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A Couple of Things

February 7, 2014 - Author: Amy - 32 Comments

Howdy friends,

Remember the silhouette’s I made for Junior’s room?

Of course you do.  How could you ever forget something so life altering?

Our local news station caught wind of my artistic genius and invited me to share a couple of crafts for their new segment for moms.

Watch it here.

And don’t make fun of my accent, because I totally don’t have one.


In other news, my newest Ideabook is up and running on Houzz if you’re interested.  It’s about as Valentines-y as I get, which means no tack or glitter.


And now I’ll leave you to your weekends.  Looks like we’ll be adding to the 14 inches of snow we got over the last couple of days!

photo (5)

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Categories: DIY, Home Goods, New House

Discussion (32 Comments)

  1. you are a STAHHHH! Your accent is cute, I like it. Will there be more crafting on TV?

    • by Amy

      Actually, yeah. I have a Valentine’s Day one for next week. ~nervous face~

  2. You’re too cute Amy! Now I like you even more… gah.

    • by Amy

      Haha! Thanks, Ashley. I like you right back. :)

  3. You are so good on camera! Good job.

    I am a total creep and it fascinates me to hear how the people I “talk” to online actually sound.

    • by Amy

      Hah! I actually love that too. Creeps unite!

      And thank you. :)

  4. I thought you would act so much more nervous on camera but you did great. I totally thought you would have sounded different. I agree with Ashley, it is always interesting to hear what people sound like when you have only written back and forth and seen someone’s photo. :)

  5. by Amy

    Isn’t it weird??

  6. by Andi

    OMG you’re a MOVIE STAR!! Will you introduce me to Ian Somerhalder? He’s yummy. OH, and I like the stepped accent table the best cuz it’s “Asher Red.” My maiden name is Asher. How cool is that? I never knew there was a color named after me.


    • by Amy

      That’s very cool! I’ve always liked that name. (And Ian Somerhalder)

  7. by Erin

    Amy McCarter: Crafty Mom. You are a STAR! I am pretty sure that lady host wants you to make her one out of glitter.

    • by Amy

      Ha! Yeah, did you catch the sub-title? So official!

  8. Wow! Look at you in all your cuteness! I detected no accent. LOL! You did a great job. I’m way too much of a control freak to let someone else color on my craft project. Way to go!

  9. A star is born!!!!! So cute, no accent and totally professional sounding. Shame the “host” couldn’t have gotten a manicure before her close-ups (sorry, don’t mean to sound bitchy, but really……)

    • by Amy

      LOL! I didn’t notice at the time, but did when I watched it back.

  10. Well look at you! And accent? I didn’t hear an accent (but I live right by you…) Great Job!

    • by Amy

      I guess we can’t hear each other’s… ha!

  11. by Mary

    You don’t have an accent. I may be biased as a fellow KCer. And look at you, on the TV. How fun!

    • by Amy

      I think we just can’t hear our own! Thanks Mary!

  12. Love it! You are a busy gal! Poor Bill needs snow shoes :).
    Xo Heidi

  13. How flipping cute are you! I didn’t hear any accent, you talk like us Minnesotans. Next time remember it wave and say hi Bliss. Sorry you got 14 inches. Of snow.

  14. I loved your little segment! You’re so adorable! I want your hair!

    I’m jealous of your snow! We need a couple more inches so we can really play in it!

    • by Amy

      Oh thanks! It’s driving me crazy, and I wish it would just go ahead and grow back out already!

  15. by Kim

    You already know I think you are amazing. But, I’ll tell you again. You are awesome.

    And I hear no accent, btw.

  16. I just love that accent!! ;)

    Oh, and you are famous. Please remember us little people when you are a TV super star?! :)

  17. You are SO super cute. You rocked it. I liked how it said “Crafty Mom” under your name, which makes it all seem very official.

    • by Amy

      My favorite part of the whole thing. ;)

  18. by Sara

    Dude, whoever told you that you have an accent is mistaken ;) We midwesterners have no accents. I’m sitting here totally impressed by you. Just so you know.

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