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January 25, 2013 - Author: Amy - 43 Comments

We sold our house. 

I feel :) and :(, but mostly just relieved. 

We were down to a week left to sell before the company bought us out.  Which would have been ok, because at least we wouldn’t have had to carry two mortgages.  But, they don’t exactly give you market value so we were really praying we wouldn’t have to take that route.

A not great but not terrible offer came in last weekend.  With their offer came several requests – mostly for our furniture.  *pout*  We went back and forth with them until we’d finally decided we could live with it and gave our realtor the green light.

But then.

Then, they decided they wanted to add one more request – they wanted belt driven garage door openers installed.

Sighhhhh…. I know that sounds like small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, but you must understand.  D and I are done.  We are done working on this house.  We are done spending money on it.  We pumped the brakes on the negotiations.

In the meantime, my father in law called to tell us that he’d heard from some people whose friends had been to a showing at our house and wanted to make an offer.  But unfortunately for them, it was MLK Day, and their bank was closed.

D called our realtor back and told him that we believe in things happening for a reason, and that God’s timing is uncanny.  We asked for 24 hours to decide to accept the first offer, or see if a second came in.

The second offer came in early the next morning, and it was better than we’d dared to hope!  But more than that, they had attached the sweetest letter telling us how they sympathized with our having to move out of our dream home, but that it is their dream home too, detailing why.  It was such a welcome salve to the final step in the process.

We accepted without countering, and we close March 1.

We need to get serious about buying.  We are going to look for a third time this weekend.  The houses we’ve seen so far have all been very nice and look like your average heartland home, but I swear, all we see is:


Lord help us.

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Categories: Home Building

Discussion (43 Comments)

  1. YAY! So glad that second offer came in!
    It’s amazing how things like that just happen!
    Congratulations, and good luck on your continued search.

  2. What a relief and huge weight of your shoulders that is! It must feel good to know that you’re selling to someone who loves your house *almost* as much as you and D do.

  3. Ok…I almost got a little teary eyed there when I read about the “letter”. But, it’s great to read that you sold your place!

  4. by Tim Stearman

    Say, if you don’t have plans for that mattress in the picture I’d sure like to talk to you about it. It looks like a quality piece that just needs a bit if touch up work to make it good as new.

  5. Yay for selling! And how sweet of them to write you a letter! We did the same when we were trying to buy our house!

    Good luck with your own house hunt! I hope you guys find something soon that you love! <3

  6. Congrats on selling! I love that they wrote you a letter to let you know how much the house will mean to them. So cute :)
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed you find a house as close to perfect as you can!

  7. Oh, the power of prayer and God’s perfect timing. I am do glad everything is working out. Now I just need to keep praying you find your next home.

  8. by Becky Botter


  9. awe… that is so sweet that it’s their dream home too. So happy for you guys… and it was TOTALLY meant to be. You will find your dream home again, I have faith.

  10. Yayyyyyyyy! So so so happy for you guys that you not only got it sold but sold it to a family that will love it as much as you do. Life works in funny ways… I imagine those other people are kicking themselves for asking for that garage door opener. ;)

    What a huge burden to be lifted. Now you guys can focus on finding your next home without your old one weighing you down. And I am positive that you WILL find something wonderful!

  11. Congrats on selling the house!! A huge weight has been lifted I’m sure. On to better things :)

  12. by Sara

    Way to go, woman! On to the next! Tally ho!

  13. Whooohooo!! So glad it sold, for a price you guys wanted, and they even left you a nice letter! One less thing to worry about! Now all you have to do is find a home you guys love! And you WILL!

  14. i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this story! It’s so sweet & purrrfect. I’m relieved for you guys that it’s sold and you can focus on finding a house now! Ya know, one down one to go. BEST of luck this weekend!!!

  15. Well now, just look at how wonderful all that turned out. Someone was watching over you and had these plans all along.


  16. Congrats girl! I’m so happy for you guys! I know house hunting sucks when you’re not in the mood to do it but keep your chin up and you’ll find something out there that will turn into your next dream home :)

  17. Wow! I’m feeling your emotions now, too! And have seen a bajillion houses that look similar to that pic. Congrats on the sale to such nice people and good luck with the search … maybe the third time really will be the charm. :)

  18. Perfect! You found someone who will love your house which is a great thing! Now on to find a house you can love.

  19. I am so happy and relieved for you guys!! Mainly because that second offer is the type of offer you guys deserved. It’s about time SOMETHING went your way in all of this. You know there will be a family who appreciates your home and all the work you put into it. Now I’m just praying that your buying process starts to turn around for you guys. Fingers crossed! XO!!

  20. I’m so happy that you found someone who will love the home as much as you have. What a huge relief and positive closure to an otherwise stressful situation.

    We’re currently prepping our house for sale and the process has me at my wit’s end. I’ve literally had six gray hairs pop up in the last couple of weeks. AND I DON’T HAVE GRAY HAIR.

    Have you guys thought about renting instead of buying? That might give you the chance to rest and give you time to think about you want. I’d hate to see you end up somewhere that you don’t love because you felt under the gone.

  21. I’m so happy that you found a buyer who will love your home as much as you! And aren’t some buyers just crazy in the head? The price is the price. And that practice has been going on for as long as I can remember. Both my sisters had to deal with buyers like those 20+ years ago!

    :) Linda

  22. by Reilly @ JourneyNorth

    I am soo happy for you guys! I love that you found someone that will love and appreciate your house as much (well as much as anyone can love a house when they haven’t put in their own blood, sweat, and tears into it) as you guys do.
    I think now that you have this weight lifted off your shoulders you’ll find a house that you both can agree on. Even if it’s not your forever home but a place to call home until you have enough strength to build a new dream home. And it will give you a chance to fix anything that you didn’t like on your first house plan ;).

  23. by Mary

    Eek! I’m so excited for you guys! I would’ve squealed outloud if I weren’t at work. I’m so glad you found someone who loves your home for everything it is and that won’t make you jump through ridiculous hoops.
    Maybe now that you have peace of mind on that house the right new house will be easier to find. Good luck!
    I’m pretty sure I’ve see that same house that you guys keep seeing. And it may have actually looked like that. Sigh. The right one is out there.

  24. Congratulations (I think!!!) How long do you have before you need to move? I guess you’ll be heading back to see some more houses. You’ll look at everything with different eyes now that you NEED to buy – I know I did when it happened to us.

    Peace of mind, for sure. And money in the bank. It’s all good!!!

  25. I am so glad that you received the second offer and that the buyers were thoughtful enough to send you the letter. I’ve been through something similar. I had a very hard time saying goodbye to our last home. A few weeks after the sale the buyers sent us a beautiful, handmade card letting us know how much they loved the house. They had spent six months looking and were about to give up when our house came on the market. Seeing how God had arranged the perfect timing for both families made it a little easier to leave that house and also taught me a lesson. As I prepare to put my current house on the market this summer I am already praying not just for the house to sell, but also that it will be a blessing for the buyers. Good luck with your house hunting and the move.

  26. Woooo yay for you guys AND for a God who has got it all in control! Here’s hoping you find your dream shack soon, now. ;)

  27. What an amazing story! I am so glad that the second was so much better! I know you have a wonderful journey ahead of you!


  28. everything does happen for a reason and it sounds like the house you poured your heart into is going to people who will appreciate it. i am happy for you there. :) best of luck!

  29. by Lori

    Congrats sweetie! I know that is a big weight off your and D’s shoulders. Good luck this weekend looking! God has a plan……….just trust him! You always have that adorable play house outside your parents to crash in for the mean time! Think of it as cozy!!!!! Hugs!

  30. Love how this worked out in the end! You guys deserved a break! Good luck with the house hunt!

  31. gahhh everything does happen for a reason girl. i know sometimes you are like WTH but it is true!

  32. That’s so sweet that they included a note. Sounds like they will really live your house. Best of luck in your search.

  33. Dude. I’m glad things went as well as they could with selling.

    Now fingers crossed for that next dream home!

  34. I’m trying to get over that picture you posted! LOL! Congrats on the sale!

  35. Okay I know I’m late to this post, but OMG!! What an amazing blessing! I knew it wouldn’t be hard to find someone who would appreciate your amazing style and all that hard work. Congratulations! Fingers crossed for your house hunt!

  36. Congrats on such an awesome situation working out to get your house sold! I’m sure there must be tons of crazy emotions involved, but at least you can move on now :P Good luck with the house hunting!

  37. How bittersweet. But I’m glad out of all the outcomes that could have happened, you guys came out pretty well. I’m also glad people who call your dream house their dream house will be taking it over. That would definitely make me feel better about moving on. Hope you had luck with the hunting this weekend!

  38. I’m so happy that you sold your house and to people who will love it! It’s bittersweet that you have to leave but at least you know it’ll be in good hands. xoxo

  39. Congratulations! What a load off your back. It must be great knowing it is going to someone who appreciates all of your hard work!

  40. I’m so happy that someone who truly appreciates all of the hard work you and D put in to this house will be calling it home soon! I hope you find one that you love just as much!

  41. Praise the Lord!! I am so glad someone is moving into your house who loves it as much as you do. Good luck on finding your new home…God worked things out on the selling end, I am CERTAIN he will on the buying end!

  42. Congratulations! It’s so nice that you found people that will love your home as much as you did and appreciate how beautiful it is. And you will find another beautiful home! I can’t wait to see what you find and the amazing ideas you have.

  43. Late to the SOLD party due to traveling but YAYYYYY!!!!!! I am SOOOO happy for you guys (and melancholy at the same time). A new adventure is beginning and you WILL find your next dream home :)!

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