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Is Your House On Fire, Clark?

December 9, 2013 - Author: Amy - 32 Comments

We’ve never been big on outdoor Christmas decorating.  I think mostly because D knows I’m not going to get out there and do it, and it’s always cold as Christmas balls so I don’t push him to.  (Very much.)

But we had a 60 degree Sunday recently and guess what?


Went straight Griswold.

Here’s something else you should know about.  The winter edition of Vintage KC magazine is out!  And it doesn’t disappoint.  D is officially getting mustache wax in his stocking this year.

Erin invited her local DIY bloggers to participate in a section again and provided mini Christmas trees for us to do with as we would.  The results were adorable.  Mine is below, but it really is worth clicking (or buying!) to check out the rest.


My take on an old-timey garland was to string cranberry and popcorn.  I’m happy with the classic, slightly rustic feel.

Also in the issue is some really beautiful inspiration for your Christmas parties this year.  I actually got to attend and enjoy all the stunning treats and decorations, and while there, catch up with a buddy from grad school!


That’s Kristen!  She has Hey Paul Studios, just the coolest and cutest stitchery of all time EVER!  Here’s a link to her blog and to her Etsy shop.  She’s also got a mini Christmas tree featured in the magazine.  I hope you’ll check out all three.

Look at me just handing out Christmas ideas!

Take a gander at Vintage KC, and let me know if you end up doing any of the great ideas therein, or if you end up with something from Hey Paul, I wanna see!

(I totally got one of these for my brother.)


PS – Linking up here, and you should too!

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Discussion (32 Comments)

  1. Your house looks lovely. Nate put up the lights in 28 degrees. He’s nuts. They do look pretty though!

    Your tree is super cute!

    I also love “I love your guts”. Amazing.

  2. Thanks for all the plugs bud! So thankful for you! :) And I can attest that Kristen’s stuff is amazing!

  3. Well your hair just looks freaking amazing–I love it. And your little mini-tree is so sweet! We also haven’t ever done outdoor lights . . . my reason is that I’m positive we’d be that family that is too lazy to take them back down, and they’d become a permanent outdoor feature :-/

    • by Amy

      Ha! I feel you. And thanks – I’m still getting used to the length. :/

  4. Love the outdoor decor…and the mini-tree decorations, and the mag…and you. So I pretty much love it all. The end. :)

  5. I love your outdoor decor! That sweet little Christmas tree is darling! Was the garland hard to make? I don’t think I’d have the patience to string fragile popcorn pieces onto anything haha

    • by Amy

      It really wasn’t – had it done in the span of a nap time!

  6. by Andi

    Haha! I love your guts. I wish I could say that about my own, but having an IBD, my guts are a pain in the ass, so to speak! Your house looks awesome, and you and your little friend are just too adorable. :)


  7. you are so cute. and so is that mini tree.

  8. Look how festive you guys are!!! I love the lights, and your little tree! Except I think I’d eat the garland before it made it to the tree. ;)

  9. you guys are ADORABLE! and i love the i love your guts! ha!

  10. Ugh, we’ve had such terrible rainy stormy chilly weather, our outside is not even decorated. Better get on it! Love the little tree!
    xo Heidi

  11. Looks like you’re totally in the spirit of the season!!

    I can’t get my husband to do too much outside either.

  12. No guts no glory! That applies to stitchery and brothers both.

  13. You are the sweetest blogger I know. It was SO awesome to get to hang out again. I’m looking forward to teaming up with you in January! :) :)

    Thanks for all of the love!

  14. Your house looks great! I slowly add more and more lights outside each year, Jesse notices haha.

    Love the Love Your Guts, so funny!

  15. Straight Griswold…so funny! Your tree is adorable. I did that on a pine tree outside one year when we lived in Montana and my dog ate the whole thing within the hour.

    • by Amy

      I’m sorry for laughing…. ;)

  16. by Erin Pfannenstiel

    Hey! Lawrence is such a small town. :) I totally saw your friend and her Hey Paul Studio booth at the LOLA event this weekend! Such cute things!

  17. Your electricity bill is going to be insane. ;) You guys are beautiful, and I love the “I love your guts” hoop.

  18. I love your yard. And that hoop art is epic.

  19. Nice light show, kids! I bet Junior loves it. Our kids are being neglected. Love that guts art!

  20. by M. E.

    Quick question: Where can one pick up “Vintage KC” magazine? I live in Topeka & I’ve looked around the KC area as well, but haven’t had any luck finding purveyors that actually sell copies of it. Do tell, please and thank you! Love following your blog!

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