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March 1, 2013 - Author: Amy - 32 Comments

The movers did finally arrive on Wednesday to pack.  Thursday was moving day.  Thursday night was cleaning night for Amy… except we hit a little snag.

done done2 done3

Apparently the moving company sent their B team.  Which was unfortunate because we close today, so I didn’t have the option of making them come back to finish.

Once I was done cursing and came down from my panic attack, I begged my parents to bring over some boxes before their Rascal Flatts concert.  I probably made them late, but in true Stearman fashion, they didn’t complain at me.  Then I begged my in-laws to come over with their truck so we could store this stuff at their house.  They didn’t complain at me either.

Our realtor sent me a text regarding our relocation experience: “I’ve never seen anything like this.  I believe you’re being tested.  Keep the faith.”  He’s an old family friend and a good man.  So I kept the faith and said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  But then I paid for that because Kelly Clarkson was in my head the rest of the night.  Hmpf.

We got everything moved, and I mopped my way out of the house for the last time.

done4 done5

And really wasn’t too upset to close the door behind me.  It occurred to me later that maybe the move was supposed to be maddening instead of easy, so that I would feel mad rather than sad.

Things happen in a certain way for certain reasons, and this cluster eff of a move ensured me some closure.  I’m done.

Dear “O” Family,

Welcome home!  We sincerely hope that you are happy in your new house, and will enjoy many years there.


D, Amy, Junior and Bill

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Discussion (32 Comments)

  1. by Angie Essman

    Made me tear up but, I will leave you with this…”Jesus take the wheeeeel, take it from my hands…lalalala!!!” (I know how you love my daily serenades)

  2. I have no words.

  3. Way to make my cry this morning, Amy. We’re all shedding tears while you punch things ;). This is the start to a new adventure!!!

  4. by Sara

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…” ~hums~ Oops, sorry. ;) Anyway, I know that things happen for a reason, but, sheesh, this moving experience has been something else. Hoping this will be the juju purge you’ve been looking for. Onward and upward!

  5. by Amy

    So many terrible songs around here today!

  6. Aw, thanks sweetie! This just brought tears to my eyes. I’m so sorry you’ve had such a rough experience…I’m hoping the move into your new house will be much easier. You have made it so easy on our end, and we can’t wait to get there and experience everything you weren’t able to. I’m loving the inspiration photos for the new house and can’t wait to see what you do with it. Hang in there! :)

    Mrs “O”

  7. I love that Kelly Clarkson song.
    I’m sorry you had such a bummer of a time with the move. Ugh. How frustrating on so many levels. I hope the months ahead bring much joy even admist the stressors of moving!

  8. My heart hurts for you but at the same time I’m proud of you and inspired from you being so positive about it all. Things do happen a certain way for a certain reason. That doesn’t make it any easier but I have found that to be true. I hope the move to the new house goes much easier and I am so thankful you opened those drawers!

    ps- I now have that song in my head too… oh joy.

  9. by Becky Botter

    Praying for a exciting new chapter full of adventure.

  10. by Amy

    :) Thank you!

  11. This hurts my heart. I’m happy for you though! I hope “O” family loves your house as much as you guys did :)

  12. Hugs!!!! Reminded me of the time that we “lost” our dream house – it was awful packing up ourselves – all those hopes and dreams gone. The day of the move, I was still mopping up when the new owners arrived. But things work out for a reason and I actually landed up liking our new, smaller home better – it just felt “right”.

    Good luck with the rest of this journey, my friend. I’m sure that the “O” family will love their new home – thanks to all the work you guys put into it to make it so special.

  13. by Mary

    Ug! What a pain! I bet that totally was a blessing in disguise. If I were you I’d be so annoyed with the movers that it would be hard to have time to be sad or upset. Good luck in your new home! I can’t wait to see what lies ahead. And your sweet decorating plans.
    Also, now that song is stuck in my head too. So thanks for that :P

  14. Can I be the selfish dick that says I’m still not ready for this? Even though EVERYONE else obviously is? I can’t believe you are for-real all moved out. It’s weird, I imagine if I had to do it with my house I wouldn’t be overly shattered, I think I’m more attached to yours haha It’s just so purty. I remember the first post I read about it was the cedar (in the bathroom maybe?) and I was like “OH SNAP”. I’m really pumped to see what you do with the new house. It will be a beaut for sure. Moving forward is a good thing anyway. xx

  15. Did you forget to take the stools?

  16. by Reilly@JourneyNorth

    I am fighting back tears over here, Amy. I still couldn’t imagine having to leave after all that work. Your positivity is inspiring, I know that I wouldn’t be able to have your attitude if we were in your shoes.

    I know you guys will make your new house amazing and unique and I can’t wait to see what you guys do to it.

  17. by Colleen

    Holy crap, you are really out! :( Since you are feeling good about it, I will be sad for Bill, cause he just doesn’t seem like a city dog. Happy unpacking grrrfriend!!

  18. everything happens for a reason, you are so right!!!! love you!

  19. Like I said last night…big, huge {shirtless} hugs from us! Well not all of us. It might be awkward if I tried to give you a shirtless hug. But anywho, I’m sorry about your mover debacle, but I truly am so excited for what things are in store for you, D and Junior {& Bill}!! Xo! :)

  20. those a hole movers!! i hope they send you a fruit basket or something!!

    my heart hurts for you to leave this behind but i am also excited to see what is next. im sure you are in the same boat!!

  21. WOW what a nightmare. I am so sorry you had to put up with all of that crap! But you are right, perhaps it was all supposed to go down like this so you didn’t have the time or energy to be sad right now. Although, if you are anything like me, the sad will creep up on you for a minute once you are settled in your new house and you can take a breath. Regardless, at least the worst is over and you can start looking forward to all of the good, exciting things that you have in store for your family’s future! I am excited to see it all unfold! :)

  22. Hopefully nothing else could possibly go wrong for you! You built such a beautiful home and I’m sure O family will love it so much.

  23. by Mommers

    My heart hurt for you guys. I had to she’d a few tears as we drove out. You both put in so much blood, sweat and tears in that place. But, onward to a new awesome home! I love all the decorating ideas you’ve already come up with! So proud of you :)

  24. It’s still hard for me to think you’re out of there; I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you guys. Good for you for seeing the positive as much as possible! :)

  25. if our movers do that to me this week I’m seriously going to flip a lid. ;)

  26. Hate it when people don’t do their jobs properly! I know you’re glad to be moving on, now… things do have a way of working out. :)
    xo Heidi

  27. We’ve dealt with some pretty craptastic relo companies too. So frustrating. But I’m glad it made letting go a little easier! Can’t wait to see more about your next place!

  28. :( I can’t help being sad for you guys. You worked so hard, physically and now emotionally. I sure don’t understand Gods plan but I believe in it despite the pain. You WILL accomplish bigger and better things! Hard to imagine after the awesomeness we’ve seen huh? Take care and enjoy this new journey! I’m ready to see what’s next! :) Many Blessings!

  29. Dang those moving guys….sounds like the C team came for this trip. I’m hoping your next chapter goes smoother! I really want to see your new house….it sounds like everything we want in our next one!

  30. I’m sad, but I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the new place! I hope the unpacking and move in goes well =)

  31. I can’t believe those movers! How crazy!

    However, I totally understand the whole maybe it’s better to be angry than sad thing. It’s amazing the stuff you can accomplish when you’re amped up on adrenaline and anger.

    Here’s hoping that things aren’t too painful when the adrenaline wears off. I’m so sorry you had to leave that beautiful house, but here’s too new and better dreams and memories! <3

  32. All I can say is that was really nice of you to clean the house before the new owners moved in. I’d feel so defeated and all those other crappy emotions that I’d just walk out and cry into a box of Girl Scout cookies.

    Now onto new memories in your new home!

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