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Deep Thoughts ala: Jack Handey

January 13, 2014 - Author: Amy - 29 Comments

1)  The other day I was showering, as I’m in the habit of doing occasionally, and taking stock of all the bath products we have piled in there.  D’s are all sexy and mysterious, with names like Black Noir, Twilight Woods, and Now I’m On a Horse.

Mine are all related to food.


2)  I have a genius idea for some entrepreneur out there that is far less lazy than I.

Find some mens with accents, and make them talk, and just record it.

I’d listen to that alllllll day.

Especially if he were Irish.

And shirtless.

3)  Another free and genius business idea for you:

Wine delivery service.

For those of us that are thirsty, but also already bra-less for the night.

4)  Who are these strangers showing up in my Pinterest feed?  I don’t care for it.

5) Here’s a picture of my kid.


Happy Monday!!!

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Discussion (29 Comments)

  1. lol…he would have mysterious soaps. Also, isn’t the new 50 Shades guy Irish? ;)

  2. by Amanda

    One of the nice things about winter time, pretty much the only nice thing about winter time, no bra necessary when you can throw on a coat or big sweatshirt. :)

    • by Amy

      And almost no leg shaving! ;)

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one to go bra-less as soon as I get home from work. Heels and bra off, yoga pants and husbands sweatshirts on. Sign me up for wine delivery!

    Also annoyed with the pinterest strangers.

    • by Amy

      I make myself look as publicly unacceptable as possible the minute I walk in the door.

  4. Oh to be young and bra-less! I’m hitting the point in my life when I may just start sleeping in my bra! :)

    And I’m with you about the Pinterest feed. Lots of weird stuff …


  5. You left out “cute” in #5′s description.

  6. “bra-less for the night”

    lololololololol i’m dying

  7. by Andi

    And now I’M on a horse…shirtless, bra-less, drinking wine and speaking with a horrible fake accent. It’s not a pretty picture. The one of your kid is MUCH better.


    • by Amy

      I bet Phil wouldn’t mind that picture…..

  8. Oh my gosh, I seriously lost my shit when you said wine delivery for those of us who are already bra-less.


    If so, next time bring me wine.

  9. I can always count on you to make me smile and even LOL! I would totally take advantage of a wine delivery service! And you’ve got a really cute kid, too. ;-)
    xo heidi

  10. You have the best random thoughts…and I love hearing them! I also love any picture of your kid. He’s so darn cute!!

  11. i am totally on board for the delivery wine man! and maybe he will have a thick irish accent AND be topless- now that would make some money.

    • by Amy

      Ohhh, now you’re talking!

  12. and now your cute son is on a horse! The wine store I worked at delivered…discretely! I had forgotten about Jack Handey….thanks for the morning laugh!

  13. by Erin

    I long for the the days when I could be bra-less. Nursing makes that impossible. :P That’s a pretty cute kid you’ve got there!

  14. Thanks for the laugh! I was about to suggest what Cassie did, lol ;) Now that’s a money maker!

  15. Wine delivery is a brilliant idea! Seriously, why isn’t it standard, like pizza delivery?

  16. My psychology teacher used to read us Jack Handey every Friday in high school.

    You just made my day. Oh, and Kev and I have wine delivered to our house via mail. He got a super cheap subscription. The wine’s like $4 a bottle. :)

  17. I’d like to second the men-with-accents thing. And it’d be a bonus if you can pay extra to have them say your name.

  18. by mindy

    Yes, what is up with the Pinterest strangers? I do not like it one bit!!

  19. by Sara

    It’s Thursday and I’m a little behind in my game, but terrific ideas! Cute child and I wish I were braless

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