

  1. Wow! Well good luck!

  2. by Jennifer Simon Henry

    Good luck Amy!!!!

  3. Oh wow, you’re moving?! I’ve been reading your blog for some time Amy, and know how excited you were about this home and all the hard work that went into it. It’s incredible what life throws you. Hopefully you’ll find another gem.

  4. by Amy

    Yep, you can just never plan for these things. But I have faith that it’ll all be good. :) Thank you!

  5. You should totally move your house. I hear that isn’t such a big deal.

    My first reactions was…….”What??????” I’m sure the decision was ridiculously difficult but if you think about it. It’s only a house. Life goes on. Time for you to leave your mark on another beauty!

  6. by Sara

    Keep up the positive attitude, Amy! It’ll all be worth it in the end.

  7. Wow, Amy! That’s big news! I’m sure it’s scary now but I can’t wait to read about your next house :)

  8. by dad

    You are a beautiful young lady, with a beautiful family, I know that God has a beautiful life in store for you. We love you guys.

  9. by Amy


  10. Wow! I’m in shock! Crazy how life works – Here’s to a new adventure! :)

  11. crazy sauce! didn’t see that one coming :P At least it’s for good reasons! Excited for you guys :)

  12. by Erin Pfannenstiel

    I am selfishly happy that you will be living in Lawrence because it will make forcing our children to date each other, get married, and give us beautiful grandbabies THAT much easier! :)

  13. by Amy

    I’m already plotting! Oh, the blond headed blue eyed cuteness!!

  14. I am in disbelief! I’m sorry you have to leave your beautiful house behind but you have such a great attitude about it (as always!). Your family is the important part and you get to keep them so all is good. I love what you said about God not giving you this opportunity unless there were great things ahead. This really helps me as we look to moving yet another 40 minutes from family in the Spring. That helped to bring me some peace about it so thank you. And good luck on your new journey!!

  15. Holy moley! That’s a huge announcement and one that I’m sure you didn’t come to lightly. Congrats to your husband and good for you for following your hearts! Someone is sure a lucky one to get that gorgeous place.

  16. Wow! I didn’t see this coming but I guess you didn’t either. It’s good to hear that you and D are both onboard though and trusting in God’s plan for your lives. That the best place to be. I look forward to seeing how you put your personal touch on the next house and will be praying for y’all as you go through this process.

  17. by Amy

    Thank you for the sweet comment!

  18. Bittersweet, but when you approach it with such a sense of adventure and thankfulness as you have, I’m sure you’ll have a great transition. Can’t wait to see your new place and all that you do to it!

  19. Oh my goodness! How exciting and kinda bittersweet. So excited for you both and congrats to D on his promotion! I know your new home will be incredible as well! You never know what God has waiting for you around the next corner!

  20. by Amy

    An adventure for sure.. we never saw it coming! But are very excited. :)

  21. This makes me cry… :(
    I say if it feels right, then go for it! Good luck to you guys on this awesome new adventure!

  22. What!!!!!! This is crazy! I’m excited for D and this amazing new opportunity. I’m feeling bad for your mom because she’s probably sad that you won’t be quite so close anymore. While your home is priceless because you and D put so much of yourselves into it, I hope you find buyers who appreciate all the hard work and love you poured into it!

    Looking forward to going on this new adventure with you guys …

    :) Linda

  23. I can’t handle this. seriously. I love the detachment though, being willing to let go. Can’t wait to see what you get into next!

  24. Holy Cow (or maybe Buffalo)! That was unexpected. Good luck! Maybe you can send that finding a new job/promotion luck my husband’s way. LOL. He is coming up on being unemployed for 2 months and we still haven’t had any good leads.

  25. Isn’t it funny that just when you think you have your life settled and figured out, something like this comes and mixes it all up.
    Congratulations to D on the new position and good luck on the new adventure! :)

  26. Happy for you guys :). Can’t wait to follow your selling/hunting process (for your VERY old home…right D??)!

  27. Oh Amy! I feel both excited and heartbroken for you guys! You’ve put so much into this house, it so sad that you only got to enjoy it for such a short time. But congrats to D on his new job and on your new adventure! Can’t wait to follow along and read all about it! <3

  28. by Reilly @ JourneyNorth

    Wow! Craziness.
    I couldn’t imagine moving away from our house in another 4 months.
    I know you guys will make your next home even more beautiful (if that’s possible)! Good Luck on your new adventure!

  29. by Amy

    Thank you! We are looking forward to it.

  30. Woah, did not see this coming!! Congrats to D on his new position, and good luck with everything in the coming weeks/months!

  31. by Amy

    We didn’t see it coming either! Haha.. thank you!

  32. you crazy kids!!!! HOLY MOLY! but seriously, good for you guys. I am happy for you but sad I will not get to see this beautiful house on your blog…but on to a new better one :)

  33. I was wondering when this announcement would be made. I know this was not an easy decision to come to, but I am so very happy for you and D {and Junior}…and I know there is nothing but awesome-sauce-ness heading your way. I can’t wait to follow along as you find and beautify your next home. :)

  34. That is some crazy and unexpected news for a Monday! Congrats to your husband on the promotion, and good luck on the move. I’m sure people will be lining up to live in your wonderful house.

  35. Ummmm, totally didn’t see THAT coming! But this girl is a mover so I’m excited to watch the buffalo roam. Congrats to D!

  36. Oh, my gosh!!! WOW — so many life-altering changes and decisions, my dear. congrats to your hubs… hoping the sale is smooth and painless and you find your next home right away. Blessings to you!!
    xo Heidi

  37. by Amy

    Thanks Heidi! :)

  38. On to the next adventure!! :) Congrats to you both.

  39. by Amy

    :) Thanks cuz!

  40. Oh WOW!!! I totally didn’t see it coming. Yeah for new adventures, right?! Can’t wait to see the next chapter!

  41. by Amy

    Right! We can’t wait either. :)

  42. by Katy

    I’m sorry for your loss, but excited to see what wonderful things your future holds. You have an amazing outlook and that is a great inspiration for those of us whose future may be going in an uncertain direction. Best of luck with the move!

  43. WOW! That’s exciting, but I’m sure a little shocking for you guys! Best wishes on your move, and congratulations on a new job opportunity for your hubby. I hope you will continue to keep us all in the loop! I looove reading your blog, and following your adventures with your home and family – and can’t wait to hear all about the new home. Again, best wishes to you all!

  44. by Amy

    Much appreciated!

  45. Did you get everything unpacked in the basement? I’m just thinking ahead to saving time.

    You know I’m excited for you all.


  46. Good luck Amy. !!!Can’t wait to see the next chapter!

  47. Oh wow! This IS a big change. You have the right attitude, though. I hope everything goes smoothly!

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  48. Oh my gosh! I’m shocked but also super happy for you guys! It’s not like you are close to retirement and ready to settle down for the last stretch, enjoy the twists and turns along the way!


  49. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you are moving. Good luck with everything, and I am sure your next home will be even better!
    Congrats to D!

  50. Oh Em Geee! I can’t believe this! Congrats to D on his new position! I hope the person who buys your house appreciates how unique and beautiful it is!

  51. Still can’t believe it! I’m so excited for all the goodness to come for you guys!

  52. Whoa Amy! That’s crazy/exciting/bittersweet/fantastic news!
    Does this mean we get to vicariously enjoy another new house build?

  53. Oh my goodness! That is quite a shock (as you know I have house envy!) but I bet that this will be good for the whole family. Do you think that you’ll buy or build this next house??
    Congrats to D on the new position!

  54. That is craziness! What an adventure life is sometimes, huh?
    Are you guys on the hunt yet?

  55. by Chelsea @ two twenty one

    Oh my goodness! Congrats to D! Crazy how life has its twists and turns, eh? Wishing you guys the best with selling the house and relocating!

  56. I haven’t been on your blog forever and had to keep reading back, back, back to see where you were moving too. It will be an adjustment from the country but Lawrence is a great city and will be a great place to raise jr. Tons of stuff to do with the college there –and every kind of cheap yummy food you could want. Away more options for delivery than just Pizza Hut. It’s one of the little things I miss most about that town. You guys will do great there, as sad as it is to sell that brand new house!

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