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Tiny Bathroom

November 4, 2013 - Author: Amy - 44 Comments

Hello friends!

Today I’d like to share with you the story of the tiniest bathroom in the history of bathrooms.

Our house actually has three levels, but our aversion to social interaction keeps our guests mostly on the main floor where there is one – tiny – bathroom.

Not only is it teeny-weeny, it was utterly nondescript.

DSC_0117 DSC_0118 DSC_0119

Aside from the pencil scrawls on the wall left behind by the builder, of course.

And did you catch the built-in magazine rack?  I ask you, who goes over to their friend’s house to leisurely poop?

Anyhow, it suddenly hit me that it would take almost no time to spruce up the little space, so I grabbed a can of Behr’s Restless Sea and a roll of Frog Tape.


NEVER AGAIN, FROG TAPE!!!  ~Shakes fist indignantly~

I am, however, pleased with the rest of the room.

DSC_0128 DSC_0127 DSC_0121 DSC_0129 DSC_0133 DSC_0124 DSC_0126 DSC_0131

 Do you love my J.D. Challenger print?  Or would it, ahem, assist you in your evacuations?  (Notice we lost the magazine rack – didn’t think you’d need to just be chilling in there.)

The sweet buffalo skull my FIL got us finally found a home, I already had the little goat hide, and I grabbed the faux bittersweet wreath at Michael’s for half off.

Bing, bang, boom.

How was your weekend/Halloween?

Some of you had some very good guesses as to Junior’s costume (with my hint of “it rhymes with schmowl”) namely “trowel” and “bowel”, but alas, he was a little owl.


Hope the happy little owls in your life had a fun Halloween!

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Discussion (44 Comments)

  1. by Karen Miner

    Love junior’s costume. What you did with that bathroom is unbelievable. You did good!!! Again!!!

    • by Amy

      Thanks Karen! Sure appreciate it!

  2. It’s amazing what some paint, a few accessories, and the removal of a magazine rack can do. It was probably a guys idea to install a magazine rack in the powder room. Haha!
    P.S. Junior was the cutest owl!

    • by Amy

      Ha! I’m sure it was. And thank you!!

  3. by Erin Pfannenstiel

    I adore that paint color! Also… OMG your kid is so radically adorable!

  4. The same thing happens whenever I use painter’s tape, regardless of the brand.

    And yeah, that color is AMAZING!

  5. lookin good! i love that paint color!
    and the rug!
    and also the print!
    and that cute owl!

  6. AMAZING! love the color- i am thinking of going dark in our teeny bathroom upstairs!

  7. LOVE the color you chose…we painted our kitchen and hallway teal last fall and I am still loving it…I collect owls…your little owl is the cutest ever!

    • by Amy

      Ohh, I bet the teal is very pretty!

  8. That’s a wonderful transformation! Aside from being a tad scared off by the scowling, menacing dead animal above the commode, it’s so beautiful I’m going to only leisurely poo at your house from now on just to admire it.

  9. ooh, I love that color! And the little goatskin rug is perfect in there. Your owl’s not so bad, either ;)

  10. Ok. So I’m madly obsessed with this color. Like I’m pondering what room I can possible paint using this color. Good choice. You are wise. Like your son, the owl.

  11. oooh love the color and the baby owl, not in that order of course :)

  12. Nice! Great color choice. I think I used frog tape once and didn’t like it either. Give me the blue tape anyday. Also, I love your use of former-living-animal parts. :)

    • by Amy

      Arghghgh…. I’m still mad about it!

  13. Your bathroom is a lot nicer – I love the former Buffalo! Now you’re just asking for people to “stay a while” ! Maybe you should add the magazine rack back… :)

    You little man is adorable! I love the costume – so sweet. (Two of my kids dressed up, went as – a transformer and a “sexy” – read: $lutty – hockey player – NOT so sweet. lol)

  14. Awesome colour! I love this little bathroom. Where is the mirror from?

  15. Who sprints up a level of stairs in their own house for a leisurely poop? And everyone knows must have reading in the guest bath is “Everyone Poops” whether they do it at your house or not.

  16. Doesn’t even look like the same room, Amy. I love the blue with the gold mirror. You have such a great way of putting everything together.

    Junior is so sweet. It must have been a “hoot”. Get it?

    • by Amy

      Hehe! You’re too funny.

  17. That is FANTASTIC! So dramatic! And so very “you”… like rustic- chic. And that cutie pie owl? Slays me… :)
    xo Heidi

  18. Your bathroom color is really nice! Definitely better. Your owl is cute too. So, “no” to Frog Tape then. Got it.

  19. What a difference! I really love the color you chose and that mini cowhide – too cute!

  20. by Mary

    Ooh, so pretty! I love the wall color/mirror combo. So classy.

    • by Amy

      I’m especially happy with that – thank you!

  21. I can’t stop giggling about your leisurely poop line. Like a sixth grade boy. I LOVE the redo! The wall color is epic and the stuff you hung on the wall is gorgeous. Well done mama!

  22. Love the color you picked for the bathroom! It looks great!

    And Junior was the cutest little owl!

  23. by Andi

    that is one freakin’ awesome bathroom. And I hate taping trim. Philo always insists, and I always refuse. I tell him “IT BLEEDS!!!” But Junior is a picture of perfection.


  24. by Erika @ Our Cozy Cubbyhole

    Looks great!! I have also decided to never use tape ever again also… our little bathroom has the same edges! :(

  25. How did I miss this?? That color is aaaaaamazing! Gosh, I love your style.

  26. This looks SOOOOGOOD. I love the color you chose and the head and rug are perfection.

    I also snorted when you said that about pooping leisurely.

  27. Amazing what a little paint and some accessories can do. That little powder room makes a huge statement now.

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