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January 21, 2013 - Author: Amy - 24 Comments

The house hunt continues. 

We’ve looked at several different styles.  New construction, older homes, homes in no-maintenance sub-divisions.  So far my strongest reaction to any of them has been “meh”.

We found a foreclosure that we thought was marginally better than meh, so we threw a luke warm offer at them on the same day as a few other people and didn’t get it.  I was just disappointed enough to shrug a shoulder.

Then we went to see a house on a golf course with a basketball court in the back yard and I thought we were on to something.  But by the looks of the wavy basement floor and the cracks in the walls, half the house is sinking.  (No wonder it was in our price range.)  I’m so tired of house shopping I suggested we just throw some spackle at it but D and our realtor both said no.  Darn practicality to heck.

Then we went back to a neighborhood where the construction is so new we were just looking at the frames of houses.  At that point my apathy had reached such a level that my eyes shifted to the driveways and I realized that I don’t have a Range Rover.  I whined to D that I’m the ONLY person I know without one.  But he said if we bought a Range Rover we might have to live in it.  …Which kinda doesn’t sound too bad.

D’s latest suggestion is throwing a dart at the listings, buy whatever it lands on, then build a cabin somewhere else to live in in our free time. 


Which just sounds like more work to me.  See?  Apathy.

In other news, I have no other news. 

Send good vibes or else!

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Discussion (24 Comments)

  1. Boo. I don’t have a Range Rover either!
    I will send good house hunting vibes your way ;)

  2. We are in the same boat but in search of somewhere to build… ugh! No range rover here either, but I will totally send good vibes your way.

  3. Sigh. Good luck, lady. What’s the possibility of renting until you find something you guys love?

  4. by Amanda

    Heads up lady! Going from the house that you put your own sweat and tears into, to something that will probably not be the same is hard. We are in the same boat of finding something we can comfortably afford and to sell my current townhouse. It’s a frustrating journey but keep looking.

  5. : ( I’m sorry that it’s not going better for you guys. I’m sure you’ll find it but I’m also sure you’re way over this house hunt. I like Ashley’s suggestion- can you rent until you find one you like/love? Good luck- I have my fingers crossed for you!

  6. I’m sorry your house hunt isn’t going well at all! Let me share a condensed version of our house hunting with you…then maybe you won’t feel as alone in the crappy process. Plus, it might give you some hope, since we found a house we now l-o-v-e. Soooo we had to sell our townhouse for a loss…move in with my in-laws for over a year, and during the time we started our house hunt. We put an offer in on a house, had a verbal acceptance, then the guy backed out because he wanted to live in it (he was the contractor). Then we put in an offer on another house, had it accepted, but the appraisal didn’t come in high enough. The people who lived there (had a sports car and range rover in the driveway) said they wouldn’t come down even though it didn’t appraise, so they wanted us to come up with the extra $20k. Yup, that’s right…cause we OBVIOUSLY have an extra $20k laying around. After that we entered into a ridiculous bidding war on a house, and inevitably lost it. House number four was RIDICULOUS. As we were at our showing, another couple was lined up outside, waiting for us to get out of the house. We realized we had to move fast, so we put in an offer. We went back and forth, until the couple finally accepted our offer. Then they stalled on the contract signings…and after a few days said they were taking offers from other people and we needed to meet or come in higher to get the house. And then after ALL OF THAT BS, they backed out and took the house off the market. Finally (house number 5) worked out, and THANK GOSH, because it’s totally where we were meant to be. But really?!?!?! We were put through the ringer trying to find a house. So this crazy long winded response (that I said would be short) is really to just try and make you see that you just haven’t found the house that you are supposed to be in. I thought we’d never find a place, and I didn’t even care where we ended up anymore…I just wanted out of my inlaws, and away from my hour and a half commute. But all of that was God’s way of guiding us to our home.

  7. Btw, I know that’s probably the last thing you wanted to hear because when people would say, don’t worry, it’ll all work out, I know how you feel…I just wanted to knock them out because they clearlyyyy didn’t understand how frustrated/mad/upset/hopeless I felt. But I just wanted you to know that you WILL find a house…no matter how obnoxious the process is. You and your family are great people, and you will end up in a place equally as great, or even better than you are in now. :)

  8. When I read in other news I was waiting for the pregnancy announcement! Whew. That would certainly throw a wrench into the whole house hunt/move thing …

    I trust you and D to find the one where you can make your own personal mark!

    :) Linda

  9. House hunting is haaaaaard. Especially when everything is meh. Can’t you just uproot your house somehow?

  10. Habakkuk 2:3 is my favorite verse. It reminds me that God is never late or early with his timing but always right on time.
    You’ll find the one and don’t worry about the land rover. If you had one you would make all us other bloggers look bad in our inexpensive cars. Haha!

  11. Holy Haiti we need to commiserate over a bottle of wine, or 3. There are all of 16 listings in our price range in Key West. Good luck, hang in there and start checking out Range Rovers. :)

  12. by taidgh

    I used to live in a tent for a while. It was just about manageable until the field flooded and my tent was washed away. Thanks be to Jeebus I live in a house now. .Now a Range Rover sounds much better than a tent! Keep your chin up, you’ll find something, I’m sure of it. Sending you some Irish luck!

  13. Sending those good vibes your way!! I have a feeling something good is coming your way soon. Stay strong, keep your head up, and keep chuggin’!!!!!

  14. House hunting can be the pits. Super tiresome… until you find the good one! I hope it works out soon. Have you guys considered renting short-term? Maybe you can negotiate a 6 month rental?

  15. by Reilly @ JourneyNorth

    I was really hoping that your house hunt was going to go well. I am sending you all the good vibes I have. I hope that you guys find something that you are at least okay with even if it’s temporary until you find or build (yikes! hey?) something you love. I am keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you guys!

  16. i would like a range rover too.but i guess i will have to keep my little chevy malibu since i live in my “range rover” dont get too down. you will find the perfect little fixer upper. i picture you guys finding the perfect old farmhouse..yes?

  17. I can’t imagine trying to find a home after building one. #spoiledbrat

    Good luck. Your lovely home is out there….somewhere. :)

  18. Oh geez. Sorry to “read” about it. I hope it gets better for you guys soon.

  19. I’m sorry the hunt isn’t going well :( Hopefully you’ll find something soon!

  20. Meh is right. It’s so frustrating to go searching and not find anything. When we bought this house, we looked at all sorts of different things till we found the right one. I was in love, in love, in love with a century farmhouse with a bit of land complete with a creek running through it. But the hubby and the realtor saw the cracked timber posts holding up the floors and promptly took me out of there (in tears) A couple weeks later, we found this one on the internet – actually my sister found it and called right away. Hang in there, sweetie. The perfect house is waiting for you somewhere.

  21. by Mary

    Ug! House hunting can be a total drag. My husband and I looked for about six months, but time was definitely on our side. We had a lease on our apartment that we were still paying long after we’d moved into our house (rental companies are awesome). But we eventually found the right thing.
    The right one will come along. It may need a little paint or a little love but (as I’m learning the hard way) it doesn’t all have to be done at once. If your new house has those certain “Must Haves” you can make the rest of it work. Good luck!

  22. I don’t have a Range Rover either, so you’re in good company! I haven’t done a house hunt in about 14 years… seems to me the best houses are found when you’re not really looking. Sorta like getting pregnant when you quit trying. Or adopt. Ha! Sending good cheer and karma your way!!
    xo Heidi

  23. Boo. House hunting can be very, very exhausting! I feel your pain. Your house is out there. Somewhere. You’ll find it! Sending good vibes!

  24. Sorry the house hunt isn’t going well! :(

    But chin up because you will find something! Life has a funny way of working itself out. On the bright side, that floating shed is amazing. I think you should keep it on your shortlist! ;)

    Sending good vibes your way!

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