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Stuff and Things

February 6, 2013 - Author: Amy - 24 Comments
  • I have announced to D that I will not be cleaning house again until after we’re out of it.
  • Then we forgot to replace the filter and you should see the dust.
  • You can literally see Bill outlines on the hardwoods.
  • The moving company comes tomorrow to estimate how much time and manpower it will take to get us packed.
  • My best guess is: a lot.
  • (Glad it’s not me.)
  • Still not going to dust.
  • We are going to take a second look at a house that we might maybe make an offer on.  Maybe.
  • We feel like this about it:unimpressed
  • How my mom feels about the possibility of us not making an offer and moving into their house.skeered
  • I have developed an eye twitch, likely due to the house hunt.
  • Strangers think I’m winking at them.  Creepily.
  • I watched “Something’s Gotta Give” and decided the best solution is to become a playwrite and buy a house with a private beach.  When asked what I will write about, my best answer so far has been “stuff and things”.
  • Note to self: work on ideas for play….
  • After I write my play and get my beach house, I have the perfect art for the bathroom.tub

So at least there’s that….

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Discussion (24 Comments)

  1. by Sara

    First off, hahahahahhaah! Your post made me LOL. Secondly, good to know you weren’t intentionally coming onto me with the eye twitchy thing. The house thing is difficult. I mean you gotta be out by a certain time and unless you want to move twice, you gotta find something. Eehh, maybe you’ll love it when you go look at it again! Lastly, Imma buy the beach house next to yours when we both become famous playwrites.

  2. :(
    I just wanna search listings and send you pretty houses I like! :))
    I love your Queen Elizabeth picture. So appropriate hehe

  3. Cutest. Face. Ever.

    I mean Britney, in case it was unclear.

    And just in case my sense of humour is completely not funny and lost on people…I clearly mean Junior.

    I’m tired.

  4. Joe and I also decided that we weren’t going to clean the current apartment until we had moved everything out and are officially in the new apt (because really, what’s the point).

    I feel better knowing that we’re not alone in that.

    PS – Good luck tonight!

  5. by Dana

    Haha you’re too cute. …and those eye twitches are the living worst!

  6. Eye twitching is the devil! I developed one when we were renovating. Clearly stress brings on awesome physical symptoms. Grrr.

    I love the illustrations you used to show feelings. I’m 100% sure your mom’s face would NOT look like that…I’ve heard she’s pretty awesome, and I know she’ll welcome you guys with open arms. ;)

    Oh, and cleaning is for the birds. I support your decision.

    Keep us updated with the offer making!! Good luck! :)

  7. Argh, i want you to find a house you LOVE!!! I almost want to join the search effort and help haha! Welp, at least you have the bathroom art nailed down. SOOOOO cute.

  8. Ack! I’m sending virtual hugs your way! The whole house hunting process sucks and I’m sorry you feel eh about it.

  9. Yay on the bathroom art! :)

  10. by Mary

    Deep breaths. I predict when you look at this house again you will like it much better.
    Who needs to dust? Dusting is completely overrated. I too gave up on cleaning anything before we bought our house. And hooray for movers! We bought our house and moved while I was still in grad school. Our boxes were insane. Cookie sheets and socks. Insanity I tell you.
    Good luck with all of it! Fingers crossed that this house will be the house.

  11. I am in love with that pic of Jr.

  12. Love the new bathroom art! Good luck in finding the house with the right bathroom to hang it in : )

    At least you still have a sense of humour after all this! Hope things get better soon

  13. Hahaha! Junior is the cutest. And don’t dust if you don’t want to! Who cares!! That’s my philosophy on dusting and sweeping the floors! :)

  14. by Mommers

    What?! I’m ecstatic about my roomies!! *twitch twitch* lol, and, in all seriousness, Good Luck! You have the perfect model for artwork :)

  15. I’ll bet Ms. Spears has a beach house to loan you, but that is an even longer commute for D..


  16. I want to be a playwrite too. And have a stunning Hampton’s beach house. And a gorgeous townhome in the city a la Smash! I’ll write a play about “this and that” …

    I had no idea Broadway playwriters were compensation so heavily! Best-selling novelists are told to keep their day jobs, but a play? Wow.

    :) Linda

  17. It is the perfect bathroom art! Your mom was so sweet when you lived with them during the last bit of construction, did that wear her out? ;)


  18. by Reilly@JourneyNorth

    At least you have the most important thing figured out…your bathroom wall art. I am sure everything will fall in place around it ;).

  19. Man. I love house-hunting. I wish I could just go do it for you. :)

  20. Girl, I wish we could hang out. You totally crack me up! When you write your play and get your beach house can I come over?
    xo Heidi
    PS — Good luck on the house! It’ll all be okay. :)

  21. hahaha, you crack me up.
    So awesome that you got movers!
    That makes things so much easier & less stressful.

  22. I feel your pain! We bought our house in a hurry, too, and we’ve regretted some of our choices since then. So it’s worth taking your time, truly, even if it’s a ltitle suffering now. Better a few months of suffering now than years of suffering later.

    I pretty much don’t remember ANYTHING about “Something’s Gotta Give” except the house! I loved the beach house so much I didn’t pay attention to the story! I spent the whole movie pausing and pointing things out to my husband. Given that he didn’t really want to watch the movie in the first place, he was SO THRILLED. Hahaha!


  23. You are so funny. OMG. I hope you love that new house for your mom’s sake. Good luck with the move!!

  24. hahaha… dont make an offer on a house that you feel ho-hum about. best guess: you’ll live in this one longer than 6 months. you should love it. I bet your Mom wouldn’t be too devastated to live in the same house as that sweet little boy, even if that means you and D are part of the deal :-)!

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