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Discussion (42 Comments)

  1. Oh how darling!

  2. LOL that is so funny. Really awesome!

  3. Haha! He’s the most adorable little guy. Thanks for linking up!

  4. His cuteness slays me. Thanks for joining our super serious blog party.

  5. OH MY GOSH, hilarious!

  6. Ah! I love it! That face!

  7. Oh that is the best!! So cute….and so true!!!

  8. LOL! Well of course I do love me some Jr. D., but ummm…. where is my photo of his papa?


  9. Haha. He’s cute!

  10. by Anne

    What an expression! Hahaha. Great caption. So many meanings.

  11. by Dana

    Too cute!

  12. Oh. Em. Gee. That could have been my son. Until he was three. I am still trying to catch up on sleep, and he’s twenty-six!!

  13. This is awesome. I friggin’ love him.

  14. TOTALLY love this. The first one I am commenting on… I remember those days well :)

  15. by groceryshrink

    Melt! That is adorable!

  16. Too cute! So sorry about the sleepless night …

    :) Linda

  17. This was perfect and hilarious! He has the cutest expression! I totally think you should have rocked one out with D in disguise though! haha. I always love his mustaches and random ties, etc.

  18. AH this is pure awesomeness! Those cheeks are overly cute, how do you not just squeeze them all day?

  19. OMG. If that isn’t just the smarmiest face I’ve ever seen. He is the best!

  20. What a sweetie-pie! So cute! And I’ve been having fun with this party, it’s a blast!
    Debbie :)

  21. Hahahaha! Best one yet!

  22. by Tina

    Ahhh, so cute but sooo true!

  23. THIS might be my favorite. PURE BRILLIANCE! :) Oh that little junior is so swoon-worthy!

  24. Bahahahaha! SO TRUE! And what a look, too. So funny! ~Angela~

  25. Bahahahaha. I just LOL’d. Jr and Kevy need to get together and party all night. Thanks for the good laugh!

  26. you kill me every time, amy! too funny!

  27. Oh my goodness, he really couldn’t be any cuter!

  28. OMG this is my FAVORITE!! Totally my “happy” for the day, Amy!
    xo Heidi

  29. :D How AH-dorable!

  30. too fricken’ funny

  31. Amazing photo! What a perfect expression!! love it!!

  32. So precious! That face!!

  33. Hehe love it!

  34. Haha I’ve been there! Great pic!

  35. Its true. Funniest link party ever. Yours really cracked me up :)

  36. Hysterical, and so true!!!

  37. BAHAHAHA. This = amazing. So mad I missed this linky party!

  38. hahahahah … that’s kind of my life. Thank for the belly laugh :)
    Turns out this is a really funny link-up!

  39. This is hilarious and awesome!

  40. Cute! He is so photogenic!

  41. [...] Buffalo RoamIf you know what I mean. And I think you do. [...]

  42. This is my absolute favorite from the linky party! So adorable!

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