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February 27, 2014 - Author: Amy - 21 Comments

I think my cousin said it best, here.

The mullygrubs, man.  I’ve got ‘em.

I can’t remember hating a winter as much as I’ve started to hate this one.

This weekend marks the beginning of March, what should bring with it thunderstorms, warm rain, and spring blossoms.

The high on Sunday?



I’ve been stuck in the house entirely too long.  With nothing to look at besides walls, I’ve been plotting.  Just ask D.

Me: Do you trust me to hang those curtains?

Him: No.

Me: Will you hang them?

Him: Yes.

Me: Soon?

Him: Yes.

Me: How about now?

And our poor dining room wall…. the one that has been waiting for a cow for almost a year now.  I still can’t find a cow!  But this morning I was looking through some old photos and I came across this one.


I took it a couple years ago at my in-law’s farm.

Is it entirely tasteless to hang a dead cow head above the dining room table?

Thinking about doing it anyway…

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Categories: Kansas, Uncategorized

Discussion (21 Comments)

  1. by Kim

    I don’t think it’s tasteless. You are, quite likely, eating a dead cow at that table, right?

    Also, I am also so tired of this horrible winter. Geez Louise. I can barely take it.

  2. by Amy

    Yeah dude, and D likes his stuff RARE! So it’s like one little step away……

  3. by Andi

    What Kim said. Mullygrubs. She stole my comment.


  4. I still have your email in my inbox to remind me about asking daughter #2 about cow painting. Maybe today…..

  5. i love it! i think it would look super cool. and maybe under it a sign that says “beef; it’s what’s for dinner”. ok maybe not the sign, but i think the photo is cool. ;)


    I do not think it tasteless to hang a picture of a dead cow head. As Kim said…you’re probably eating one sometimes that week anyway.

    • by Amy

      It’s true. We are in the Midwest and do love our beefy goodness…..

  7. I hear ya! Right now it’s 6, and it feels like -7. Enough already!!

  8. by Sara

    I’m with you, chica! I’m so ready for this winter to be done. Spring cometh! That’s a great pic! Photography talent too!


    it will be fine. and artsy. artsy fartsy Amy.

  10. I say why not? :)
    xo Heidi

  11. And I thought I was the only one! Spring can’t come soon enough!h

  12. by Tammi@1914house

    We have a skull in our dining room, and I never once wondered if it was tasteless. But then again, I don’t eat beef – I don’t like the taste. Right now the skull is wearing a floppy hat. It’s cute.

    • by Amy

      Well that is the coolest thing I’ve heard all day!

  13. I didn’t know there was a word for it, but now I know! Ugly winterness coming our way this weekend too. Ugh. I think your picture is kind of cool and maybe you need a butchers graphic of beef cuts to hang underneath it LOL!

    • by Amy

      I actually really like that idea!!

  14. Tasteless?! No way! It’s a beautiful picture and I think it’s perfect!

    And yea, this winter BLOWS. We are set to get another 10 inches of snow this Sunday/Monday. Wtf.

  15. I am absolutely 100% OVER winter! Bring on warm weather, sunshine and flip flops!

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