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A Handmade Christmas

November 30, 2012 - Author: Amy - 19 Comments

Don’t get too excited, people in my real life.  I’d love to say that you’re all getting really neat gifts I made with my own two hands out of love… But gift certificates are nice too!

Just in case I get a wild hair or extra hours in the day, I have found some pretty neat DIY for Christmas.

Candy Cane body scrub, anyone?


I actually did do this one year, and it makes for quite a refreshing bath.

Socks and wine.  SOCKS AND WINE!


Genius.  Pure genius.


My mom made Junior his own tree for his room.  Didn’t she make the cutest little ornaments?


 Smelly goods.


And I just had to add this after Michelle posted it.  This could be yours for $2, people!


 There you have it.  Fantastic, inexpensive, homemade gifts you won’t be getting from me but might want to make for someone else.  ;)

Happy Friday!



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Discussion (19 Comments)

  1. Great gifts – love the Bailey’s one!

  2. by Amy

    Yeah, that or the bottle of wine would be my choice. ;)

  3. Oh sure, tease us! There are some great ideas here.

  4. by Amy

    If only I weren’t such a lazy DIYer. ;)

  5. SOCKS WITH WINE!!! Is What a cool idea…and that necklace is awesome. And the Bailey’s hot chocolate. And how creative is your Mom?!

  6. Love all these ideas. The socks and wine is at the top, I would say :) Love the sugar scrub too :)

  7. I love DIY gifts and these are all great ideas. But most of all I love that this reminded me that I need to make some ornaments for a gift swap. I better get on that!

  8. by Bliss

    Put me down for the Baileys with or without the hot cocoa part. A bigger bottle would be ok too.


  9. I love DIY gifts. I am currently working on like 12 of them- haha. I usually take on too much and like them a little less as Christmas gets closer. These are some great ideas! Sign me up for socks with wine!

  10. Love. Every. Single. One. I definitely am making a necklace like Michelle’s!

    {And some artwork will be coming your way for Christmas haha.}

  11. Holy cow. I made the list. This is big time. Thanks, man.

    I talk the talk but don’t actually walk the walk when it comes to handmade gifts. I will hopefully do more this year but still not nearly as much as I pretend to on the blog. :P

  12. Great ideas, Amy! The socks and wine just tickles me — have to try this one!
    xo Heidi

  13. Great gift Amy h, that or the bottle of wine would be my choice.

  14. Baileys + anything is a win in my book!

  15. by Mommers

    I always appreciate gift cards! Love the socks/wine idea :)

  16. MMMM, Bailey’s hot chocolate – great idea.

  17. These are awesome ideas! I love the socks and wine and the Bailey’s hot cocoa! Basically I love alcohol, in a non-lush type way…

  18. I have made flavored vodka before as gifts….mmmm it was dangerous. I want to try the body scrub thing!

  19. The socks with wine is so fantastic I am totally giving that to my sister-in-law. Thanks for sharing!

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