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February 25, 2013 - Author: Amy - 26 Comments

You know how I said the movers were coming last week?  And you guys were all really sweet with the well wishing?  Well.  The Blizzard of Oz hit and they postponed for Tuesday.  When round two of snowmageddon is scheduled to hit.  However, it’s only supposed to be another foot on top of the foot currently on the ground, so I’m not really worried.


Except that my pants are on fire because I’m completely worried!  We close on Friday, y’alls!  They want two days to pack, and one day to move.  D is in Texas for two weeks, and I’m at a complete loss because since this is a company relocation, I have zero control over the rest.  We’ve cleaned everything but the floors, so I need to get back up there one more time to make sure the place is shining for the new owners. 

Which, by the way, I heard from and they are completely delightful!  Hiiiiii, Mrs. “O”!

Backing up.

Jr. spent the night Wednesday night with my in-laws, because they usually get him at least one day a week.  D went to work.  Then it started to snow and my office closed.  I was home all alone, and my boys were snowed in where they were.  I’d already cancelled the satellite and we hadn’t gone grocery shopping because we didn’t want to move food.  It got dire, friends.  I was down to a little wine and half a box of girl scout cookies.  I was about to gnaw my way through the snow to the nearest Chipotle.

But it was kind of nice to have a little time to say goodbye to the house.

home2 home3 housey

I didn’t starve, and my boys eventually made their ways home.  After working for 48 hours straight,



D came home and shoveled the driveway, made Junior a snowman, AND an igloo.  Daddy of the year!



Bill also really enjoyed the snow day.


We did make our way over to my parents, but this post is already kind of long so I’ll tell the tales of their insufferable hospitality on another day.

Until then, wish us (and the movers, and the new home owners) luck!


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Categories: D (Also known as Tex and Hubbylovepunkinpants), Home Building, Junior

Discussion (26 Comments)

  1. I’d be nervous, too, if the movers weren’t coming until Tuesday and it’s a three-day process. To be fair, I am a worrier… but I am also an eternal optimist (not sure how those two happened) and I’m sure that everything will go smoothly.

    Crossing my fingers it doesn’t snow too much again xo

  2. Best of luck! Saying (another) little prayer for you, the movers, and some sanity!

  3. I will hope that round 2 of snowmagedon is lighter and doesn’t slow things down for you! I’m sure it will all work out!

    I love that you put an additional hat and mustache on D over his actual ones. haha

    Dad of the year for sure! That igloo looks super fun!

  4. gahh that is cutting it close but dont worry! all you need is wine and girl scout cookies…i mean that sounds like a good supper :)

  5. On a plus note (if I may), the snow looks so pretty in the first picture! Now, stop with all this craziness, I can’t take the stress!

  6. by Amy

    You and me both, sister!

  7. Ahhhhh, talk about ridiculous timing! Good luck! :):)

  8. Ohhh, I really hope you guys get packed and moved on time! Best of luck with everything! :)

  9. At least you had some staples on hand! Wishing you luck here in Chi-town …

    :) Linda

  10. by Reilly@JourneyNorth

    Good Luck! I am sure everything will work out though :).

  11. Stupid snow! Hopefully round #2 happens!

  12. by Amy

    Amen and amen!

  13. Yikes how stressful! But I’m sure everything will work out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you guys!

  14. You are so darn funny. A little snow would never deter me from a Chipotle. Now, is it cool to ask Mrs. O to send you photo updates after they move in? I mean you have a following who are still attached to the ‘ol place.


  15. by Amy

    I should ask! :)

  16. Ack! I hate when stuff like this happens. It sends my OCD little mind into overload! Hopefully round 2 goes as expected and you guys can get moved in to your next place soon! :)

  17. That Bill… something about him just tickles me! Glad you had your time with the house… I know you will miss it, but I’m sure there are wonderful things in store! On another note, my parents live in Amarillo and they are SNOWED IN today — drifts all around the house, roads closed… I have serious Snow Day envy. Stay warm!
    xo Heidi

  18. At least you got a chance to formally say good bye to the house. Thanks for letting us get our good byes in too. I’m gonna miss your house but look forward to seeing the inside of your new digs.
    Praying for a quick and stress free move. At least you aren’t the one having to pack everything that quickly!

  19. by Mary

    Aw, I wondered about you guys on Thursday. That stinks! Hopefully this next round isn’t as bad as they’re predicting. My fingers are crossed for you!
    Wine and Thin Mints! That sounds like my Christmas Eve a couple years ago when KC had that massive Christmas snow. Except we had no wine or Thin Mints just terribly disappointing food and no liquor at all. I’ve learned to plan since then. Send up a smoke signal if you need wine reinforcements.

  20. I’m suing the weather men because they keep getting my hopes up for a snow day and then nothing.

    I’m sure that’s super helpful for you right now. I’m here for you. ;)

    Hopefully the weather holds out and you can get a movin’!!!

  21. Best of luck during a very stressful time! Hopefully you don’t get another foot of snow and things go smoothly for you.

  22. Oh dang girl! Seriously hoping you guys get to move soon!! I totally feel bad about my porch sitting now. If i could have, I would’ve snatched you up and flew you to florida and we could have gotten tipsy off wine, on the porch. And I’m not joking either. :)

  23. So it’s Tuesday – did they come? You poor thing! There’s nothing more stressful than moving and when it doesn’t go right, it’s even worse.

    Hang in there as it will all be over soon and you can start living again. Do they unpack for you too?

  24. by Amy

    Front porch tipsy is the best kind!!

  25. Wine and Girl Scout cookies are a perfectly acceptable meal in my book. Hope everything went well with the movers today!

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