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January 15, 2014 - Author: Amy - 30 Comments


You remember New Kids On The Block?

Specifically, this new kid?


My first love.  I had a poster of him, shirtless, hanging above my bed.  It was a bunk bed, actually, because at the time my brother and I shared a room.  Now that I think about it, I’m sure he loved that.

Like I cared.

Oh look!  I found the poster!


Sexy, no?

Ironically enough, my friend Colleen went to see them in concert the last time they were here and he was prancing around shirtless again and she sent me a picture and he looks way better now than in his over-all clad days.

To my point – In concert they almost always pick a girl out of the crowd to go up on stage and sing to her and give her a rose or something sweaty and cheesy.  I was never that girl.  At least not to Jordan.

But recently, I was contacted by someone akin to my beloved NKOTB, at least in my eyes.


Awesome, awesome website full of housey stuff that I love to browse around on.  They have these things called Ideabooks, which is a collection of items usually focused around a certain theme or idea.

And guess what?

I get to contribute by creating my very own Ideabook to share with you each month!  (You may have noticed my new widget? —> )

My first one is up and live, and I would love it if you would check it out, as well as a few of the other great ones out there!

You know I got the right stuff…. bay-bay!

~does running man~

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Discussion (30 Comments)

  1. you are like a prof blogger now. oh my. don’t forget about all of us little people now that you are the big time.

    oh oh oh ohhh oh oh ohhhhh (that’s my “THE RIGHT STUFF” ohs.) I will be singing NKOTB while I browse houzz for hours now!

    • by Amy

      Once it’s in your head, it’s hard to get out!

  2. This made me LOL!! Now it’s in my head! Yay for your Houzz deal!! That is AWESOME! I’m off to check out your ideabook!! :)

  3. by Andi

    You are the most famousist of hobbits! I confess, I’ve never listened to NKOTB. Couldn’t even tell you a single song of theirs. I DO, however, live on Houzz. It’s my most favoritist of websites! Love Houzz, Love Youzz! What a combo! Congrats!!


    • by Amy

      Isn’t it great?! I love them too.

      And you need to check out some NKOTB, stat.

  4. Well usually I like your taste in men, but ummm…. this time not so much. I will however check out Houzz because all that really counts is the here and now, and D. makes up for the poster.

  5. 1) He was my favorite. I also had that poster.
    2) Both me ANDDDD Pete are obsessed with Houzz. I’m pretty sure he spends 90% of his time on his phone browsing their app.

    Congrats friends! So phenomenal! :)

    • by Amy

      Thanks buddy! Glad you guys already love them as much as I do!

      Jordan. Yeah.

  6. Congratulations! That’s quite a coup!!

    I went to NKOTB concert with my (then) 13 year old daughter and niece – I couldn’t hear for a week after all the screaming front he audience.

    • by Amy

      Bhahaha – I believe it!

  7. Ooo, congrats! I love Houzz — such a great resource. I was “Houzz-ing” before I was “Pinterest-ing”. :)
    xo Heidi

  8. This is awesome! I love Houzz, and am working on an ideabook right now, too. But I love love yours. I badly want that wood clock.

    • by Amy

      That’s awesome!! Can’t wait to see what you find!

  9. WOW- congrats, amy! that is awesome!

  10. See, it’s the hair. It never did it for me.

    I do, however, appreciate your taste in home decor.

  11. Congrats! That is so awesome Amy!

    My room was covered with posters of Jonathan Taylor Thomas ;)

    • by Amy

      Thank you!

      I remember JTT well. ;)

  12. by Colleen

    I love when NKOTB makes the blog, especially when I am mentioned in the same blog!! And, yeah, Jordan is totally hotter now! So is Joey Mac when I’m groping him! :) I’m getting a little light-headed just reliving that night! Whew!

    • by Amy

      I’m not sure I would have remained conscious!!!

  13. I spend way too much time on Houzz while I’m going through this whole renovation thing!

    • by Amy

      It’s a great resource for renovations, for sure!!

  14. Awesome!! I’m going to go check it out right now.
    I saw NKOTB in concert last summer and it was pretty exciting, but I think Houzz trumps it.

  15. by Amy

    Hands down. :)

  16. Congrats on the Houzz deal! I was a Joey & Donnie fan lol

  17. by Sara

    Congrats, dude! You have hit the bigs! I need to check out this site some more. You defs got the right stuff…muwaha!

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