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Winding Down

February 20, 2013 - Author: Amy - 28 Comments


It’s almost here.  The movers are scheduled to arrive early Friday morning, smack in the middle of Snowmageddon 2013.  Preparing for the move has been a non-event, since these goodly folks actually pack us too.  (Which, by the way, I can’t even conjure up a job I’d hate more.  I’d rather scoop elephant poop.  I would rather assist Mike Rowe.  I’d rather be a stage hand for Justin Bieber. – I take that one back.)  I was feeling pretty smug about not moving myself until a conversation with my cousin.  She’s married to a pilot in the Air Force, and they move a lot.

“Just wait till you have to watch three dudes packing up your UNDERWEAR!”

Huh.  I had not considered that.  Feeling less smug and more conscientious about the, ahem, granny in me.

Junior will hang with his grandparents for a big part of the actual move.  He freaks when I strip his bed to wash it, so I sort of don’t think he’ll do great watching his things get packed.  He took a bath in the big tub last night; likely his last as he leaves for the farm tonight.

last bath

My mom: “:( He looks like he knows.”  5 seconds after I took this picture, he climbed out of the tub and ran around the house naked screaming like a banshee, “Fast!  I fast!”.

Speaking of my mom.  She has just been insufferable lately.  When I informed them that we’ve opted out of an extended-stay option to instead crash with them, she was all “You are welcome to stay as long as you need!  You guys will take the master.  No arguments.”  No arguments?  Then I don’t even get the chance to politely decline and garner a sympathetic “We insist.” 

I told her that in lieu of rent, I plan to pay them in cilantro lime rice and pizza minus onions.  (Because that’s kind of all I know how to cook.)  She replied “Can’t wait to eat your emotionless pizza!”  Then claimed she meant to type “onionless”.  Still, I’d like to know what Freud thinks about that one.

I suggested she work on her attitude before embarking on the honor of giving us their bedroom for the second time in a year.

 Parents, man.  Can’t live with em, can’t stick em in a home yet.


So are you set to get any snow/ice/sleet in your neck of the woods?  Last I saw was 10 – 14 inches here.  My disaster preparedness plan involves a jumbo sized bottle of wine and some jerky.  You do what you gotta do.

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Discussion (28 Comments)

  1. Parents rock. Seriously. I don’t know what we’d do without them!

    You know what else rocks? Not having to pack up your house. I’d gladly let some strangers check out my underwear drawer if it meant I didn’t have to do a darn thing haha.

    Good luck this Snowmageddon business. I’m not so sure I’d be happy about getting another foot of snow, but at least you have a perfect plan in place for when the storm strikes. ;)

  2. Emotionless pizza sounds like an epic band name. Trademark that mess! Your parents sound horrible.

  3. by Erin Pfannenstiel

    SHEESH… what is the deal with parents anyway? They are just insufferable with all their kindness and helpfulness and always being there for us… WHY CAN’T THEY JUST LEAVE US ALONE?? :)

    Btw, your son melts my heart on this cold, crappy Kansas day. :)

  4. by Sara

    Junior look so sad in that picture, but in truth he’s just plotting his escape.

    Loved this, too cute :)

  5. They sure need a solid talking to. No, nevermind, I can’t even pretend. They are too amazing.

  6. by Mary

    Parents are amazing! Mine are coming to help us install flooring this weekend. Eek! They tried to give us their bedroom once. I stubbornly refused. And won.

    Good luck with the move! I don’t know if I could handle strangers packing my stuff, even as much as I hate packing.

  7. I think I’d rather pack someone’s house than scoop elephant poop but that’s just me. haha. I would definitely be a little weirded out about people in my underwear drawer but I agree with Gabbi- it’s worth it if you don’t have to pack! haha

    You should totally start packing and selling storm preparation kits. I think they’d be a big hit ; )

  8. Emotionless pizza. Hmmm….


  9. Just when I thought your mom and I could be BFFs she goes and pulls crap like that. Sheesh.

    Maybe it’s a good thing you’ll be putting some distance between you …


    I know that will be the saddest part of all.


  10. by Anne

    PARENTS. Heaven help us all.

  11. Thank goodness for parents!
    I think I’d be okay with movers packing up my stuff until it was time to unpack and I couldn’t find anything.

  12. You are so lucky to have parents who “get you”. If I wrote that kind of a post, I’d have WW3 on my hands. Lucky girl, lucky parents to have you.

    As for the movers packing my underwear – no biggie. It’s what’s tucked inside my bedside table that worries me.

  13. Your parents are so cute! And yes, Junior totally knows… I’ve seen that look before. Brace yourself — he’ll be blaming everything on you before you know it!! ;-)
    No snow for us, though I’d DIE for a snow day about now… just gulley washers in store for us. Time to dig out the wellies again. At least they’re cute ones.
    xo Heidi
    PS — good luck with the move! Sending hugs!

  14. I got sad when I saw that picture of him last night on Instagram. Enjoy the movers though. I dread the day we have to pack everything up again. It might not hurt to through all your underwear in a box before they get there though… if you are the shy type like me. Happy moving!

  15. by Mommers

    I’m really working on my attitude. I’ll be in good form by the weekend. I’ll try to choke down some emotionless pizza whenever the mood hits ya to fix me some. Seriously, I totally love this blog and I do “get” your humor (even if some peeps don’t). We’re looking forward to our roomies to show up. Love you the Mostest!

  16. I’m going to steal your last parent line. Genius. “Can’t put ‘em in a home.”

    Good luck with strange dudes touching your undies. I’d honestly be fine with it as long they didn’t expect me to touch a box.

    They are talking 4-6 inches. I’m hoping for more. I need a snow day.

  17. OH MAN. those parents of yours…they need some work!!! :)

    and ps thanks for the cookie offer but I am trying to get skinny and cookies are my enemy!

  18. oooh i just had emotionless pizza for dinner…. it was fabulous but lacking something.

  19. OMG. I am picturing Jr. doing that. Too funny.
    Your parents are so sweet; I hope your mom loves the emotionless pizza!

  20. by Chelsea @ two twenty one

    Mmm, emotionless pizza. Please make a smiley face out of pepperonis or whatever you put on your pizzas to show your mom your pizzas aren’t emotionless. Good luck with the strangers touching your unmentionables.

  21. You honestly crack me up every time I read your blog. Those parents! Insufferable, I tell you! And emotionless pizza? Hilarious.

    Hope the move goes well. Great timing with SnowOMGagedden.

  22. by countrymousetales

    The idea of movers packing up our stuff is honestly really uncomfortable for me, haha! What if they think I am a slob? What if they notice the holes in my socks? But on the other hand…I hate packing – so maybe it would be worth it! I hope the move goes well!

  23. Hmm… There’s a thought. Onion is the emotion of a pizza. Wonder what the pepperoni are? The lust?

    Good luck with the snow! All we’re getting in Dallas is a thunderstorm and below average temps. Yay.

    • Saying a little prayer for your move today! Hope it all goes off without a hitch and that the movers don’t even think to judge you by your underwear!

  24. I love emotionless pizza!

    Your parents are seriously awesome! They sound like the best!

  25. MOVING DAY IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this post (and the last one, I am catching up). Your parents sound awesome. You seem like you are doing well with all this crazines…!

  26. by Anne

    Praying that moving day went well! Can’t wait to hear an update when you’re a bit more settled.

  27. The move will be fine! Especially followed by vino, pizza with some awesome parents!

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