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June 5, 2013 - Author: Amy - 23 Comments

EFF YEAH!  (Name that movie.)

My sweet hubby has been bringing me flowers every week for the past several weeks.  He hands them to Junior who toddles over and thrusts them in my direction with a rough “Here”.


Have you ever thought to add dill to your bouquets?  Me neither.  It looks pretty and at first the smell is kind of a neat little novelty, but now all I can smell is pickles and I’m not so sure about all that business.

I repay D’s thoughtfulness by making him do things around the house such as hanging bunting from command strips even though he’s pretty sure they won’t work well on brick.  But it was still hanging this morning, so there’s that.merica5


The lovely sidewalk chalk art work is brought to you by Junior.  Smile pretty, buddy!


Bill, please sit like a proper gentleman so I can take your picture and put it on the interwebz.


Bill: “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

Did you notice the ugly tone of forest green our front door is?  Of course you didn’t because the door was open.  If it ever stops raining I’m going to rectify the situation with Behr’s Nocturnal Sea.


But it’s tricky because obviously I can’t close the door until it’s completely dry and frankly I try not to have open paint cans around while Junior is awake.  Last night I had a dream that I painted it, but had to go to bed with the door open so I wouldn’t ruin it and we got robbed.  They took our TV and Junior’s bubble blowing lawn mower.  You know, the stuff most burglars are after.

And now I must bid you adieu to find some Diet Dr. Pepper.  Happy Wednesday, lovies!

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Discussion (23 Comments)

  1. Hahaha! Best post ever. My husband and I sing that song all the time!

  2. I am seriously cracking up. Bill’s French woman pose. Junior’s “nice” smile. Repaying the man for flowers by making him work. You and I are soulmates.

    Love the bunting, btw.

  3. That reminds me…. I haven’t seen the bubble mower I bought my grandson around lately. Wonder if they got robbed?

  4. i love that blue color! perfecto! and ours is still hanging with those command strips too YAY even through a couple of storms.

    and really i want some flowers even if they smell like pickles. you lucky lady you.

  5. If I ever meet you in real life for some reason, I’m pretty sure I’d just buy you a drink and listen to the hilarious things that come out of your mouth. hahaha.

  6. by Andi

    Titanic was just on AMC the other night and we watched it. For the thousandth time. So, Rose’s sofa scene was still very much on my mind. Wait. That’s not exactly what I meant… {blink} hehehe… Oh, and I had to look up “bunting.”

  7. Team America action, eh??? My 14 year old was watching it the other day and laughing his a** off, though I was quite sure it was twisted entertainment for his age. Found myself chuckling, too, in spite of myself. :-D
    Last night I dreamed I was partying with Kenny Chesney … go figure!
    xo Heidi

  8. I love that movie! I sing “I’m so ronery, so sad and ronery” all the time. The muppet Kim Jong Il may be the best character in film history.

  9. by Mommers

    You and your family are So entertaining! <3

  10. So much fun!! Lucky you, flowers every week. Love the bunting and the new colour on the door will be amazing!! (and go so well with your Mericana look).

  11. That kid… you know this… KILLS ME!
    Blue will look awesome on your door, yay for ‘Merica

  12. That smile is amazing. That jr. is a cute kid.
    And that husband is awesome. ;)
    Oh, and I can’t wait to see the blue door! Pretty color.

  13. Oh, Bill. And I like that you also have rational dreams. Bubble mowers are hot ticket items these days.

  14. hahaha it was me…I stole your bubble mower. And Bill is such a gentleman.

  15. Pete seriously DIES every time he sees that picture of Junior. And that door color would be awesome!! Thanks for your amusing post…you’re the best. :)

  16. by Reilly@JourneyNorth

    Dill in flowers…that seems weird to me. It looks neat but I am not sure I’d be ok with a pickle scented house.
    Also, I like your nail polish :).

  17. I want to paint our front door navy so badly! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out!!

  18. Love the pic of Jr- hilarious

    McDonald’s (eff Yeah!) Wal-Mart (eff Yeah!) The Gap (eff Yeah!)

  19. oh good times. it never stops raining here, either!!! thanks for the smile today!

  20. I’ve been trying to stain my deck for a month and it just will not stop raining long enough. Love your front door color choice…goes great with that green nail polish girl! I still have not painted my front door….10 years and I can’t make up my mind what color I want, so it stays boring white for now.

  21. “Paint me like one of your french girls” just made me GUFFAW. Audibly. To an empty downstairs. You are hilarious.

  22. You are so funny!! Team America! Eff yeah!! We picked up that exact same paint chip when we were choosing options for our basement walls :) great minds!

  23. by Amy

    That’s awesome!

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