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A Birthday and a House

February 15, 2013 - Author: Amy - 33 Comments

It’s my daddy’s birthday today, and I found just the right card.

“Lessons from dad: With you on my side, I learned that no dream was too big, no problem too tough, no anything too anything because you’ve given me the confidence to try everything.”

And it’s true.  It’s actually become a bit of a joke between my brother and I because it’s a rare day that we don’t get a call or text from him just to say that he loves us, he’s proud of us, and he believes in us.  That must be the ticket to good parenting because frankly, Tanner and I both kick butt at life.

Then he put this picture on my Facebook:


That is one of my mother’s famous sugar cookies.  He told me to eat my heart out.  It made me feel not quite so charitable towards him and now I’m considering not giving him his birthday gift that is actually not a gift certificate for once.

He might not even care about that, though, because he’s probably feeling like his real gift is the fact that our layover at their house shouldn’t be too long.  Becauuuusseeee….

We bought a house!


The inspection is on Monday, and if everything goes well we close on March 28.


And you guys?  I’m more excited about it than I thought I’d be!  So please pray for a clean inspection. 

Then leave my dad a nice birthday note because he actually does read all my nonsense.  :)

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Categories: Family

Discussion (33 Comments)

  1. Happy Birthday to your dad!

    And I hope the inspection goes wonderfully and it all works out! :)

  2. YAY! So excited for you guys & it’s gorgeous! Love the brick.

  3. by Sara

    Happy Birthday, Amy’s Dad! And I really like the house! Looks so warm and inviting! Do eet up!

  4. Yay for the new house! AND… happy birthday to your daddy!

  5. by Crafted Niche

    Happy Birthday Daddio!

  6. Remember there will always be SOMETHING wrong on an inspection report. I’m praying that it’s all minor things that your amazingly talented hubs can handle with no problem :). This is SO exciting!! After inspection you must share inside pics!

  7. by dad

    Awww….you make me blush, really proud of/for you guys. Dad

  8. how exciting! the house looks amazing :) Hopefully there are no complications!

  9. by Christine @ Casa-de-Christine

    Happy birthday to your dad!

    I’m so excited for you that the house hunt is over! Hope the inspection goes well!!

  10. Happy birthday dad!

    Amy, that house looks beautiful and grand and I hope it all works out great!

  11. by Mary

    Hooray for buying a house! Glad you guys found one you liked. Can’t wait to see what it looks like. Good luck with the inspection!

  12. WOOOOOOOOOFLIPPNHOOOOOOO ! You guys found a house! I’m so pumped for you. Now tell me more about these famous sugar cookies.

    Happy Beeday Amy’s Pops! Hope it’s a grand day and that her present is really really good!

  13. SO. FRIGGIN. HAPPY. FOR. YOU. GUYS. But like I said before, I’m sad our communal living won’t work out. ;)

    And happy birthday dad…you brought a fan-freakin-tastic girl into this world!! :)

  14. Happy birthday to dad, happy birthdayyyyy tooooo daad, haaaaapppyyy birrrrthhdaaay dearrrr Amy’s daaaa-aaad, happppy birthdayyyy to youuuuu.

    So Papa, clear your calendar for April, just in case Amy has some new house projects for you to help your son in law with.


  15. Happy birthday to Terry, one half of one of the coolest parenting duos I know. I hope to be as loving and in love as your parents always!!

    And so excited you’ll be closer to me so I can get away from the big city for a weekend crashing your house. Because I will.

    Happy for you!!!

  16. Woo Hoo!!! How exciting!! And happy birthday to your dad! :)

  17. Happy Birthday Amy’s dad. Hope you have a great one — even though you taunted my friend on FB!

    And Amy, I’m thrilled for you and your family! My prayers on a hassle free inspection are with you. Can’t wait to see the inside and, more importantly, your plans to put your own stamp on it!

    :) Linda

  18. Happy Birthday Amy’s Dad! And YAY for the house! I’m so excited for you guys :D

  19. by Mommers

    Happy birthday Amy’s Daddy!!! And, my sweetie! Such a good Daddy he is. Love him and your new home!

  20. by Dana Drake

    Good Luck McCarters!

  21. Happy Birthday, Amy’s Dad!! And congrats on the house – it looks gorgeous!!

  22. GAHHH I love it!! Crossing my fingers and toes for your inspection! & happy bday to your dad…send those sugar cookies my way please!

  23. YAYYYYYYYYY! Happy Birthday to dad and CONGRATS on finding a house! Fingers are crossed for your inspection. It looks like a beautiful house! :)

  24. Happy Birthday, Dad (Your daughter ROCKS!)!! And congrats on the house, Amy ~ you’ve been on my mind and I was so hoping you’d find a place you were excited about!! Prayers answered… and more prayers for smooth sailing. :)
    xo Heidi

  25. Woo hoo for the house!!

    Happy Birthday to your Daddy-O…who seems pretty awesome!

  26. Happy Belated Birthday to your dad, and congratulations! I hope the inspection goes perfectly!!

  27. Happy Belated Birthday to your dad! That’s awesome about the new house! I hope the inspections goes well, but I’m sure it will! Keep us posted!

  28. by Reilly@JourneyNorth

    YAY!! I am sooo happy you guys found a house!! I hope the inspection goes good today!!

  29. Woo hoo! Congrats! Saying a little prayer for the inspection!

  30. I hope the house inspection is going good for y’all today. I am so glad that you are excited about moving into your new house.

  31. Sounds like you’ve got the best Dad! Whenever I see/hear about Dads like this, I always hope that my kids get the same kind of love from their Dad too. (For the record, hubby is a good daddy, but I love seeing that continue into adulthood.)

    On another note, I always want to keep following you more but lose track. I’m going to like you on Facebook now and see if that does the trick!

    Congrats on the new house!

  32. I’m crossing my fingers for you. This is such an exciting time for you and I hope everything goes well and you’re into your new beautiful home in no time at all!

  33. I’m SOOO glad you found something you like! Yay! Happy birthday Amy’s dad!

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