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Nuttin Honey

May 24, 2013 - Author: Amy - 23 Comments

Do you remember those commercials?

“Whatcha eatin?”  “Nuttin honey.”

But clearly he IS eating something so the wife beans him in the head for his lies… Ha… classic.

That’s what we’ve gotten accomplished at the house.  Nuttin.  Unless you count painting one half of one room.  We chose at random and started in the dining room.  In retrospect, maybe not the best choice since it’s one of the first things you see when you walk in.

Front of house.


Right inside front door.


Look left.



After some debate, we left the wainscoting white.  We changed the color on the top mostly because she had just left so many holes and scuffs on the walls that we have to patch and therefore re-paint everything whether we really want to or not.

Here is my version of a before and after.


Wall on left: Before.  Wall on right: After.  Man with nice arms: Taken.

The man with nice arms is also actually going to be building different legs for the dining room table.  You see the old ones in the picture above.  They’re really pretty, but they have those squiggley pieces that prevent chairs from being pushed all the way in.  And I bought new chairs – two banquettes, actually.  One is sitting in a box in the dining room.  The other is sitting in a box at the top of the stairs.


We classy.

I still have my eye twitch.  It has been literal weeks and it is making me mental.  You guys DIY everything.  What is a freaking remedy for this??  (Aside from cutting stress or caffeine.  I don’t know how to have less of either.)

I like this song.  (If you click on that, sorry about the buttcheeks.)  Videos with bikers always make me titter a little bit because they look so tough, but my parents are bikers and you’ve never met a nicer, more clean cut set of Republicans. 

What are you guys doing for Memorial Day?  I’m cutting my hair off and then going to see Cheap Trick.  Ohhhhh yes I am.


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Categories: D (Also known as Tex and Hubbylovepunkinpants), Favorite Things, New House - Tag: , ,

Discussion (23 Comments)

  1. by Sara

    Looks fantabulous so far! You’ll get there. I need to bring you a ficus or something for housewarming.

  2. Spring is always a difficult time to get things done inside the house… we’ve got a major renovation on the go right now and all we want to do is garden!

    You’ll get there!

  3. by Brenda K

    My eye tick was/and is caused by lack of sleep. Super annoying and very unnerving at first.

  4. by Erin@VintageKC

    Cut yourself some slack friend. :) you both work full time jobs and are parents. It’s a wonder we all feed and bathe every day! You’ll get there, and if you need help, you know where to find me. :)

  5. by Amy

    :) Thanks friendy.

  6. I really like your version of before and after photos. So efficient! Also, I am so excited to see what you do with this house. It’s going to be amazing, and it’s ok to take awhile to get there! Happy (long) weekend!

  7. It makes me crazy when I can’t push in the chairs all the way. Sorry you still have your tick…that would make me crazy too. I am totally jealous that your seeing Cheap Trick. Saw them in high school and we won’t say how many years ago that was…but it still ranks as one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. They put on an awesome show!

  8. by Andi

    I believe the eye twitch is being caused because the Dream Police are preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. They simply Want You to Want Them. Perhaps you should just Surrender. (Oh please…I was born in 1970…)

  9. by Amy

    HA! Best comment ever!

    • by andi

      How was the concert? I’m ready to see that haircut….

  10. Have a good weekend! I’ve been doing a whole lot of nuttin’ lately too!

  11. Love the realism of this, Amy. We all just post “the perfect things” and don’t really post about the day to day of living and DIYing our way through life.

    Love the tats.

    Love the video although I must admit I was disappointed to see that it was girl buttcheeks and not boy buttcheeks. There did I type buttcheeks enough for you?

    Have a great weekend. And dont’ worry about the half finished job. It will be waiting for you when you’re ready.

  12. This post cracked me up. Specifically your “before and after” picture. Ha!! I hope you have a really great weekend and find some time to relax.

  13. oooh have fun at cheap trick with your nice armed man! :) and i hate eye twitches- they always seem to last long and i have no remedy…. sorry.

  14. Temporary eye twitch relief: heating pad or hot compress
    The only way I got mine to go away was graduate from pharmacy school. I guess you could try that too but I can’t guarantee that it won’t get worse first. ;) And being a pharmacist is lame.
    ~Dr Michelle

  15. Oh, were there walls in that picture? I didn’t notice. Something made my eye twitch and all I could see was arms.

    Oh, didn’t I, didn’t I, didn’t I see you cryin’?


  16. Ha. Sounds like my “biker” father ;)
    Eye twitch…as someone already told you, it’s probably stress or dehydration. Try a glass of tonic water or some over the counter allergy drops (like Zaditor) twice a day (I know you didn’t mention allergies, but sometimes it works!)
    ~your friendly eye doctor

  17. I’ve heard that stress causes eye twitches. ?? I love your version of a before and after. Also your layout looks SO MUCH like mine! We have the same foyer, for sure. That counts for something.

  18. two banquettes?! seriously. i am jealous of this. not of the eye twitch part…sorry!!

  19. I had one of those eye twitches for awhile, due to stress. it went away on it’s own. Or a couple bottles of wines made me less stressed. :P

  20. I found my eye started twitching when I was squinting too much. Sunglasses solved that problem. :P Can’t wait to see your haircut! And your banquettes are looking fabulous. ;)

  21. Who cares how much you guys have “done” so far. I think you’ve done a ton considering you, ya know, have lives and full time jobs…plus a cuter-than-can-be child…andddd not to mention you were just put through the ringer when it comes to even ending up in the house you are in. I say take your time!

    And darn that eye twitch! It really is the devil. I hope it goes away ASAP!!!

  22. Can’t wait to see the banquettes!! I love that look in a dining room. And don’t stress about not having done a lot yet – moving in itself is a ton of work! You’ll get there :)

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