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RedEnvelope Cutting Board

December 11, 2013 - Author: Amy - 28 Comments

After eating the Thanksgiving feast my mom single handedly made just weeks after a total hip replacement, dad and I sat down with a cup of freshly brewed coffee to relax and enjoy some pie.

Delicious pie that D made from scratch.

While he and my mom were in the kitchen cleaning up.

Suffice it to say that both my father and I married extremely well.

So recently, when I was generously contacted by RedEnvelope about some of their beautiful personalized products, my thoughts went more to D than to myself.  (Not because I’m all that selfless, but because I could see more chocolate pecan pies in my future.)  ;)

I thought to myself, hmmm…. pecan pies require pecans, which require chopping.  A cutting board, it is!


A very nice, cutting board, in fact!


Beautifully personalized.


And durable!

D was just as impressed with the board, and loved the personal touch.


(D’s thumb of approval not pictured.)

If you’re still short on Christmas ideas, here’s a link to the wedding and anniversary section where this board came from.  Tons of great gifts!

Thanks bunches to RedEnvelope for such a beautiful gift.  I cannot WAIT to eat the pies this thing will help produce.  ;)

PS – I wasn’t paid for this post – just wanted to share the awesomeness!

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Discussion (28 Comments)

  1. you picked a good one. and i’m sure D agrees ….MORE PIES FOR EVERYONE!

  2. That looks like an awesome cutting board!

  3. by Mommers

    You’re right on marrying well, lol! I covet your schmancy cutting board! And, your heating steering wheel :)

  4. by Mary

    Fancy pants! That is way too cute. Also, chocolate pecan pie? Tell me more!

  5. There is one of these pretties on its way to my house as we speak! Love yours!

    • by Amy

      That’s awesome! Hope you like!

  6. by Erika O

    Love it! I actually ordered my dad the personalized pie plate for Christmas, so you could add that to your list for D’s next giftie. Then you not only get the chopped pecans, you get the whole pie! ;)

    • by Amy

      He totally wants a new pie plate!!!

  7. I love it…

  8. So pretty, you almost don’t want to use it. Almost, I said. Can’t wait to see what D produces. If you need another taste-tester, you know who to call.

  9. love it! i am kind of bitter though that i didn’t get a red envelope gift. :( boo hoo. i like their shop. it decorates my life.

  10. by andi

    WTH!?!? Why are you and Trina getting all this cool Red stuff?? Nobody loves me. Whaaaahhh.

    I throw a terrible pity party.


  11. I wanna see D.’s thumb.

  12. It’s amazing! Never thought of customizing a cutting board. Your mom will love it!

  13. by Dana Burton-Drake

    Add another sale to your list Chick, I just ordered an awesome set of personalized beer glasses for a Christmas gift. I will post a picture of them after Christmas. . . Thanks Amy – I love this website!! (I love your blog too)

  14. Bliss’s comment made me chuckle! hehe! Your cutting board is beautiful! I contemplated the cutting board, and now I wish I would’ve picked that! Yours is so pretty!! I have a feeling there are going to be lots of pie being made at your house! ;)

  15. by mollie d

    So jealous they contacted you! I love their stuff (tell ‘em to let you do a giveaway)

  16. So cool! I love the cutting board! I have a set of personalized highball glasses on the way from Red Envelope to suprise Walker with and I am so excited! Great company! :)

    • by Amy

      Ohh, that’s awesome! Can’t wait to see them!

  17. That cutting board is awesome! I love it! They sent us one too, except we got the cheese board! Can’t wait to share pictures next week!

    • by Amy

      Very cool – excited to see!

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