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Play Room

July 22, 2013 - Author: Amy - 44 Comments

Something happened to me this weekend.

After three months of general malaise regarding the state of our house, a sudden inferno lit itself under my butt and this:


became intolerable.

So I hauled everything out and painted the walls the same color as the living room.  While that dried, I took his little Thomas the Train table apart and painted the main part the same blue as our front door and the play surface with chalk paint.


While I let both the table and the walls dry, we went out for ice cream.  During which time, Bill felt the need to stand directly over the newly chalk-painted table top and drool.  So it’s got some neat water marks now.  >:(

Also during that time the following conversation was had.

Me: What color are your eyes?

Jr.: Blue!

Me: What color are daddy’s eyes?

Jr.: Blue!

Me: What color are mommy’s eyes?

Jr.: Black!

D: Just like her soul……

Feeling the love, boys.  Gracias.

Then it was just a matter of moving everything back in, with a few additions.


Rug from previous house.


Newly painted table, mini cow hide arm chair, “dream big, little one” art from Hobby Lobby.


Old church pew I bought at a flea market that D re-stained.  Four baskets that fit under the pew perfectly, and actually hold all Junior’s crap.  Map art also from Hobby Lobby, and tin bucket thing for books.


And since we already had every bit of this, minus the chalk paint which my MIL loaned me, I can actually say I got all this done in a day for zero doll hairs.

~pats self on back~


D: *coughs politely* Except for the taking down and re-hanging of the sconces.  And carrying the pew downstairs.


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Discussion (44 Comments)

  1. LOVE that map!

    • by Amy

      Thanks! I just got lucky on 50% off day. :)

  2. by Sara

    Looking good, gurl! That “black eyes” comment tickled me greatly for some reason. Oh snap!

    • by Amy

      Yes, yes. Very hilarious. ;)

  3. I am insanely jealous of your church pew. Every time I see one in the wild they are one gazillion dollars.

    • by Amy

      At $60, I didn’t even haggle!

  4. Thus why I love your husband lol! It looks awesome friend, way to go!

  5. by Erin Pfannenstiel

    It looks great! I am impressed!

    • by Amy

      Hey, thanks! You’re nice.

  6. Looks great! Want to come do some projects at my house now?

    • by Amy

      Finishing this room brings my count of finished rooms to…. one. :(

  7. It looks awesome in there! Love the pew!

  8. by Anne

    Gah! I need a pew! And the space to put it (but we can quibble about that later).

  9. i like that map…and its from hobby lobby? good find lady.

    want to know what my fav part is? the rug. i love that rug.

  10. That happens to me, too, that apathy followed by a burst of MUST DO THIS RIGHT NOW. Must be I have a black soul, too? :P

    • by Amy

      Hah! That must be exactly what that is. ;)

  11. by Andi

    Looks fantastaroonie! And drool marks only add to the charm. ;)


  12. You seriously make me laugh every time you post. YOu are just hilarious! The black eyes/soul. Just snorting thinking about it.

    It’s difficult when we are outnumbered.

    The room looks fabUlous. Of course. And I particularly love the church pew. My in-laws have one and I’m waiting (im)patiently for the moment I can steal it. Because that’s how I shop.

    • by Amy

      Lucky! I enjoy shopping at my in-laws too. I just stole some barn wood last week!

  13. Ugh. I think my comment went in spam. And I”m too lazy to write it over.

  14. it looks super cute! i love that rug! and my soul is blue, too…. ;)

  15. That church pew is solid. Love the wall color too. I have to mention that I use the whole “…black/cold as your soul” line all too frequently with my wife as well.

    • by Amy

      Ha! That’s so terrible. ;)

  16. So so cute! Ginormous Sock Monkey must love his new digs!
    xo Heidi

  17. You find the best stuff! I love the church pew, wall map, and little cowboy chair.

  18. I love giant sock monkeys – especially ones that wear cowboy hats! Looks great – your soul just got a shade lighter!!!

  19. Love the rug! The space looks great!

  20. It looks great, Amy. The rug really pulls things together nicely. Great space for Junior to play in!

  21. I’m kind of the same way…once I decide to do something it’s a flurry of crazy/busyness and it usually does cost less because the “must do it now” thing means using what you have. I had to laugh at the thought of my mother-in-law even knowing what chalk paint was, let alone being able to borrow some from her! It all looks fabulous and I hope you had a glass of wine at the end of that day!

  22. It looks fantastic! What a great improvement for a days work and $0! I love the art work and that metal bin for books. What a great little play room with all those windows!

    Loved the little convo too- haha.

  23. Well, the room looks super cute! I love that cow hide chair =)
    Bill wanted to add his own little touch to the play room…it could have been worse, right? lol

  24. And you dun good.

  25. That paint color makes your trim pop! It looks great.

    I do the same thing. I don’t work on things for ages, then suddenly I jump up and work on something like a madwoman (not much of a stretch for that one though). Of course, I always peter out before I actually finish something.

  26. I’m totally patting you on the back. You need some respect. :)

  27. You are a diva! I love Junior’s play room. And you did all that in one day?! Annnddd went and got ice cream?! That take serious skill. :)

  28. You go girl!!! I haven’t done a remotely home-productive thing in weeks. Pretty much, you are my hero…even more than you already were. ;)

  29. Hey Amy! I’m getting caught up on some of my favorite blogs and am just now seeing your new home. It is just lovely and will be even more so with your personal touches. The playroom turned out just great.

  30. Love that rug! That is so awesome!

  31. black…just like her soul….LOL. I love this comment almost as much as I love the makeover.

  32. […] with sectioning off your backyard to distinguish the dining area, the food bar and perhaps even the play area if kids are […]

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