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Style Waffle

April 26, 2013 - Author: Amy - 27 Comments

Many moons ago I wrote about not really having a particular style (I’m too lazy to find and link).  Nothing that totally embodies or screams “me” because frankly, I like a lot of stuff.  And this new house is proving it.

We’ve been shopping, yo.


And things look a little different around here.  But it feels juuuuust right.


In other news, I am too tall for maxi dresses and that makes me sad because I don’t like to shave my legs.

In further and more salacious news, remember the 90′s when everyone had their bellybuttons pierced?  Well.  I found a ring in my jewelry box and am sporting some naval bling as I type this.  D was just this side of horrified so I think I’ll leave it a few more days just for enjoyment’s sake.

I’m listening to this song right now.

So what’s up?  Are you a style waffler too?  This could get expensive.


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Categories: Home Goods

Discussion (27 Comments)

  1. Yes… I am… as the hubby says “You like random *&^%^”

  2. I’m definitely a style waffler! I could go ultra modern and then I could do more rustic within the same room. I mostly call my style “eclectic” so I don’t have to identify any parameters LOL. I also am sporting the same navel bling that I had when I was 18. Never bothered to take it out haha!

  3. by Anne

    I’m totally a waffler too. One day I’ll totally be into vintage artwork and then the next day I see something modern that I love. I agree with Lyndsay. We’re just “eclectic.” :)

  4. LOVE those chairs! I’m also too tall for maxi dresses. We should stage a revolt. When I met Andy, I had my belly button pierced, but he has this weird gross-out reaction to anything going inside your skin and back out again, so I took it out within a week of us dating and that was the end of that!

  5. by Amy

    Glad to know there’s a name for it! ;)

    The things we do for our men, huh? Sheesh….

  6. by Dana

    Hey Chick – things are looking fabulous! Guess what . . . I too still have the same belly button bling that I got many years ago and have never, ever, ever, EVER taken it out. ; )

  7. I love where you’re going with it! I don’t have a particular style either…I like all kinds of styles. :) Bummer! I bought a maxi dress a couple weeks ago and I’m ready to wear it! Haha that cracks me up about your piercing!

  8. Too TALL for maxi!?! I’m TOO SHORT!

    Screw ‘em all

    And I have a definite style, I just can’t afford it…

  9. by Mary

    Ooh, I love those chairs.

    Too tall for maxi dresses?! That’s tragic. Maybe you could make one? It’s supposed to be simple but I’m too chicken to sew my own clothes. And have flash backs of the unfortunate pants my mother made me as a child.

    Man, I had my belly button pierced. It was horrible. They pierced it really deep. I almost passed out. It never healed right and now I have a giant scar.

  10. I am so in love with those chairs!! Who makes them? I might need to have those…

    My style is all over the place too- I can find things in pretty much all styles that I like. It can create a pretty bi-polar house though… haha

  11. by Andi

    Maxi dress? That sounds too much like maxi pad and I think I couldn’t wear one because of that. Love the chairs tho. :P

  12. by Colleen

    All of you “too tall for a maxi dress” need to discover! Extended sizes at not extended prices! Check ‘em out yo! I could never where them myself cause well, my butt’s too big for for those clingy dresses, but I know Amy can! :)

  13. Absolutely a waffler here! Probably why it takes me so long to redo a room. I like too many things!

    :) Linda

  14. I think D could learn to like the ring, but if not leaving it in for annoyance gets my stamp of approval, and I have a photo like that without a big white dog… after they got done wrestling around on the floor our oldest took a nap right on top of Dad just. like. that.

  15. I didn’t know you could be too tall for a maxi dress. My problem is too short. At 4’11″ I can’t even wear them with four inch heels!
    Oh, and I’m definitely a waffler. I love so many different styles. Who knows what my next house will look like.

  16. Pretty chairs and lamp! Have you tried Old Navy for maxi stuff? They have dresses especially for tall women–I buy the ones especially for petite short-os like myself and they fit great. ;)

  17. I think your style is perfectly “Amy”… those chairs rock, but the male mash up on floor has me all mushy. My “happy” for the day… even after a trip to HomeGoods and that’s saying something.
    xo Heidi

  18. Love those chairs!
    I am all over the board with my style, I am too tall for everything, and I was all over the pierced belly button….

  19. I love those chairs. Our style is eclectic also… partially because we can’t afford to replace old stuff haha. And I still rock the belly button ring (I got it when I was 18). I have always said that I will take it out on the earliest of any of these three events: I hate it, I turn 30, or I find out I am pregnant. However, that’s not to say it couldn’t make an appearance again afterwards for a few fun days! ;)

  20. i dont have a particular style.. like i know what ISNT my style when i see it because i try not to puke.

    however, those chairs are my style. why do i have a thing for all your chairs?

  21. HEY fellow style waffler!! Glad I’m not the only one! I hate shaving too. :-)

  22. Love those chairs! They are gorgeous!

    I’m definitely a waffler too. You like what you like, who cares if it’s a certain style or not!

    Also, too tall for maxi dresses?! How tall are you?! I’m 5’7″ and I have a few that I wear with 3″+ wedges all the time.

  23. I am a total waffler. I also want to know how tall you are! Haha I am 5’8″ and I have some that fit ok!

  24. Instead of waffler, I prefer eclectic hahaha. I definitely like a whole lot of different stuff, so I’m right there with you! And I do love to shop, so I’m slightly jealous you get to furnish new digs hehe.

    And this post totally cracked me up…hate shaving your legs? I hear ya. I told hubby last month that I wanted laser hair removal…too bad it’s so dang expensive! Oh wait…maybe if I stopped shopping, I could afford it. Hmmmph.

    I also had my belly button pierced, but I haven’t been sporting any jewelry in there for quite a few years now. That lovely hole is still there to mock me though. ;)

  25. The maxi dress comment makes me love you. More than I already did.

    And I love that you are sporting naval bling. I got my belly button pierced when I was 17. My boyfriend (who happens to be my husband now) took me since I wanted it so badly and I tend to harp and dwell on things I want until I exhaust everyone around me into doing what I want. I wasn’t technically old enough to do it myself and when my parents found out, they weren’t nearly as mad as I expected.

    That’s a lie. They were pretty mad.


  26. Love the new chairs! I used to have my belly button pierced. I took it out one time to change it and just never put a ring back in so that was the end of that haha

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